The Best Boost Mobile Internet Plans

Boost Mobile is one of the popular wireless service providers in the United States. The company operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Provider (MVNO). Boost Mobile is known to provide its quality services at lower prices to residents. It has a nationwide network coverage with affordable cell phone plans, including unlimited talk and texting. Boost Mobile internet plans are among the best plans that residents can go for, discussed in this article.

Nowadays, most people require a reliable internet plan to ensure they enjoy doing their online activities. Currently, some residents work from home, and hence such a plan will be of advantage to them. If you wish to have such internet plans, Boost Mobile guarantees you this. The company offers various family plans for a specific number of lines with discounts on every additional line. It would be best if you chose the plan that suits you best.

Notably, none of the Boost Mobile plans require a service contract, and the rates include taxes and fees. With Boost Mobile, you receive unlimited calls and messages even on capped internet plans. The company also offers boost mobile plans with free phones and a Boost Perks rewards program. Therefore, with an appropriate device for the network, you are assured to enjoy all your browsing, marketing, business, and entertainment activities using Boost Mobile services and plans.

How does Boost Mobile operate?

You might be asking yourself about the operation of this network provider. As stated earlier, Boost Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Does this bring you to the question of what network Boost Mobile use? This MVNO has no physical branch, so it relies primarily on other network providers’ infrastructure to offer its services. Formerly, Boost Mobile was run by Sprint and used to operate using Sprint’s CDMA network. 

This Code-Division Multiple Access (CDMA) is a second-generation and third-generation network that enables several signals to share a single transmission channel, maximizing bandwidth usage. However, due to the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile, the company currently uses T-Mobile’s GSM network, which incorporated Sprint’s network in the merger.

The Global System of Mobiles (GSM) s a standard that specifies the rules and regulations that second-generation cell phones must follow. This network technology is used by most networks globally.

How can you switch to Boost Mobile?

Boost Mobile Internet Plans

If you wish to join Boost Mobile, you can decide to purchase a new phone or opt to bring your own phone (BYOP). Notably, most people usually don’t want to abandon their devices. Both options are available for you when switching. If you choose to buy a new device, it is advisable to get one from the company’s online store since these phones are automatically compatible with the network. On the other hand, if you bring your own phone to the network, you need to:

i) Ensure that your phone is compatible

You can visit the company’s website and confirm your phone’s compatibility. With this, you will know whether your phone can work on the Boost Mobile network or not. The phone’s IMEI number is most commonly used to check compatibility. You can get the 25-digit number by dialing *#06# or checking the back of your phone’s battery, or from the phone’s settings. 

ii) Make sure your device is unlocked.

Your device should not be bound to a particular carrier or contract. You can check with your previous carrier to confirm this. 

iii) Purchase a SIM card

You can get the SIM card kit by buying it from any company’s stores or their online website.

iv) Activate your SIM card

After acquiring the SIM card kit, install the SIM card in your phone and activate it. You can achieve this by visiting the Boost Mobile activation site and following the process. Afterward, you can choose a plan that suits you and start enjoying Boost Mobile.

What are Boost Mobile compatible phones?

Most devices that work well with T-Mobile’s GSM network, which Boost Mobile depends on, are compatible with the network. Since most phones use the GSM network across the world, various phone models, therefore, are compatible with Boost Mobile. These phones include:

  • Apple iPhone SE 
  • Apple iPhone 12 & 13 series
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
  • LG Stylo 6
  • Samsung Galaxy S20
  • Samsung Galaxy A21
  • Google Pixel 5
  • Motorola G Stylus 128GB
  • Motorola G Power 64GB

What are the best Boost Mobile internet plans?

Boost Mobile offers various internet plans to existing and new customers who join the network. The main pros of these internet plans are that customers can add up to 5 lines to a single plan, and they have no service contract. This means that they can change or cancel the plans they choose. However, if you choose any of the plans, you can be assured of saving on your monthly internet bills.

The Boost Mobile available internet plans include:

i) Pre-paid plans

i) $15/month plan

This plan comes with 2GB of cellphone data with 5G/4G speeds. It has unlimited talk and text and a mobile hotspot. This plan majorly applies to new customers who choose the BYOD option. However, you can add an extra 1GB of data for your internet activities for an extra $5/month. This plan is the cheapest one among the Boost Mobile pre-paid internet plans.

ii) $25/month plan

This plan has 5GB of mobile data. It includes 5G/4G internet speeds. You will get mobile hotspot data and unlimited talk and text with it. It is meant for new customers who join Boost Mobile.

iii) $35/month plan

This plan gives you 10GB of Mobile data to do your activities using the internet if you increase the monthly bill to $35. This plan also has unlimited talk and text and a Mobile hotspot. With this plan, your data is doubled for an extra $10 each month.

ii) Go unlimited plans

Boost Mobile offers two unlimited plans that come with unlimited data. These plans are:

i) $50/month plan

This plan provides you with 35GB of data to use the internet efficiently. It involves unlimited calling and texting and 12GB of hotspot data and has 5G/4G internet speeds. Additionally, this plan allows customers to top up another line to it for $30 per month. This plan is the cheapest and the best Boost Mobile home internet plan.

ii) $60/month plan

The plan offers 35GB of 5G/4G mobile data, starting at $60 per month. You also get 30GB of hotspot data and unlimited calling and texting. If you decide to add a line, you must pay $40. 

What deals does Boost Mobile have for new customers?

Most service providers offer fantastic deals to attract more customers to join them. On the other hand, the residents go for a company with quality deals. Boost Mobile offers such deals among the many available ones in the competitive market. The company offers quality deals to new customers, making them enjoy their services and continue using the network. These deals include:

  • New customers can get a new iPhone SE at $99.99 when they switch to the network. You will save $199.01, which is quite a great deal. 
  • You can get $10 off every month on your plan if you bring your own phone to the network. For the internet plans explained above, being discounted $10 can help you save quite vast amounts on your monthly data bill.
  • You can get a free phone when you switch to Boost Mobile. You can get phones are Samsung Galaxy A21, Motorola G Stylus, or even LG K51. These phones have got quite some quality features.
  • You can save 15% when purchasing Android phones costing under $250. 
  • A new customer who signs up for the 5GB plan can save up to 40% as the plan offers unlimited call and text for three months for such a person.
  • For only $100, new users may get a year of cell phone service with unlimited talk and text and 1GB of data every month.
  • New customer gets three lines to use on their devices for $100/month. 

Does Boost Mobile have Phone deals for its customers?

Apart from the Boost Mobile new customer deals, the company also has various phone deals in their online store. These phone deals are for users who wish to purchase their phones from the company. Also, if you wish to save on purchasing a new device, Boost Mobile favors you. Some of these phone deals are:

  • Apple iPhone SE 2nd Generation: you can save up to $200 by having it at $399.
  • Samsung GalaxyA53 5G: save up to $250 and acquire it at $199.
  • Samsung Galaxy A03s: save up to $60 as it costs $59.
  • Samsung Galaxy A71 5G:  save up to $180 by buying it at $249.
  • Motorola G Pure: save up to $70 by buying it at $59.
  • TCL 20 XE: You can save up to $60 and buy it at $59.

Bottom line

Boost Mobile is an MVNO using T-Mobile’s GSM network to provide its services. Since most residents operate most of their activities nowadays using the internet, the company has the best internet plans. These plans are much more affordable and even help them save on their monthly internet data bills. Boost mobile also has good deals for new customers joining the network, explained in this article.