The 10 Best Cheap Phone Plans with Unlimited Everything

Monthly phone bills, if not carefully analyzed, can end up making your lifestyle costly. However, cheap phone plans with unlimited everything are featuring unlimited texting, calling, and data can help you save considerably on your overall bills. There are mobile carriers, whether prepaid or postpaid, that provide additional perks from mobile hotspots to Netflix subscriptions.

In the U.S, you can sign up for an unlimited everything package with one of the primary carrier brands such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless. Besides, there are many more options available to U.S. cell phone customers searching for a bargain. These low-cost carriers are known as MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) that operates on the major networks delivering lower prices.

Generally, the unlimited calls and texts for the complete package are undeniably unlimited, but some plans get more complicated when it comes to data. Most carriers reduce the cheapest cell phone plan data speed after you go beyond a certain threshold. Let’s take a look at the cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything from different providers and how they relate to prices and other features/extras.

Here Are Some Factors you’ll need to Pay Attention to as You’re Shopping for a Cheap Phone Plans with Unlimited Everything?

cheap phone plans with unlimited everything

a) Data Speeds

You should keenly consider the data speeds provided by carriers. Several unlimited data plans get throttled, which means that you won’t get the kind of browsing and streaming speeds you’re used to when you exceed the data allotment in a given plan.

b) Data Deprioritization

Cell phone carriers usually manage space on their networks, and one of the ways to achieve this is through data deprioritization. This factor involves reducing the data speeds of some users in times of network congestion.

What Are The Key Factors To Look At When Selecting An Unlimited Data Plan?

Choosing a plan doesn’t entail how much data you’re receiving, but there are other factors to consider before arriving at your final decision. It will help if you dialogue yourself with the below questions.

i) Do you need unlimited data?

Before going for a particular plan, you should decide well if you require an unlimited plan. You don’t need to pay expensively for an unlimited data plan if only you need a few GBs to meet your internet demands. It makes sense to pay for only what you need and avoid overpaying for your cell plan.

Unlimited data may be an ideal choice for you if:

  • You frequently stream multimedia content away from Wi-Fi.
  • You often require access to email and the browser for work on the go.
  • You are paying for too many overage charges.
  • You’re using data with additional lines.

You can track your data usage to determine how much you need in your iPhone or Android settings. Most importantly, most average smartphones don’t require unlimited data. If that’s the case, you can save a bundle with a smaller plan. For instance, you can have 5GB for approximately $20 per month.

ii) Is unlimited data genuinely unlimited?

Sometimes the term unlimited 4G LTE data is a misconception. This terminology doesn’t translate to unlimited high-speed data; it means that you receive a bigger high-speed mobile data limit than other plans.

However, once you finish the set limit, your speeds may get slowed during times of network congestion. If your data get deprioritized, speeds drop to 3G speeds or lower.

iii) Are there Any Cheap smartphone deals?

If you are looking for a plan that attaches a free phone when you switch, it can be tempting to settle hands on an expensive data plan. If you are changing cell phone plans to save money on your monthly bills, you can save by avoiding that expensive plan with an enticing phone deal. There are suitable options you can look at and do away with an unnecessary purchase.

  • BYOP: Bring your own phone when switching carriers. If you stick on the same network, you don’t need to do anything. But if you change networks, you need to tag along and unlock your phone on the new network.
  • Buy a refurbished smartphone: If your cellphone is in its old days or is incompatible with your new carrier, you’ll save more than 50% when purchasing a renewed phone.
  • Dispose of your old phone for cash: If you need a phone upgrade, don’t let your old phone stay around idle. You can dispose of your old phone for money and possess twice as much as an in-store trade-in.

iv) Is an Unlimited Data Plan necessary?

An unlimited data plan rhymes with the cost if you utilize your phone more often, and you’d need to use excess than the allotted data on a data plan that’s not unlimited. It makes sense to pay for an unlimited data package if you surpass data limits set on a limited cell phone plan in such a scenario.

