Cricket Wireless is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) known for its best-prepaid cell phone plans. The company is owned and operated by the AT&T network provider. Therefore, Cricket Wireless provides nationwide network coverage to their customers who use the AT$T towers spread all over the US. Subscribers with hefty data usage can use the cricket wireless unlimited plan.

    Cricket Wireless provides unlimited talk and text and uses AT&T’s 5G network, which comes with 2GB, 10 GB, and unlimited data options that start at a lower price of $30 per month. The company also offers a four-line, unlimited data family plan. The article below talks more about the unlimited plans provided by the company.

    Apart from the unlimited plans, the company supports visual voicemail, Wi-Fi calling, VoLTE (also called HD Voice), video streaming of up to 4K quality, mobile hotspot capabilities, 5G network access, and domestic roaming stateside. Customers can also enjoy international calling to Mexico and Canada, and international mobile data roaming in Canada and Mexico.

    What Is Cricket Wireless?

    Cricket Wireless is an MVNO owned by an AT&T company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The company was founded by Leap wireless international in 1999; it started operating under AT&T company in 2014 when Leap wireless was acquired by AT&T. Cricket wireless is one of the MVNOs known to provide the best cricket phone deals for existing customers with high-quality services, accessible and affordable plans, and deals, 5G nationwide network connect and many.

    Cricket Wireless is one network provider that offers the cheapest cell phone plans. This is because it is an MVNO and does not have physical branches; thus, does not incur any cost on rent. The company uses the AT&T GSM network technology. So, what is GSM? Global System for Mobile (GSM) is a standard network technology that provides the protocols used by second-generation mobile phones. This network technology is robust, providing comprehensive network coverage. 

    From free cellular devices to cheap phone services, the company also provides the best services to customers who have lost their phones, known as the cricket wireless replacement phone plan. The service allows the customers to receive a new cricket wireless phone a few business days after the claim has been made.

    What Cell Phone Deals Make Cricket Wireless?

    cricket wireless unlimited plan

    Cricket Wireless provides various cell phone deals to new customers. New customers enjoy two free smartphones, unlimited mobile phone data for only $80, and two unlimited data deals with an excellent limited internet speed of up to 3 Mbps, SD quality video streaming without any data charges, and many more. These are just some of the Cricket wireless deals when you switch to its network. 

    A new customer who does not wish to purchase new phones when switching to cricket wireless is offered the bring your own phone (BYOP) deal. This deal enables you to use your existing mobile phone provided you satisfy the following conditions;

    • The cell phone must be unlocked 
    • It must not have been used for any fraudulent activities. 
    • The mobile phone must be compatible with the GSM network. 

    moreover, the company also offers many mobile phones, from older cellular models such as the iPhone 11 to high-tech devices like the iPhone 13 series. It also deals in the latest android devices like Samsung Galaxy flagships, budget-priced Motorola phones, and many more.

    What Cell Phone Plans Make Cricket Wireless?

    The company’s primary attraction is the low-cost unlimited data plans that start from a low plan of $30 per month for single-line users and $25 per line for an unlimited plan with four or more lines. Additionally, the plans include taxes and fees; therefore, there are no hidden charges.

    The companies plus a are straightforward, and they are prepaid in nature. All Cricket Wireless plans include unlimited calling and texting, with various data options of 2 GB, 10 GB, and unlimited with 15 GB of cellular hotspot data.

    Today, Cricket Wireless is known for offering excellent, low-cost cell phone plans on the AT&T network. The company is known to provide prepaid plans, nationwide 5G network Access, Low-Cost Unlimited mobile Data, Data-tethering option capabilities, and Data-only plans.

    Customers can also add a data tethering option for $5 per month. The company offers up to five lines plan, where each line has a discount. Some of the cricket Wireless plans include;

    i) Cricket 2GB Plan

    • It is purchased at $30 for 2GB of mobile data.
    • The cost of a five-line plan is $150 per month

    ii) Cricket 10GB Plan. 

