Suddenlink Communications is a telecommunications company based in the US and a subsidiary of Altice Mobile. The company provides good deals on cable television, IP telephony, broadband, advertising, and home security. Generally, the company is known to offer services from Suddenlink packages for existing customers to deals for new subscribers, which offers cable TV with at least 200 channels, high-speed internet up to 940 Mbps, and home phone services with over 12 features, all with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

    The company offers virtual nationwide connectivity to the Southeast, Midwest, and West Coast of the US. Therefore, it is advisable to check if the network is available in your area before subscribing to any Suddenlink service. The company also provides fiber-optic coverage within its greater service area; however, the fiber service is mainly focused on business.

    Additionally, Suddenlink participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program to offer low-income individuals free and highly discounted services. Therefore, before diving in to discover the packages the Suddenlink cable service provider offers to existing customers, it is essential to know what it entails, its services, the benefits that may arise when you switch to the company, and many more.

    Suddenlink Communications is a telecommunication service provider in the US founded by businessmen Jerry Kent and Howard Wood in St. Louis, 2015, with its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. Altice USA then acquired the company and now operates as a subsidiary company. The company provides its services to over 1.5 million residential and 90 000 business subscribers.

    The company provides services, including mobile plans, high-speed internet up to 1 gigabit, and digital TV and voice. However, the services are only available in 17 states in the Southeast, Midwest as well and the West Coast of the US, which includes; Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, California, Idaho, Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, New Mexico, Ohio, Virginia, Oklahoma, Texas, and West Virginia.

    Suddenlink cable provider offers its services through Altice Mobile, which operates under AT&T and Sprint corporations. Therefore, Suddenlink also provides its services using the network technology used by the companies. Unlike other telecommunication providers, the company does not restrict you from lengthy talks since the company offers unlimited data, talk-time, and texts.

     The phone services include;

    1. Unlimited local and long-distance calls
    2. Reliable service with 10+ calling features
    3. No contracts and commitments
    4. International calling rates as low as $0.08 per minute

    SafeLink comes with lots of benefits, including super-fast internet, nationwide coverage, no data caps, and many more, as discussed below:

    i) High-speed internet

    The company provides various Internet plans with super-fast speeds of 940Mbps. However, different plans have unique costs, from as low as $19.99 per month. The speeds also vary with different locations. You can use the SafeLink internet speed test to check the availability of internet in your area or see if you can access the Suddenlink fiber internet connection at your home.

    ii) No Data Cap

    The company provides unlimited data deals and internet plans, meaning no data caps.

    iii) Wide Connectivity

    SafeLink operates under two large network providers in the US, thus providing its services up to the rural areas compared to other carriers that cannot. Suddenlink internet services provide high-speed internet to rural areas.

    iv) Fair Prices

    The packages provided by the company are affordable and paid monthly. Moreover, the company’s low-income individuals benefit from the Suddenlink ACP program.

    v) Coverage

    The company provides a coverage checker for customers to determine if Suddenlink packages are available in their areas; the services are only available in specific states. You are only needed to visit the company’s website and use your ZIP code to check the availability of the packages. Interestingly, SafeLink provides its relatively low-cost plans offered in rural areas that are not yet covered by the larger internet service providers (ISPs).

    vi) No Contracts

    Unlike other inter-service providers that offer Mandatory commitment to their plans, Suddenlink offers flexible prepaid internet plans with no long-term commitments.

    vii) Bundle Your Services

    Customers looking for internet, landline, and TV services can use the SafeLink bundle deals to get all the services in one place. Therefore, this is one of the companies with the best bundle deals for tv, internet, and phone that allows the customers to get more services for a lesser amount.

    viii) Numerous Calling Feature

    With Suddenlink home phone plans, customers enjoy unique phone call features, including conference calling, Unknown call blocker, automatic busy redial, call return, etc. You will also get access to free nationwide unlimited and international calling in the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, etc.

    xi) Customer Care Service

    The company provides a customer care team with knowledge and skills for almost all customers’ problems. You can reach the customer care support team through their website or call the Toll-Free Number at (877) 694-9474.

    Suddenlink cable service provider offers packages that provide a wide variety of services, including internet, TV, and phone voice services. It is more convenient to mix and match and have all your services in one place to save on your monthly cost. The packages for existing customers include;

    1) Internet Packages

    Suddenlink provides high-speed internet with download speeds of up to 940 Mbps. However, you may experience changes in the cable internet speed changes throughout the day since your bandwidth is shared with your neighbors. The company’s average download speeds range between 300 and 400 Mbps.

    Suddenlink internet plans are very affordable, and some packages come with promotional prices for the first year. The carrier provides a wide range of internet packages with different internet speeds and prices to satisfy most people’s needs. The company provides internet plans with prices starting at $19.99 per month. The company’s internet-only plans include:

    Which comes with 100 Mbps internet speed at only $19.99 per month

    The plan offers an internet speed of 300 Mbps at $29.99/mo.

    At only $39.99 per month, you will get a 500 Mbps internet speed plan.

    The plan provides a high-speed internet connection of 940 Mbps at only $49.99 per month.

    2) Tv packages

    The company offers several TV packages with different TV channels. The best Suddenlink TV package will depend on your location and your needs; therefore, it is advisable to confirm if the deals are available in your area. Suddenlink TV packages are very cheap and start from a low price of $20 to $80.

    The TV packages include standalone TV, double or triple up with internet and phone services with the following features;

    1. A channel lineup.
    2. 4Kor streaming services.
    3. Premium or HD channels.
    4. Additional extras like sports or movies.

    The prices of the TV packages start from $58 to $124.99. The company’s TV packages contain hundreds of channels, the TV channel lineup: Suddenlink TV packages offer around 225 to over 340 and they include;

    They include Disney Channel, E! Food Network, and Syfy. However, if you pay a little more for a more premium package, you can get: MLB Network, NFL Network, NFL Redzone, Sports Overflow

                 These channels include; ESPN, ESPN2, and Fox Sports

    This is the cheapest TV package that is offered at only $30 per month and comes with 50 channels.

    It is the only TV package with the Core TV plan, and it is provided at $65 and comes with 200 TV channels. 

    With the TV plan, you will get more than290 channels at only $85.

    It is the only plan with alot of TV channels, up to 340 TV channels; therefore, it is offered at a slightly higher price as compared to the other plans. It is provided at only $105.

    You can combine TV with Suddenlink Internet and save significant money throughout the year.

    Suddenlink cable deals packages include;

    The package is purchased at $49.99 and comes with 100 Mbps internet speed and 50 primary TV channels.

    At only$59.99, you will receive this package that offers 300 Mbps internet speed and 50 TV channels.       

     The packages come high-speed internet connection of 500 Mbps at 50 TV channels at only $69.99.

    The 1 GIG package is the best network connection since it provides a super-internet speed of 940 Mbps and 50 TV channels at only $79.99.

    The only plan offers the Core TV package with 200 TV channels plus an internet speed of 100 Mbps at only $84.99.

    Bottom Line

    Suddenlink is an internet service provider that offers cable TV, internet, and home phone at an affordable price to 17 states in the US. Altice Mobile’s subsidiary also participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program to provide cheap services to low-income families and people in rural areas. Generally, Suddenlink provides numerous packages for existing customers, from the basic TV package to high-speed internet of 1 Gbps.