Suddenlink, which is soon becoming Optimum, is proud to offer a subsidy to assist eligible households in paying for Internet service through the Federal Government program. This program enables eligible customers to pay for Internet service with a discount of up to $30 per month and $75 per month for households on qualifying Tribal Lands. Through the Suddenlink free internet, eligible US households can afford the connections they require for school, work, healthcare, etc.

    However, this program is available to new and existing Suddenlink customers. All Suddenlink customers with current Internet service qualified for Suddenlink ACP can contact customer support at 866.432.1184 and request the “ACP Free Offer.” Notably, this offer can get applied to an existing Suddenlink Internet service during the program. Therefore, if you qualify and depending on the speed you select, your Internet service could be FREE with this $30 monthly credit.

    Most importantly, many internet service providers (ISPs) participate in programs for assisting low-income families. In collaboration with FCC, Suddenlink offers low-cost and free internet connection programs. The Company’s wireless services are designed to work with the Affordable Connectivity Program, which, when combined, can reduce the cost of your internet bill to $0 per month. Besides Suddenlink brands, Altice provides affordable internet service at 14.99 per month to qualified individuals.

    i) Reliable Internet Speeds

    Although speeds vary depending on internet service providers, SuddenLink internet plans range from 75 Mbps to 940 Mbps. However, you can check availability in your area using the SuddenLink internet speed test.

    ii) Rural Coverage

    Suddenlink internet services deliver high-speed internet to rural locations that can’t typically receive a high-speed connection from other Internet Service Providers.

    iii) No Contracts

    Never get locked in when you switch to Suddenlink no-contract plans. If you are unsatisfied with your Suddenlink service, you qualify for a refund on the first month’s service fee, thanks to Suddenlink’s 30-day money-back guarantee. No contracts are featured on any Suddenlink internet, TV, or phone plans, so you don’t have to worry about early termination fees (ETFs).

    iv) Unlimited Data

    Suddenlink provides unlimited data on all of its internet plans. Thus, you can browse, stream, and game as much as possible.

    Application For Suddenlink Free Internet

    Suddenlink free internet is offered through the Affordable Connectivity Program. Therefore, applying for the Suddenlink Affordable Connectivity Program is simple and accessible through the following steps.

    • Verify you’re eligible following the Federal Government guidelines by seeking approval from the National Verifier. Ensure the person getting verified is the Suddenlink account owner.
    • Receive Suddenlink Internet service. If you’re already a current customer, proceed to Step 3.
    • Complete your enrollment application and apply the ACP credit to your Suddenlink account. Suddenlink will inform you about the status of your application within 5 business days. If approved, you’ll get your credit within 2 bills.

    Generally, you must be from an eligible household to benefit from the above offer. You can qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) if a member in your household attains one of the following criteria, in line with the US Government rules:

    • Recipient of Medicaid, SNAP/food stamps, or eligible to participate in another one of the FCC’s Lifeline qualifying programs
    • Recipient of Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for (WIC) Women, Infants, and Children benefit.
    • Recipient of free or reduced-price school lunch or breakfast via the National School Lunch Program (NSLP)
    • Enrolled in a school that gives free school breakfast and lunch to all students through the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP)
    • Federal Pell Grant recipient in the current award year
    • Gross annual household income equals at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

    Notably, each household can only get one affordable connectivity benefit. The benefit is transferrable from one participating provider to another but cannot get transferred to another individual or household even if they qualify.

    Besides, qualifying households will get subjected to Suddenlink’s undiscounted rates and general terms and conditions if they de-enroll, disqualify, transfer their benefit to another ACP provider without terminating service, or if the program ends.

    If you’re a new customer switching to Suddenlink, Suddenlink 100 internet plan is fully covered by the Affordable Connectivity Program. You can contact 877.437.2815 or shop online to check out other plans that get fully covered.

    This supportive Federal Government program assists new, and current Suddenlink customers pay for Internet service. You can obtain a credit of up to $30 per month or $75 per month for qualifying households on Tribal Lands. Notably, the Affordable Connectivity Program credit can be applied to any Internet plan that Suddenlink provides.

    Suddenlink is focused on keeping households connected and provides affordable options to ensure customers can get Internet solutions that match their needs. Suddenlink introduces Advantage Internet, available to qualifying households for only $14.99/month.

    This service also includes unlimited data, free equipment, discounted installation, and the option to cancel anytime. For those households searching for more deals, the company has a range of Suddenlink packages for existing customers and internet options available to choose from.

    However, new Suddenlink customers can sign up for the Altice Advantage 50 Mbps broadband plan for 60 days. This offer applies to families with any K-12 or college students in their household. It is available for any area that Altice serves, both in the Optimum and the Suddenlink region.

    Besides, Altice has prolonged this offer to the end of the school year. Altice Advantage Internet is now known as Optimum Advantage Internet. Internet speeds have increased from 30 to 50 Mbps to stay connected even faster, at the same affordable price. At$14.99/month, you will get:

    • Up to 50 Mbps Internet
    • Free installation
    • Free Wi-Fi router
    • No Data Caps
    • Risk-free, cancel anytime

    Additionally, if you qualify for Optimum Advantage Internet, you may also be eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program to keep you connected affordably. You may qualify for Suddenlink Advantage Internet if you’re enrolled in one of the following groups:

    1) Households with Students

    A household is eligible for or participates in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). If you are a New York City resident schooling in a New York City public school

    ii) Seniors

    You are 65 years or older and qualified for or receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

    iv) Veterans

    A Veteran recipient of state or federal public assistance.

    Recently, there has been a high number of family members at home sharing the internet and TV, and thus there is a need for increased speed and more entertainment options. Luckily, they are various options that make it easy and safe to upgrade and customize your services without leaving home.

    Suddenlink’s best package will cost you a high price. However, the Internet, TV, and Phone bundle has a lot to offer and comes with many savings on your monthly bills. If you are looking for a deal with Suddenlink, then the best bundle deals for tv, internet, and phone is what you should think of right now.

    Additionally, along with Suddenlink’s respectable channel counts, blazing fast internet, and packages that include a phone for only an additional $10 per month, there are numerous other things to experience about the service. You can shop internet, TV, and phone packages from Suddenlink and save with an internet and TV bundle.

    Bottom Line

    Suddenlink provides high-speed internet, TV, and home phone services to several US states based primarily in the southeast and southwestern regions. Besides, the company offers low-cost and free internet through the Affordable Connectivity Program. You can also get a cheap internet option called Altice advantage that can save you on costly monthly internet plans.