Monthly bills on cell phones can be damn expensive, and you need to ask for what is the cheapest cell phone plan depending on your budget. However, you should identify a preferred service provider that offers cheap terms concerning cell phone plans that you may be able to save a considerable amount of money on your cell phone bill. Based on your needs, the best plan for you may be different for someone else.

    Choosing the best cell phone plan, you should prioritize those cell phone plans with free phones, or you may bring your own device and purchase a plan. You can also find cheap wireless providers if you’re willing to switch providers and enjoy cheap phone plans from as low as $10 per month. On the other hand, you’re concerned about reducing your current cost, and you can check out on a prepaid phone plan or surrender the unlimited plan option.

    Most importantly, your cell phone plan is a necessity as your smartphone itself. Thus, the best cheap cell phone plan for you must-have less critical features but match your lifestyle. Affordable cell phone plans don’t involve a long payment contract, and many allow you to bring your own device. If you’ve paid off your cell phone, you may look for good service with no long-term agreements, thanks to a low-cost cell phone plan.

    Procedure To Purchase A Cell Phone Plan

    Some carriers, such as Mint Mobile, don’t feature brick-and-mortar stores. In this case, you can buy a cell phone plan from such companies by walking into the company’s website or talking to a customer service representative through the phone. Other companies assist you in getting the service in person if they have physical stores.

    Remember that different cell phone companies feature different compatibility requirements concerning your device operating with the network of your choice. For instance, if you decide to set up a new cell phone service and bring your own phone. Ensure you check for compatibility and that your phone gets unlocked before buying a new cell phone plan.

    Notably, an unlocked cell phone refers to a device not attached to a contract with a particular cell phone carrier and can potentially get used with other carriers. For prepaid plans, be ready to purchase for one or more months of service in advance. You also need to understand that particular cell phone plans may need a contract for a certain period. Learn more on the free cell phone service for life unlimited everything on this link.

    Ways To Select A Cell Phone Plan

    Switching to an affordable cell phone plan can be a sound decision on saving on your monthly bill. You need to understand how to choose the right deal for you by deciding which features and perks are most important. Afterward, select a carrier that packs as many interests as possible at a reasonable price. Ask yourself the following questions;

    i) Single Line Or Family Plan

    If you are hunting for more than a single line, you’ll generally pay a lower price per line if you add two, three, four, or even more lines of service.

    ii) Prepaid Or Postpaid

    Prepaid services are usually get paid for in advance, while postpaid services you pay at the end of your billing cycle. However, no credit check is required for prepaid service, and it’s undeniably much cheaper than postpaid plans.

    iii) Data Amount

    Unlimited plans don’t have overage charges, but you may end up using less data than you expect. This happens when connected to Wi-Fi at home and work. Therefore, plans that cost a fixed amount of data can charge much cheaper.

    iv) Best Network Selection

    All the wireless providers provide their coverage map on their websites. If you’re satisfied with your network Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile, you can consider a low-cost carrier that utilizes your existing provider’s towers for more savings on cell phone plans.

    v) Phone Compatibility

    Most carriers feature a free phone without paying anything, but if you opt to bring your own device, it must be unlocked. You can check for compatibility on the wireless provider’s website before you sign up.

    Best Carriers Of Cheapest Cell Phone Plan

    1) Best Overall – Mint Mobile

    Mint Mobile takes the number one position as the best overall value concerning the cheap cell phone plans. This carrier gives its 4GB option for just $15 per month. However, it’s important to note that Mint Mobile’s best prices are meant to give up some flexibility.

    After a three-month discounted rate, you’ll maintain the best price when you subscribe for a year of service. You can pick the options for three- and six-month plans. Besides, Mint also packs hotspot features and 5G access.


    • Very affordable
    • Decent amount of data
    • Mobile hotspot included


    • Offer changes after three months

    2) Lowest Priced – Tello

    Tello provides the cheapest plans for a new cell phone plan, although it’s slightly limiting. However, you can only pay $10 per month, but you will get just 1GB of data. Fortunately, you will get unlimited calls and texts, free mobile tethering, and no contract for that price.

    In other words, this is the ideal plan if you are working on a strict budget and don’t require much data. Now, new customers can pay $7.50 per month for the first six months of service before the $10 monthly rate takes effect.


    • Cheapest cell phone plan
    • Unlimited calls and texts


    • Little data

    3) Affordable Cell Phone Plan – T-Mobile Connect

    The two plans from Mint and Tello above provide some of the lowest prices, but if you are looking for the best coverage and access, settling with a plan from one of the major wireless providers will be the sure way to go.

    However, T-Mobile Connect currently provides you with 2.5GB of data at the cost of $15 per month. Nevertheless, that isn’t an enormous amount of data, but T-Mobile will offer you a 500MB data boost per year. T-Mobile’s pricing includes unlimited calls and texts and 5G access, and immediately you hit your data cap, you’re out of data until your next billing cycle.


    • Low costs
    • 500Mb data boosts annually


    • Out of data once you hit your limit

    4) Best Plan For Coverage – Verizon Wireless

    Undoubtedly, Verizon and cheap are two words that cant be found in one sentence, plus the $40 price of its 5GB plan doesn’t match the best cheap cell phone plans. However, you will get off $5 for signing up for autopay, and your monthly fee will reduce to $35.

    Additionally, Verizon will slash another $5 when you maintain the plan for three months, in addition to $5 more for staying connected for nine months. Thus, the overall cost reduces to $20 per month over time, lower price for decent coverage and speeds.

    The selling point of this excellent plan is the access to Verizon’s full speeds and excellent 5G coverage, which only prepaid customers with a more expensive unlimited data plan.


    • Excellent coverage and speeds
    • Monthly pricing reduces over time


    • Relatively costly

    5) Great Value Plan – AT&T

    In most cases, the leading carriers rarely offer cheap cell phone plans, and yet, AT&T prepaid plans provide some overall excellent value. Besides, for just $25 per month, you enjoy an 8GB data cap; although that amount isn’t as cheap as Mint Mobile or Tello, it is a lower price to pay for AT&T.

    On the other hand, you can settle for a month at a time, and in this case, AT&T charges $30 per month for 5GB, $40 for 15GB. When investing for an entire year, you can receive the best price possible.


    • Extensive coverage
    • A good amount of data for price


    • Best price need a lengthy contract

    6) Best Budget Unlimited Prepaid Plan – Visible

    Visible doesn’t have diversified prepaid plans, and you’ll find yourself limited to just one option of unlimited data for just $40 per month. Interestingly, this option is excellent as it offers unlimited data for half price of what you’d find at a big carrier.

    However, as a Verizon MVNO, Visible operates with Verizon’s speedy network, and you can even have 5G access if you possess a 5G enabled phone.


    • Very affordable
    • 5G unlimited data


    • 5G data speeds get capped

    Bottom Line

    If you are a single-line user, the cheap cell phone plans offer great for you. You can pick any of the above plans from renowned big carriers and mobile virtual network operators if you need the basics and want a cheap monthly bill. All the available choices are economical, and they still feature a bit of data allowance each month for data users.