How to Switch My Qlink Phone to Another Phone

How to switch my qlink phone to another phone? This is one of the questions that you must be asking yourself after subscribing to qlink lifeline services. The lifeline program is a government program that aims at ensuring low-income earners in the country can get a phone. This program is enabled by phone services such as qlink. First, you must register and be verified to satisfy the required conditions. 

Mostly you must be receiving government aid such as Medicaid. Upon registration, you get a basic phone and monthly call offers. Back to your question, you want to know how you can upgrade your phone. The basic phone that you were given. This article will explain to you in detail how to get a new phone. In addition, you will learn about qlink bring your own phone.

Why switch your phone?

The lifeline program gives you a basic phone upon registration. This phone has very basic features that only allow you to call, send, and receive messages. Others will allow internet connectivity. If you are upgrading you probably want a smartphone. With a smartphone comes other features such as a good internet connection and the ability to use social media accounts.

Another instance is in case the current phone you have is damaged or lost. You can still upgrade to the latest phone in the market.

Qlink phone compatibility

Another thing that is important to note is the type of phones compatible with qlink. Not all types of phones that you want to upgrade to are compatible with qlink. Check their website to see the available phones. Then choose the one that you prefer. This is much better than facing the surprise that you cannot upgrade to the phone that you want.

How to upgrade your phone

Now it’s time to upgrade your Qlink phone. The first thing is to contact qlink. Get their contacts from the website and call them or use the chat system on the website. Tell them that you want to replace your phone. They will then contact you later for details of your sure to provide the correct information. Now you wait until you are told to go and pick your phone. They will contact you through the email that you registered with.

Qlink bring your own phone

Most people have not heard of this. Qlink bring your own phone is a service that enables you to replace your phone which you opted to remain with rather than receiving a basic phone. The good news is that you can upgrade this phone too. The only requirement is that it must be a qlink compatible phone. The procedure for applying for an upgrade is the same as if you got the basic phone.

About qlink phone replacement

Those applying for an upgrade should know that the phone they get is what is available at the time of application. Therefore, it’s essential to check on the website for available phones. Secondly, they should ensure that their membership is active. After subscription, membership ends after one year. You are required to continue renewing yearly.


Qlink is a phone provider that low-income earners should subscribe to. They give phones at a discount and allow them to upgrade whenever they need at a discount.

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