Affordability is considered an essential aspect when looking to get cell phone plans. There are hundreds of cell phone service providers in the US, and each offers a variety of cell phone plans. Some offer unlimited everything, while others offer unlimited text and talk only. However, it all comes down to the two primary options for cell phone plans: prepaid and post-paid. Both have their benefits, but the best prepaid cell phone plans unlimited take the lead when it comes to budget-friendliness.

    Almost all the cell phone service providers in the US have a prepaid cell phone plan. Millions of Americans consider this the best option, mainly because no pesky phone contract tends to drain someone financially. You can quickly opt out of the plan and not pay any termination fees. Despite Post-paid being known to be effective during network congestion, they still may be above the standards of most Americans, and some may not have perks like the cheapest unlimited data for 2 lines.

    This article will provide insights on the five best-prepaid cell phone plans unlimited.  We will cover information on how to choose a prepaid phone plan and compare whether standard or MVNOS is better when it comes to prepaid cell phone plans. Let’s get started.

    How to choose a prepaid cell phone plan

    Before choosing a prepaid cell phone plan, here are some things to consider:

    i) Network coverage

    Consider a service provider that offers coverage within your location. It should be efficient enough such that you will not need a cell phone signal booster. Also, if it offers nationwide coverage, it would be a great advantage.

    ii) Affordability

    The service provider should offer affordable prepaid cell phone plans. Consider a plan that is within your budget such that you will be able to meet monthly payments in the long run. It would help if you also considered a service provider that allows downgrading and upgrading of cell phone plan easily.

    iii) Hidden fees or costs

    The cell phone service provider should not have hidden costs or taxes. Ensure to do some research by reading community posts or from social media channels

    iv) Unlimited talk, text, and data

    This option can be a great benefit to many despite being a little pricy. Consider this option if you want a family prepaid cell phone plan since it is easier to have unlimited data on all lines.

    v) Customer support

    The customer service should be efficient and reliable. It should be easier to communicate with them via email, online chat, or social channels. They should also have a toll-free number.

    vi) Physical stores availability

    A physical store is essential if you have an urgent inquiry or wish to get a sim card toolkit. The store also brings assurance of sustainable customer support.    

    Standard cell phone provider vs. MVNO: Which is better for a prepaid cell phone plan?

    best prepaid cell phone plans unlimited

    Both come with great benefits, but they have some slight differences. The post-paid plans are whereby you sign a contract, while with prepaid there are no contracts. The bad thing with the contract is that you may be subjected to pay early termination fees when you opt out before the contract ends.

    A benefit of post-paid is that you will still get network priority during network congestion, something prepaid users cannot have. Customer service priority also tends to go to post-paid users.

    Prepaid cell phone plans, on the other hand, provide some flexibility in that you only pay for the service when you use it. You can also switch service providers quickly and much more benefits.

    Can I bring my device and get a prepaid cell phone plan?

    Yes, you can bring your phone to the network if it is compatible. All service providers mentioned in this article support BYOP, but you must pass the compatibility test. Some have cell phone plans with free phones in case your device is not compatible with the network.

    Feel free to read the FAQ section of your service provider to learn whether your device is compatible or not.

    The 5 Best prepaid cell phone plans unlimited

    1) Cricket wireless

    Cricket wireless is a leading service provider known for offering some affordable cell phone plans. There are several cell phones plans from Cricket Wireless and include the following:

    i) $33/line plan

    The $33/line plan offers high-speed unlimited data, which may be slowed down during network congestion. You also get a 15 GB mobile hotspot and 150 GB cloud storage. The plan also includes HBO Max that allows the streaming of videos. You can also use the service in Mexico and Canada.

    This plan allows unlimited texts from the US to up to 37 countries. If you have cricket wireless compatible phone, you can get HD voice and WIFI calling. This plan is considered the top tier of the best cricket wireless prepaid cell phone plans.

    ii) $25/line plan

    It is considered the cheapest option on Cricket wireless best prepaid cell phone plans unlimited. It comes with unlimited high-speed data with a max speed of 8 Mbps. The plan includes unlimited talk, text, and picture messages within the US. You also get unlimited texts from the US to 37 countries.

    These are the best-prepaid cell phone plans you can get from Cricket Wireless.

    2) Metro  by T-Mobile

    MetroPCS is a subsidiary of T-Mobile and offers several cell phone plans to choose from. If you are looking for an MVNO with reliable network coverage, then MetroPCS is the right option. Here is their best-prepaid cell phone plan:

    i) $30/mo. plan

    This plan comes with unlimited talk and text. You also get 2 GB of high-speed data per line. The plan is also in conjunction with Assurance wireless, in which you can apply for a lifeline service and get a free cell phone plan and a phone.

    ii) $60/mo plan

    This plan allows you to get unlimited everything. High-speed data may be slowed down during network congestion. 5G is also available under T-Mobile. You may also get 15 GB of hotspot data, and it comes with a 100 GB Google One membership. It also includes Amazon Prime membership that gives access to hundreds of TV shows and music streaming. You can also get four lines for $120/mo, which is a significant discount.

    iii) $40/mo. plan

    It comes with 10 GB of high-speed data, and once depleted, speeds are slowed to work less than 3G.  5G network is also available, and you get unlimited music streaming.

    3) Boost Mobile

    Boost Mobile is a leading MVNO that comes with several prepaid cell phone plans. Here is their best plan:

    a) $60/mo

    Considered Boost Mobile’s top-tier plan, it comes with a wide range of benefits. You get unlimited 5G/4G data and 30 GB of Mobile hotspots. The plan also includes unlimited talk and text. Adding another line will give a $20 discount.

    b) $15/mo plan

    You get 2 GB of data which can work on 5G/4G networks. The plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and picture messaging in the US. You also get a Mobile hotspot plan

    These are considered the best plans on Boost mobile. One is a top-tier plan, while the other has some essential services and is affordable. To apply, visit Boost Mobile Phone Plans.

    4) T-Mobile

    T-Mobile is a standard service provider that comes with a wide range of benefits. They do not have a well-structured prepaid phone plan with various offers, but it is considered the best option for people with a tight budget.

    i) $25 plan

    This plan comes with unlimited talk and text. You also get 5.5 GB of data which is capped once you reach the limit.

    ii) $15 plan

    You get 2.5 GB, and it includes unlimited talk and text. The plan is convenient for persons without heavy data usage.

    All the plans offered by T-Mobile come with an annual data upgrade of 500 MB every year. Taxes and fees are added once you check out on the payment.

    5) Verizon wireless

    Verizon Wireless is a leading service provider that is known for its stunning network coverage. Despite not offering free phones without paying anything, they have some fantastic deals:

    a) Unlimited plus

    It is considered a cell phone plan with several perquisites. The plan entails unlimited talk and text within the US. It includes unlimited data under 5G network coverage. You also get to talk and text to and from Mexico and Canada. The plan also supports unlimited text to 200 international destinations. It costs $65/line per month.

    b) 5 GB plan

    This plan comes with 5 GB of data and unlimited talk and text. It is the cheapest prepaid cell phone plan offered by Verizon. The plan includes unlimited talk and text. You may also get a Mobile hotspot.

    Bottom line

    A prepaid cell phone plan is considered a great option to save money on cell phone plans. This article has talked about some of the best-prepaid cell phone plans you can get. We also compared post-paid vs. prepaid and concluded why prepaid plans are a better option if you are on a tight budget. Our team has well evaluated the service providers listed here, and they will offer some of the best cell phone plans.