    • Cricket 10GB plan comes with 10GB of high-speed cellphone data at $40 per month or an autopay of $35.
    • Unlimited talk and text
    • With Wi-Fi calling on selected phones.
    • 5G access at no extra charge where available.
    • Five lines plan is purchased at $130 per month.

    iii) Data-only Plans

    These are plans available to other devices like laptops and tablets compatible with the Cricket Wireless network. It is important to note that the plans do not roll over, and after the data is exhausted, you must wait until the next billing period starts. The plans include;

    • 25 GB of data is for $35 per month,
    • 100 GB for $50 per month.

    iv) Cricket Core Plan

    • The plan offers Unlimited mobile data at $50
    • Five lines are sold at $125 per month
    • 4K video streaming quality.

    v) Cricket More 

    • It provides Unlimited mobile phone data at $55 per month
    • It costs $150 for five lines.
    • Free HBO Max with ads subscription
    • 150 GB of cloud storage space.
    • 4K video streaming quality.

    vi) Cricket Wireless family plans Unlimited

    Cricket Wireless is recognized for offering some of the best low-cost family plans on the AT&T network. The plans include;

    • Cricket unlimited core provides a family of four persons with an unlimited data plan for just $25 per line per month.
    • Cricket Unlimited More plan purchased at $33 per line per month for four lines. The plan also provides 15GB hotspot data and removes the 8Mbps data speed cap in the Unlimited Core plan.

    Additionally, customers can change their plans by using a cricket wireless phone upgrade. The upgrade can be done through the Cricket app or the company’s website. You can make many changes as you wish if you choose for the changes to take effect immediately. It is designed that only one feature change can be scheduled to be effective in the next billing cycle.

    How Much Do Cricket Unlimited Plan Cost?

    Cricket Wireless provides two unlimited mobile plans, Cricket Core and Cricket More plan, starting at $55 and $60 per month, respectively. Both plans provide access to the AT&T 5G network speed in a location where it is available. The 5G network is well known since it covers most cities and connects highways across the US, particularly in the eastern US. Moreover, in locations where 5G is not available, Cricket wireless customers have a much more widespread 4G LTE data network.

    The Cricket Core unlimited plan allows customers to get four lines for $100, cheaper than most of the Best 2022 Cell Phone Plans. You will have to use slow cellular data speeds of 8 Mbps and even slower if the network is busy to get a discount price. However, you choose the $60 per month plan to bypass the slow speed limits and gain the option to use your digital device as a mobile hotspot that offers up to 15 GB of data. The plan with multiple discounts is the four-line plan, which is $32 per month.

    It is affordable to use the unlimited plans if you want Cricket Wireless plans for 2 phones or multiple phones. With four or five lines, each line is billed at $25 per month for Cricket Core Plan and $32 per month for Cricket More. The Cricket More plan also provides a free HBO Ma with an ad subscription and 150 GB of cloud storage.

    What Is the Best Cricket Wireless Unlimited Cell Phone Plan in 2022?

    Customers who have access to the best Unlimited phone plans enjoy unlimited data, which is excellent for surfing the web, video streaming, listening to music, and many more. Apart from the unlimited data, the best unlimited mobile phone plans provide:

    • Flexible contracts.
    • Unlimited texting and calling.
    • Perks like hotspot capability.
    • An affordable price.

    Some of the best Unlimited mobile Phones Plans include Mint Mobile Unlimited, Verizon Do More Unlimited, and Visible Unlimited. The best cricket unlimited plan is the unlimited plan plus GB hotspot plan.

    i) Cricket Wireless Unlimited + 15GB Mobile Hotspot plan 

    The plan is purchased at $60 per month or $55 per month with autopay. Customers who subscribe to this plan will enjoy;

    • Unlimited talk, text, and data with no throttling.
    • A whopping 15GB of mobile hotspot data
    • 150GB of cloud storage
    • HBO Max subscription

    Bottom Line

    Cricket wireless is a US-based MVNO that is recognized to provide the best mobile phone deals and plans. Since the company uses the AT&T GSM network technology, it is compatible with many cell phones and nationwide network coverage. The company provides plans that offer unlimited data, text and text messages, mobile hotspots, international calling, and many more.