Over a hundred mobile phone service providers in the United States of America are entitled to provide wireless services such as communication and internet services. To provide their services, the companies employ good mobile phone plans to ensure that all citizens, including low-income citizens, get cell phone services at affordable prices. Straight talk is one of these companies providing many smartphone plans and deals such as the straight talk family plan, free phones, and many more.

    Some of these other companies include; Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket Wireless, Boost Mobile, US Cellular, and many more. Since these companies provide almost the same services, each mobile phone service is coming up with unique cell phone plans, deals, and internet services to attract more customers, maintain the existing customers and make more profits in the competitive market.

    The federal government of the US is also not left behind. The government has ensured that all citizens, including low-income citizens, enjoy the best mobile phone services. The federal government is practicing the Affordable Connectivity Program for many households. This program is primarily intended to provide mobile phone services to low-income households. More about straight talk mobile phone deals and plans are discussed in the article.

    Overviews Of Straight Talk  

    Straight talk is one of the Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) in the United States providing cell phone services. It is a virtual company; therefore, it provides cheap affordable mobile phone deals and plans. This is because they do not have physical offices. Hence, they do not pay rent. Straight talk relies on two network technology; GSM technology, which T-Mobile and AT&T usually provide, and CDMA technology, Verizon, and Sprint’s cellular network.

    The Code-Division Multiple Access (CDMA) is a second and third generation of network technology that numerous signals occupy a single transmission channel, optimizing the available bandwidth. The Global System of Mobile (GSM) is a standard initiated to provide the regulations used by the second-generation mobile phones. It is a network technology that is being used in most mobile phones today. Some of the best straight talk phones today include;

    • Samsung Galaxy S21
    • Samsung A32 5G
    • Apple iPhone 13 series

    Straight Talk Wireless Family Plan – A Great Overall

    Straight talk wireless is a part of the Walmart Family plan. Walmart family mobile plan offers the best-unlimited talk, text, and data plans. Since straight talk is a virtual service provider, it also offers the best, fast, and nationwide internet coverage provided by Verizon internet provider.

    The company also offers the best straight talk hotspot plans compatible with both tablet and mobile devices. The Walmart family mobile plans include:

    i) $24.88/mo

    This plan offers unlimited talk and text and full speed data of 2GB

    ii) $29.88/mo

    It comes with unlimited talk and text and 5GB mobile data capable of mobile hotspot

    iii) $39.88/mo

    The plan provides unlimited talk and text, 14GB of cell phone data, and a capable mobile hotspot

    iv) $49.88/mo

    This is the best offer with unlimited talk, text, and mobile phone data. It also provides a capable mobile hotspot of 10GB.

    Straight talk does not offer a traditional family plan, per se; however, it offers only one family plan known as the two-line ultimate unlimited plan at $90 per month. This plan is reliable, affordable, and has comprehensive network coverage but is only limited to two lines. This straight talk family plan offers;

    • Unlimited mobile data
    • Unlimited talk and text
    • Mobile hotspot of 10GB  

    Straight Talk Home Internet Plans   

    Straight is one of the leading virtual network operators in the US that provides the best and most affordable internet services. They are the company that is currently offering the best internet plans. Most internet plans available in the market are usually produced by other internet service providers such as Xfinity, EarthLink, spectrum, and many more. However, you get the best internet plans and straight talk hotspot services when using the Straight talk home internet plans.

    Most straight talk wireless cell phone plans are prepaid plans, meaning that you can refill whenever you want. It offers the best home internet plans starting from $15 to $75 plans with no contract. These plans include;

    1) The $15/mo Plan   

    This plan comes with 2GB of data every month after renewal and a mobile phone hotspot at only $15. This is the best plan for users who do not have heavy interment usage. 

    2) The $25/mo Plan

    This plan offers 4GB mobile data every month at only $25. It is the best plan for users who use music streaming and browsing more often.

    3) The $40/mo Plan

    It is a plan that provides high internet speed at only $40. The plan offers 8GB of mobile data valid for 60 days. It is the best plan for customers who dislike purchasing monthly data.

    4) The $50/mo Plan

    This straight talk plan comes with mobile data of 10 GB at only $50 per month. The plan also provides hotspot services to both mobile and tablet devices. It is the best-recommended home internet plan for many users.

    5) The $75/mo Plan

    It is a plan with 20GB of cell phone data at only $75, valid for 60 daysIf any data remains after 60 days, the data will expire immediately. 

    Straight Talk Phone Deals For Sale

    Straight talk is one of the virtual mobile operators providing the latest high-tech smartphones today. There are many Straight talk phone deals for different brands of smartphones, from the latest iPhone, Samsung, LG to Alcatel. Their mobile phone deals come with no-contract plans, unlimited talk, text, and data, and most of them depend on the latest 4G LTE and 5G networks providing nationwide coverage.  

    Some of these straight talk cell phone deals available in the market today have a $0.99 Upfront with no contract. They include;

    a) All You Need Unlimited Plan

    The plan offers 100MB mobile data at $30per month

    b) Bronze Unlimited Data Plan

    Provides 10GB of highspeed data at $34 per month

    c) Silver Unlimited Data Plan

    It comes with unlimited data at $42.50 per month

    d) Gold Unlimited Data Plan

    This plan offers unlimited data at $50 per month

    e) Unlimited International Plan

    The plan provides unlimited data at $59per month

    f) Platinum Unlimited Data Plan

    This plan comes with unlimited data at a monthly payment of $60.

    The company also provides free straight talk phones for new customers who have switched to the network. These phones are known for fast internet speed, message delivery, and faster call connectivity. The free phones include; LG PREMIER LTE, LG STYLO 3, ALCATEL ZIP LTE, ALCATEL MYFLIP, and a few others.

    Bottom Line

    Straight talk is a US Mobile Virtual Network service provider that depends on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile towers to provide its services. Therefore, it provides the cheapest and most reliable mobile phone plans and high-speed internet. The company also provides different new brands of mobile phones with the best payment phone payment plan.