The 5 Best Cheap Phone Plans With Unlimited Everything 2020

Today owning a mobile phone is not a big deal. Everyone has one, and in fact, through the lifeline program, the government is striving towards ensuring everyone has a smartphone at a cheaper and affordable cost. The main problem that you might experience is the cost of the plans some are expensive.

There are some cheap mobile plans with unlimited everything. This will enable you to save a lot and not reducing the time that you spend online. Let us have a look at these mobile plans with unlimited everything.

The 5 Best Cheap Phone Plans With Unlimited Everything

Cheap Phone Plans With Unlimited Everything

1. Metro Pcs

This is the best mobile network with the cheapest unlimited plans. Metropcs is a subsidiary of T-Mobile. The offers are $40 for unlimited plans. There are also add one, which you get when you exhaust your bundles. For the add-ons, you can get 1GB for $10. Metro Pcs also have a supportive customer service, which is available online.

You can purchase this plan online and still get it at a discount. In case you are wondering about the network quality, it has a 4G network. The cheap unlimited plans do not interfere with the internet speed.

2. Boost Mobile

This is another prepaid cellphone plans provider. Boost Mobile has several plans, but the cheapest one offers you 8GB data a 480p streaming. This then increases to the most expensive that offers you 1080p and 40GB data. This one is not a contract offer plan. For a single line, the cheapest plan is $50 a month, and the price drops when there are more users.

3. AT&T

This is a postpaid service provider, You pay after using the unlimited offers. It has two unlimited offers, AT&T unlimited & more and AT&T unlimited $ more premium. The former one is the cheaper of the two and costs $70 a month for a single line. When more lines are added, the average price reduces.

This plan offers you access to over 30 TV channels and stream videos at 480p. In addition, you get unlimited texts to over 120 countries worldwide. However, there are times when AT&T might slow the data, especially when the network is congested.

4. Cricket Wireless

It offers a cheap plan at $25 a month for a single line and $100 for four lines. There are add one, but they are rather expensive. Their customer service is the one that is to be desired. Cricket Wireless are very responsive. Perhaps the best in the market.

5. Verizon wireless

The largest network provider in the country with coverage to all places, including the remote regions. Verizon wireless services are postpaid. Their services are not that cheap; perhaps you must be wondering how it’s listed on the cheap mobile plans with unlimited everything.

The reason is that you get the value of your money on this network. It has the fastest system, and no matter where you are, the speed is the same. There is no difference if you are in town or a remote place. Plans range from $35 to $70.

Bottom line

If you have decided to save on the cost of internet and calls, this does not mean that you should reduce the bundles, texts, and calls that you use. Simply purchase the above cheap phone plans with unlimited everything, and you still have a good time online.

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