Having a limited plan can be much more expensive than getting an unlimited plan. It would be best to think about how much you utilize your phone and what purposes you use the most. However, you can look at your last few months of phone bills to determine if an unlimited data plan makes any economic sense for you.

Who Qualifies For an Unlimited Data Plan?

  • You should buy an unlimited data plan if:
  • You use your phone on the go.
  • You operate a business through your phone.
  • You’re often using the internet on your phone.
  • You previously passed your plan’s data limits.

What Are The 10 Best Cheap phone plans with unlimited everything?

1) T-Mobile Essentials

This plan costs $60 per month with autopay, giving you unlimited talk, text, and data in addition to unlimited mobile hotspot access as you need at 3G speeds. You can also utilize your text, talk, and data in Mexico and Canada without incurring extra charges.

However, the essentials plan’s only downsides are that it lacks some of the fun entertainment perks that Magenta plans have. Plus, taxes and fees don’t include in your monthly payment.  But for such an affordable price with extensive good network coverage, the data plan is worth having.

2) Metro by T-Mobile $60 Unlimited Plan

With Metro’s $60 Unlimited plan, you can serve as little as $30 per month for each member of your family to the text, talk, and stream all day through.

Metro’s top-tier unlimited option features 15GB of hotspot data, free access to T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network, and subscriptions to 100GB of Amazon Prime and Google One storage. Families having four or five lines receive the best deal on this plan, reducing your monthly price by $15 per line.

3) Mint Mobile Unlimited Plan

 Mint Mobile’s Unlimited Data Plan costs a full $20 less than T-Mobile’s cheapest plan, the network that Mint operates on. This Unlimited plan goes for just $30 per month and includes a ton of perks for such a low price. It offers you access to:

  • T-Mobile’s excellent network plus 5G access on compatible phones
  • A decently high data deprioritization threshold
  • Unlimited talking and texting in Canada and Mexico

Notably, Mint provides its phone plans in 3-, 6-, and 12-month packages that are payable upfront. The $30 monthly price applies to new customers for the first three months, after which the price goes up to $40 per month.

You can stick in that same low rate if you renew for a full year. On the contrary, your renewal price rises to $40 per month for another 3 or 6 months. Otherwise, the $40 price tag is still considerably low for an unlimited data plan.

4) Visible $40 Unlimited

Visible is a carrier with one plan, and it provides best unlimited data plan for one person with unlimited 4G LTE data and unlimited talk and text. Besides, you get a mobile hotspot with the foundation of Verizon’s nationwide network, all for just $40 per month.

The only potential challenge is that your data may be subject to data deprioritization at any time. You can enjoy the current deal of getting a $100 prepaid MasterCard virtual account when you switch to the visible network.

5) Verizon

Verizon is the leading wireless provider with the broadest coverage and subscribers in the U.S. However, the company’s cheapest prepaid plan goes for $40 for unlimited talk and text plus 5GB of data. But, you can upgrade that to 15GB for $50 unlimited data for $65, a slightly fantastic deal than Verizon’s unlimited monthly plan.

6) Cricket Core Unlimited Plan (Multi-line)

You can enjoy three unlimited data lines from Cricket for just $90 a month with autopay. If you want to add to four lines, the cost goes for only $100. Cricket’s unlimited data family plan features 10 GB of hotspot data for free. Although the hotspot it’s not as much as Mint or visible, it’s enough for those streaming a few episodes of movies or music.

Moreover, Cricket throttles your data speeds at the rate of 3 Mbps, which is a lot less than the 4G LTE standard of 5-30 Mbps. This throttled data will still be sufficient for casual music and video streaming. Nevertheless, you may realize slowdowns when gaming, browsing, and doing other heavy-data demanding tasks on your device.

7) Xfinity Mobile Unlimited

Xfinity is one of the best providers of free government smartphones and a leading provider of cable internet services. The unlimited everything package offered by this carrier is only available to people with Xfinity internet service. The Xfinity Mobile from Comcast operates on Verizon’s top-rated LTE network and is now 5G. It also works on 18 million Wi-Fi hotspots.

