Total Wireless is one of the brands of Tracfone Wireless Inc. that operates as a mobile virtual network operator through leasing coverage from the Verizon network. However, Verizon Wireless is the leading carrier in terms of the best coverage in the United States. Thus, you can expect the same performance from Total Wireless. This carrier packs two cell phone plans, i.e., single line plans or Total Wireless family plans with 2 to 4 lines.

    Most importantly, the two categories of Total Wireless plans feature various options in terms of data allotment. Although Total Wireless plans are slightly more costly than offers from competitors, the carrier packs some of the best family plans available.

    You and your family can save more when enrolling for auto-refill, which automatically renews your plan after the service expiry. Total Wireless is a prepaid carrier meaning customers do not sign up for lengthy contracts or have to submit a credit check when joining.

    For this reason, families needing a prepaid cell phone plan will enjoy the price tag and flexibility of a Total Wireless Shared Family plan. On the other hand, Total Wireless features three single-line plans or individual plans. Each plan comes with unlimited talk and text and varying high-speed data limits.

    Total Wireless Shared Family Plan


    • Total Wireless Family plan users can customize their monthly data to a mobile hotspot.
    • The family plan supports up to 4 lines to share cellular data.
    • The plan offers access to 4G LTE data.
    • There is no contract to sign in a Total Wireless family plan.


    • Total Wireless Family plan customers are eligible for a discount if they sign up for the auto-refill option on this plan.
    • Total Wireless Family plan packs a generous amount of data per line, no matter how many lines you subscribe for.
    • The family plan features unlimited talk and text.


    • Hotspot data is drawn out of this plan’s monthly data allotment.

    Total Wireless Offered Plans To Customers

    1) Total Wireless Single/Individual Plans

    i) $25 Per Individual Plan

    Total Wireless $25 /Mo. Plan – See it on Amazon

    The above plan is the cheapest Total Wireless plan. However, you will get the lowest high-speed data allotment, which slows down to 2G after you just hit 1GB of 4G data usage. Cell phone plans like this suit those who depend on a Wi-Fi signal for most of their phone-based streaming and browsing.

    • 1GB data
    • Deprioritized data, speeds may temporarily be slow when the network is busy
    • No data speeds
    • Data is turned off when the limit is reached
    • 4K video streaming to full speed
    • Group and picture messaging
    • International calling add-on available
    • Wi-Fi calling
    • Visual voicemail

    ii) $35 Per Month Individual Plan

    The Total Wireless $35 Individual Plan is the most affordable option. However, the 10GB of high-speed mobile data allotment is more than what an average person consumes in a month. Thus, if you don’t use your phone primarily to stay connected and watch a lot of streaming videos or heavy games, 10GB should be enough.

    • 10GB data
    • Deprioritized data, speeds may temporarily reduce when the network is busy
    • Full speed data
    • Unlimited 2G data after data limit hits (speeds at 64Kbps)
    • 5GB hotspot data
    • Wi-Fi calling
    • Visual voicemail
    • 4K video streaming to Full Speed
    • Group and picture messaging
    • International calling add-on available

    iii) $50 Per Month Individual Plan

    The $50 per month plan is Total Wireless’s best-unlimited plan. It gives users unlimited high-speed data and is suitable for subscribers who depend on their phones to connect to the internet.

    Total Wireless unlimited plan customers will enjoy the 10GB of mobile hotspot data to tether other devices. Plus, Total Wireless adds in 50GB of cloud storage. Therefore, the $50/month unlimited plan is cheaper than unlimited plans from the major carriers, though some MVNO unlimited plans are more affordable.

    • Unlimited data
    • Deprioritized data, speeds may temporarily reduce when the network gets busy
    • Full speed data
    • Unlimited 2G data after hitting the data limit
    • 10GB hotspot data
    • 4K video streaming to Full Speed
    • Wi-Fi calling
    • Visual voicemail
    • Group and picture messaging
    • International calling add-on available

    2) Best Total Wireless Family Plans

    Total Wireless takes pride when it comes to family plans. Below is the best family plan that offers the best features and discounts:

    $100 Per Month Shared Data Plan

    This plan is the best overall Total Wireless family plans. It costs $100 for four lines with 100GB of shared data. In other words, the plan costs as little as $25/line for 25GB/line. Besides, if you enroll for Auto Pay, the price reduces to $95 per month, giving you a $5 auto pay discount.

    However, this Total Wireless shared family plans is less expensive compared to the cheapest Total Wireless single-line plan. Additionally, you receive 10GB of mobile hotspot for each line. You can bring up to four lines to your Total Wireless account. And, every added service line you sign up for includes unlimited talk and text and adds more data to the shared data pot.

    Notably, if you enroll for the Total Wireless shared family plan of up to four lines, you’ll be sharing 100 GB of high-speed data for $100 without auto-pay or $95 with autopay. In other words, you’ll obtain the same value on the $50 unlimited individual plan but for half the price.

    Bottom Line

    Total Wireless is an MVNO that provides exceptionally affordable service and coverage through the Verizon network. With Total Wireless family discounts and savings, you can obtain 4 lines for $25/line with 100GB of shared data with $5 auto pay savings. Total Wireless offers excellent value and great coverage, and you’ll get free hotspot data as an added perk with the best Total Wireless family plans.