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Straight Talk Bring Your Own Phone Program

Straight Talk’s BYOP program lets you bring your own phone to their network and save money. To qualify for the program, your phone must be unlocked and compatible with Straight Talk’s network.

The Platinum Unlimited, Bronze Unlimited, Silver Unlimited, and 2-line Unlimited are the best Straight Talk prepaid plans. With these unlimited prepaid plans from Straight Talk, you can get high-speed data for as little as $35 a month, along with unlimited talk and text.

Straight Talk Family Plan

Straight talk only offers the 2-line Unlimited plan at $90 per month. This is considered the best straight talk family plan that comes with unlimited talk, text, data, and a 10GB mobile hotspot.

straight talk free phones

Straight Talk free phones enable customers with budget constraints to get their favorite cell phone free of charge. You don’t necessarily need to settle for the phone’s total cost or any upfront amount.