The unlimited phone plans cost $45 per line and includes taxes and fees. Besides, you can bring your own phone iPhones and select androids when you switch to this network, but you must check on compatibility. Additionally, data speeds may get reduced after 20GB of usage in a billing cycle.

8) Boost unlimited family plans

Boost provides an unlimited boost mobile family plan in three tiers, and the cheapest comes with a 12GB hotspot, standard definition streaming, and a six-month Tidal music subscription. However, if you get one of the more expensive tiers, you enjoy HD streaming and a 30 or 50GB hotspot, respectively. Interestingly, for the cheapest unlimited phone plan, the price reduces the more lines you add:

  • One line $50 per month
  • Two lines $80 per month
  • Three lines $110 per month
  • Four lines $140 per month
  • Five lines $170 per month

Boost’s data deprioritization is applicable during congestion regardless of how much data you utilize.

9) Metro Unlimited Family Plan

Metro by T-Mobile has two unlimited data plans and Total wireless phone plan. You receive a 5GB hotspot with the lower tier but bear in mind that the hotspot isn’t inclusive. You also receive Google One, a service that automatically backs up and stores your phone’s data. For the cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything for 2 lines or multi lines, the price reduces as you add lines:

  • One line $50 per month
  • Two lines: $80 per month
  • Three lines: $110 per month
  • Four lines: $140 per month
  • Five lines: $170 per month

However, if you exceed 35GB per month, your data speeds may get throttled during network congestion.

10) Cricket Wireless Unlimited family plan

Cricket Wireless has the cheapest family phone plans with unlimited everything in two plans, one including a 15GB hotspot and the other that lacks. The hotspot’s cell phone plan features the highest 4G LTE speeds, while the cheaper cricket wireless unlimited plan contains standard high-speed data. For the cheapest unlimited data plan, the price reduces as you add more lines:

  • One line: $55 per month
  • Two lines: $80 per month
  • Three lines: $90 per month
  • Four lines: $100 per month
  • Five lines: $125 per month

Furthermore, as with the other prepaid phone plans on this list, there are some downsides in terms of data. Cricket might slow your data speeds when the network gets busy, but you may be able to handle this if you are familiar with how to bypass data caps.

what is the Best Cheap Unlimited Phone Plans

It is noticeable that unlimited data and perks have other considerations to consider while selecting one of the key carriers, including coverage, travel features, and budget-friendly plans. You will need to weigh each service’s pros and cons before you commit to a prepaid or postpaid plan.

Even with unlimited data, you might find your cell service slowing down. If that happens, you should look at how to speed up a slow mobile data connection. We hope you wolud like the items we recommend and discus

What is Unlimited Everything?

Unlimited Everything plans are the most basic type of phone plan and also the most affordable. These plans provide you with unlimited talk, text, and data. That means you get as much discussion as you want, as many readers as you like, and as much data as you need.Smaller carriers usually offer these types of plans. However, they are not always the cheapest.

Why would you want a plan that provides you with unlimited everything? Because you do not have to worry about running out of minutes, texts, or data. You never have to stress about cutting back. If you are worried about their phone usage, this is your plan.

Things to consider when choosing a cheap phone plan for unlimited everything

When choosing a cheap phone plan for unlimited everything, there are several things to know. We will discuss these things below so that you can make sure you choose one that fits your needs and budget.

– Coverage Area – This is the first thing you need to think about. What type of coverage area do you need? If you live in a remote region, you will not have many options. However, if you live in a more populated area, you will have many more options.

– Content and Call Rates – This is something you will want to keep an eye on. If you feel like talking a lot, you will want coverage that gives you unlimited talk time. As for data, you will want a data plan that gives you as much data as you need without any overage fees.

– Additional Fees – This is something you will want to keep an eye on. Some cheap phone plans come with additional fees. Ensure you know what these values are before you choose a plan.

Bottom line

Today, unlimited cell phone plans deliver fast speeds, excellent coverage, and plenty of perks and affordable prices. Whether you are searching for a single line or family plan, you can quickly get the one that suits your internet, text, and talk needs at a pocket-friendly price. The above-provided list will help you in deciding the best plan for you or your family.