Total Wireless offers its services as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) working under Verizon wireless. Verizon is one of the US’s largest and most robust network providers. Therefore, total wireless customers enjoy the most affordable mobile phone plans and deals. Customers access tons of Total Wireless phone plans, from unlimited to international calling plans.

    The company’s plans are cheap and suitable for most mobile phone users since total Wireless does not have physical branches, thus saving monthly rent expenses. There are also plans for multiple lines and plans spanning multiple months. One of the best things about the company is the nationwide connectivity provided by the Verizon towers.

     Moreover, the company provides numerous amazing cell phone deals for existing and new customers, including the most affordable no-contract smartphone plans and a wide range of mobile phones. Before diving into Total Wireless plans 2022, the article talks more about total Wireless as a whole and the benefits that one can get by subscribing to the network.

    The Benefits Of Total Wireless

    Total Wireless is one of the MVNOs recognized to be associated with tons of merits, from low mobile phone deals and plans to nationwide connectivity. Some of the advantages that a customer can enjoy from the company include;

    i) Lower Prices 

    The company is known to provide cheap mobile phone deals and plans. The low-cost cell phone plans range from $10-$45 per month. It is an advantage to low-income customers and individuals who do not have heavy mobile network requirements. Subscribers using a traditional cell phone plan pay only $80 per month.

    ii) Wide Network Coverage

    Total Wireless is powered by Verizon, one of the most extensive network providers in the US. Verizon Wireless has Many towers distributed all over the country; therefore, total Wireless enjoys the same good nationwide connectivity of about 99% of the US landmass. Customers with compatible devices also enjoy the fastest and the newest 5G network. The company uses Total Wireless GSM or CDMA network technology to offer its services. Therefore, any mobile phone that uses the two network technologies is compatible with the carrier.

    iii) Customize your Plan

     The company provides accessible and super flexible mobile phone plans—flexible plans so that you can purchase the data that will satisfy your needs. The plans do not have any long-time contract and come with unlimited text and talk. Moreover, you can also adjust your mobile phone plan whenever you like.

    iv) Simple Switching Process

    Customers who wish to join the carrier are lucky cause the process of switching is simple, straightforward, and takes only a few business days to complete. Another advantage is that the company allows new customers to keep their existing numbers.

    v) Fast Data Speeds

    The company provides services that operate on the super-fast 5G network. Customers with 5G compatible phones enjoy these services where the network is available. Moreover, customers also enjoy a data allowance that works at 4G LTE speeds. 

    vi) International Calling

    If you are living within the US and want the best carrier for international calls, then total Wireless is your best option that offers the services with a Global Calling Card. This is because the feature can be added to any plan offered by Total Wireless, and most of the plans are customizable.

    vii) Customer Care Service

    Total Wireless scores higher than all other big network providers in customer care services. Total wireless customers can reach the customer support team online on their website through live chats or by giving the team a call at 1-866-663-3633 to resolve any issue.

    Top 4 Total Wireless Plans

    Total Wireless offers three single-line plans—or individual plans, where the total wireless plans unlimited data, text, and talk plans available. All plans provided by the company are no-contract plans. Customers also enjoy free shipping on any device, No Activation Fee, no credit check, Voicemail, and No Roaming. Additionally, the plans allow you to add a $10 Add On for any service you want.

    The company is also an MVNO that offers an excellent family plan and multi-line mobile phone deals. Therefore, this is the best carrier for customers who want more than one line of services. Unlike other low-cost network providers, Total Wireless rewards its customers with perks based on a points system.

    The mobile phone plans offered by Total Wireless start at a low of $25 per month for 1GB of data to unlimited and cost $50 per month. Therefore, some of the best total wireless data plans in 2022 include;

    i) $35 Individual Plan

    It is the best plan for general use, that is, for talk, text, and data. The plan is purchased at $35; however, you can enroll in Auto-Refill to automatically refill your service plan on the end date for $33.20, thus saving 5% on your monthly refill. The plan comes with 5GB of mobile data with no expiry date as long as you keep your service active. The $35 Individual Plan comes with;

    • 10GB of 5G speed mobile data
    • Unlimited 2G data that can be used as a hotspot
    • 5G network coverage
    • Unlimited Nationwide text and talk
    • 5GB hotspot data
    • 4K video streaming
    • Wi-Fi calling
    • Visual voicemail

    ii) $50 Individual Plan

    At only $50 per month, you can subscribe to the best Total Wireless unlimited plan that provides unlimited data plus 10GB of hotspot data. However, to keep your cell phone active online, you have to refill your plan every 30 days or participate in the Wal-Mart store. The company allows customers to enroll in Auto-Refill to automatically refill their service plan on the end date and therefore save 5% on their refill amount.

    The $50 individual plan comes with;

    • 5GB of data does not expire as long as you keep your service active.
    • Verizon coverage with 5G network speed
    • Unlimited Nationwide Talk and text messaging
    • Plans with more data up to 5G† Speeds
    • you can add the $10 Add On to the Plan
    • A shared data family plan with 4 lines

    iii) $25 Individual Plan

    It is the Cheapest Total Wireless Plan available. The plan offers 1GB of data with 5G speed and unlimited 2G data once the 1GB is over. The company offers an auto-refill of $23.70 per month for the plan, therefore saving 5% of your monthly plan. The $25 plan allows you to add the $10 Add On.

    The plan also comes with;

    • 5GB of data does not expire as long as you keep your service active.
    • International calling when you add on the $10 Global Card, with rates from 2.5c to Mexico.
    • 4K video streaming
    • Wi-Fi calling
    • Visual voicemail

    iv) $100 Shared Data Plan 

    This is the best Total Wireless family plan sold at $100 per month. The plan is also provided at $95 with Monthly Auto-Refill. It is important to note that when the 100GB of the shared data is over, data speeds slow down to 2G. With the family savings and discounts, you can get 4 lines for $25 per line with 100GB of shared data. The $100 plan comes with; Unlimited shared data plus 10GB of hotspot data per line.

    Total Wireless Phone Deals

    Total Wireless has partnered with global mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple, LG, Motorola, and Samsung. The partnership enables Total Wireless to provide high-quality cell phone plans and phone deals at affordable prices for new and existing customers. New customers who do not wish to purchase new mobile phones can use the Total Wireless bring your own phone (BYOP) plan to use their existing phones, thus saving a lot. 

    However, your phone must be unlocked and compatible with the network to use the service. To check if your mobile phone is compatible with total wireless, use the total wireless IMEI checker available on the company’s website.

    Bottom line

    Total Wireless is an MVNO that operates under Verizon Wireless to offer exceptionally affordable services nationwide. Subscribers to a total wireless network provider enjoy unlimited talk, text, data, no contract deals, and affordable family plans. Moreover, the company also provides a wide range of high-tech and old cell phones, from iPhone to Android-operated devices.