Metro by T-Mobile is an American wireless service provider founded in1994. The brand belongs to T-Mobile, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the US. MetroPCS provides mobile telecommunications services, which include internet connection, calling, and messaging services. Metropcs hotspot plans is one of the best since it relies plan on the T-Mobile network, which is usually very strong. You can connect many devices to the internet using your smartphone or a hotspot device.

    Hotspot saves you the hassle of subscribing to the internet for every device. You can therefore save a substantial amount of money per given time. The consumption of data per given time when connected to several devices is higher than when connected to one gadget. The consumption rate also depends on whether you are on 5G, 4G, or 3G. The 5G connectivity is fast and consistent and thus high data consumption per given time.

    There are various hotspot plans that you can buy from MetroPCS depending on your network requirement. If you are a heavy data consumer, you will need to subscribe to a plan with many hotspot data bundles. MetroPCS doesn’t have a plan with unlimited hotspot access. The good news is that almost all MetroPCS data rate plans include some amount of hotspot data.

    What is a hotspot

    A hotspot is a physical location that allows you to access the internet using Wi-Fi via a wireless local area network (WLAN). The connectivity requires a router connecting to an Internet service provider.

    The hotspot is usually limited to a particular area so that if you go beyond the site, you cannot receive the service. However, there are devices that you can use to boost the WiFi signals to cover a large area.

    It is fantastic to note that you can create a hotspot using your smartphone or tablet. Therefore, you do not need to purchase a hotspot device. Furthermore, modern smartphones and, more so, the 5G enabled ones to have high-speed and consistent connections.

    If you have been using an outdated smartphone, you should consider a MetroPCS phone upgrade if you want to enjoy better hotspot services?

    The best advice about MetroPCS mobile hotspot plans

    Hotspot performs better when you are near the hotspot device. Therefore if you connect your computer to a hotspot, make sure that you are nearer to the device as much as possible. If not possible, you can use a WiFi booster to make the connection stronger.

    Also, you should set your hotspot device to a 5GHz band to get high performance of your WiFi network. If you do not need a high-speed data connection, you can set your hotspot gadget to 2.4Ghz so that you can cover a larger area.

    A 5Ghz performs better but does not cover an area as large as the 2.4Ghz band. The 2.4GHz band covers a large area but with low speeds, while the 5Ghz band covers a small space but has excellent performance.

    There are various hotspot plans which I will discuss shortly. The $60 Unlimited Smartphone Data Plan with 33% more high-speed data, which has increased from 6GB to 8GB, is the best you can have.

    Which MetroPCS hotspot plans can I purchase

    The following MetroPCS plans come with hotspot data, unlimited texting, and calling.

    1) $50/month UNLIMITED

    The plan comes with unlimited high-speed data so that you can stream your favorite music and videos with unlimited high-speed data at no extra cost. Furthermore, you will be able to experience the largest 5G network in the US at no additional charge. However, the 5G is not currently covering all areas, and you can check whether your area has the coverage.

    You will also get 5GB of hotspot data to connect to various devices using your smartphone or a hotspot device. MetroPCS sells mobile hotspot devices separately, and if you need one, you have to purchase it separately.

    Additionally, you will get a 100GB Google One membership for automatic mobile backup, and additional storage, among other benefits in one shareable family plan. You need a capable Android device to use the service. The plan allows you to subscribe for up to 5 lines. The more the lines you subscribe to, the more you save.

    2) $60/month UNLIMITED

    The plan gives you a whole 15GB of hotspot data. You can keep your devices connected at home or on the go with high-speed data without paying any extra charge. You will also get unlimited high-speed data to use on your mobile phone until the subscription is over.

    The plan also allows you to access the 5G network connectivity. Downloads and uploads have never been the same with 5G, which is 20 times faster than the 4G network. You will also get a 100GB Google one membership for automatic mobile data backup, and more storage space, among other benefits that you can share with your family.

    Interestingly, you will access the Amazon Prime Membership which comes with lots of entertainment. If you love entertainment, then this plan will go alongside your hotspot needs. You can purchase up to 5 lines at $150. One line goes for $90, the more lines you buy, the more you save.

    Which phones work with Metropcs

    There are numerous mobile phones in the market that you can use with MetroPCS and enjoy an excellent internet connection, including hotspots. You can also get MetroPCS phones for sale at the company’s website and select the best for you. Some of the smartphones you can use with MetroPCS include the following.

    • iPhone 11 Pro Max
    • T-Mobile REVVL 4
    • Samsung Galaxy A52 5G
    • OnePlus Nord N100
    • Motorola one 5G ace
    • OnePlus Nord N10 5G
    • Samsung Galaxy A02s
    • iPhone 12

    The above phones are just samples of MetroPCS compatible phones as there are many others. You can see them from the MetroPCS website.

    Does MetroPCS sell hotspot devices

    MetroPCS sells various hotspot devices that you can use to connect your gadgets at home, on the go, or in your office. Some of the hotspot devices at MetroPCS are;

    i) Alcatel LINKZONE 2

    You can get this device and connect your devices to the internet on the go. The device comes with a high-capacity battery of 4400 mAh that lasts up to 24 hours. It has high speeds of up to 150Mbps download / 50 Mbps upload. The tiny gadget can serve up to 15 devices. The hotspot device goes for only $39.99.

    ii) MetroSMART Hotspot

    The device is 600mHz capable of giving high-speed connectivity for your devices. You can access WiFi on the go since the device is smaller enough to fit in your pocket. You can link up to 15 gadgets and manage them appropriately via an elaborate control system. The device is also easy to set up. It goes for only $29.99.

    Can I upgrade my phone at MetroPCS

    You can get a new phone at MetroPCS at a low cost. The company sells a variety of phones that you can use for better connectivity. You can even get a MetroPCS replacement phone if you are using an outdated one to enjoy better connectivity.

    MetroPCS also allows you to bring your own phone. However, you need to check well for a compatible phone before buying one. The carrier uses T-Mobile US’s GSM network type, and thus you need to get a phone that supports the network type. MetroPCS also allows you to come with your own phone when subscribing to the carrier’s services.

    Is MetroPCS’s network strong

    Metropcs’ network is strong and reliable. As I had mentioned earlier, MetroPCS uses the T-Mobile network, which is among the most robust networks in the US. It, therefore, means that the strength of its network is similar to that of T-Mobile.

    Interestingly, MetroPCS offers 5G connectivity, and you can enjoy high-speed connections when you buy a 5 G-enabled device. Some of the phones that support the 5G network include iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

    Does MetroPCS offer free phones

    You can get a free phone from MetroPCS when you switch. For example, you can get a free Samsung Galaxy A12 when you switch to MetroPCS or add a line. You will thus save a whopping $159, which is the buying price for the phone. The phone itself performs excellently since it has large RAM and a long-lasting battery.

    Another device that you can get for free is the Samsung Galaxy A12. The phone goes for $179, but here, you pay zero to get the device when you switch or add a line. The OnePlus Nord N100 is also available for free as long as you join or add a line.

    When you add a line, getting a free phone is one of the MetroPCS phone deals for existing customers. There are also other promotions that are ongoing at MetroPCS as we speak.

    Bottom line

    MetroPCS is an American telecommunication company that uses T-Mobile’s network. The carrier’s hotspot is usually strong and currently supports the 5G network. Almost all the MetroPCS plans come with some amount of hotspot data.

    You can either use your smartphone to create a hotspot or buy a hotspot device from MetroPCS. One can get a free smartphone when they switch or add a line, thus saving money.