Total Wireless relies on the Verizon network, so you’ll enjoy nationwide coverage as well as fast and dependable internet connections, which are more common in urban areas. Furthermore, the carrier offers a variety of individual and family plans at reasonable pricing. If you’re wondering what the greatest complete Total wireless prepaid plans are, this article has you covered. You’ll get an answer to your inquiry as well as learn more about the carrier when you read this post.

    The carrier plans are all prepaid, which means you must pay for service before receiving it. You can join in Auto-Refill, which gets you a small discount every month. To get the best package, you should consider your budget, data usage, and the number of users. If you have a limited budget, the $25 individual plan is the best option, the $35 individual package is the best overall fit for individuals, and the $50 individual package provides unlimited internet access.

    However, If your internet has to serve more people, the $100 shared package is best for your family. Furthermore, all of the plans are no-contract and cost zero upfront. Apart from the 90-days extended plan, most of the packages provide 30 days of service. This article describes each type of Total Wireless package to help you decide which one is best for you. Furthermore, as a bonus, the company operates a rewards program that allows you to earn reward points for use against future purchases.

    Details Of Total Wireless Prepaid Plans

    The carrier plans are all prepaid, which means you must pay for service before receiving it. You can join in Auto-Refill, which gets you a small discount every month. Furthermore, the plans are classified as single line/individual, extended plan, and shared family plans. The plans are as follows:

    i) Single Line/Individual Plans

    Package Price Data Text & Talk
    $25 individual plan $23.70/month Unlimited (Up to 1GB of fast 5Gspeeds, then unlimited at 2G) Unlimited
    $35 individual plan $33.20/ month Unlimited (up to 10GB of fast 5Gspeeds, then unlimited at 2G) Unlimited
    $50 individual plan $47.50/ month Unlimited (Up to 10GB mobile hotspot per line) Unlimited

    ii) Extended Plan

    Package Price Text & Talk Data
    $90 Extended plan $90/3 month Unlimited Unlimited (5GB of data 4GLTE every 30 days, then unlimited2G)

    iii) Shared Family Plans

    Package Text & Talk Data Price (2 lines) Price (3 lines) Price (4 lines)
    $60 shared plan Unlimited Unlimited (30Gb of 4G LTE) $57.00/ month
    $85 shared plan Unlimited Unlimited (Up to 60GB of 4G LTE) $80.70/ month $80.70/ month
    $100 shared plan Unlimited Unlimited (up to 100GB of 4G LTE) $95.00/ month $95.00/ month $95.00/ month

    The cheapest plan is a single-line plan for $23.70 with Auto-Refill, which includes unlimited talk and text but no data. The most costly single-line plan costs $47.50 with Auto-Refill ($50 without it), including unlimited talk and text, as well as 25 GB of data each month. If you need more data, you can always buy it in 5GB increments for $10; if you don’t use it, it rolls over to the next month. Check out their $10 Global Overseas Calling Card if you need to make international calls.

    The carrier has three shared family plans with data allotments ranging from 15GB to 25GB per month. Every plan comes with 30 days of service, unlimited talk, text, and shared data. Those that join in Auto-Refill save 5% on their monthly payment, and you can easily add on more data if you are a possibility of going over.

    Additionally, Total’s only long-term plan choice is a $90/month unlimited talk/text + 5GB plan, which is good for $90 of service. Over three months, the extended plan can save you up to $15 on 5GB/month. The absence of credit checks, contracts, or activation fees is another advantage of purchasing a plan from the carrier.

    Best Total Wireless Prepaid Plans

    For you to get the best package that fits you, you will have to consider your data usage, your budget, and the number of users. Below are the best plans for all categories:

    1)  Best Total Wireless Plan Overall – $35 Individual Plan

    The Total Wireless $35 Individual Plan is ideal for the majority of people. Its 10GB of high-speed mobile data is more than a month’s worth for the ordinary person. So, unless your cellphone is your primary mode of communication and you enjoy watching a lot of streaming films or playing a lot of games, 10GB should be sufficient for you.

    2) Best Total Wireless Unlimited Plan – $50 Individual Plan

    The $50 individual plan is the only truly unlimited plan, making it easy to declare it the finest. As a cellphone user, you will enjoy a month of unlimited internet which is ideal for gaming, streaming, and more. You will also like the 10GB of Total Wireless mobile hotspot data for connecting other devices and 50GB of cloud storage. Moreover, at $50 per month, the package is less expensive than unlimited plans from major carriers, though there are a few MVNO unlimited options that are cheap.

    3) Cheapest Total Wireless Plan – $25 Individual Plan

    The most common reason for switching to an MVNO is to save money. If you want to save the most money, the $25 individual package is the plan for you, but it comes with the smallest high-speed data allowance, dropping you down to 2G speeds after only 1GB of 4G data usage.

    These plans are ideal for folks who rely on a WiFi signal for the majority of their phone-related streaming and surfing. Furthermore, some competing 1GB cell phone plans are less expensive than the carrier’s offering.

    4) Best Total Wireless Family Plan – $100 Shared Data Plan

    Don’t be put off by the high price. That works out to $100 for four lines and 100GB of shared data. You might even consider it as $25/line for 25GB/line, which is less expensive than the carrier’s cheapest single-line plan. In addition, each line gets 10GB of mobile hotspot.

    This package is almost the greatest Total Wireless plan overall. The only thing standing in our way is the fact that most consumers aren’t seeking a family plan. Still, at this low price, it nearly makes you want to create a family.

    Wrap Up

    The mobile Virtual Network Operator is a Verizon network carrier; hence, you will get fast 4G LTE internet service with nationwide coverage. Furthermore, the carrier offers reasonable 2, 3, and 4-line family plans, as well as single-line with prices that are slightly higher than the family plans. According to the article, the lowest plan is the $25 individual plan, and the best overall plan is the $35 individual plan.