Boost Mobile is one of the popular wireless service providers in the United States. The company operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Provider (MVNO) using T-Mobile’s GSM network. Boost Mobile is known to provide quality services at lower prices to residents. It has a nationwide network coverage with affordable cell phone plans, including unlimited talk and texting. Boost Mobile internet plans are among the best plans that residents can go for, as discussed in this article.

    Most individuals nowadays demand a dependable internet package to enjoy their online activities. Some residents work from home, so such a strategy would benefit them. If you want such internet plans, Boost Mobile guarantees you this. The company offers a variety of family plans with discounts on each additional line for a certain amount of lines. It’s ideal if you pick the plan that best fits your needs.

    Boost Mobile’s plans do not require a service contract, and the prices include taxes and fees. Boost Mobile gives you unlimited calls and messages even on capped internet speeds. Additionally, the company offers Boost Mobile plans that include free phones and a Boost Perks rewards program. As a result, if you have a suitable device for the network, you may use Boost Mobile services and plans for all your browsing, marketing, business, and entertainment needs.

    Best Boost Mobile Internet Plans For You

    Boost Mobile offers various internet plans to existing and new customers who join the network. The main pros of these internet plans are that customers can add up to 5 lines to a single plan and have no service contract. It means that they can change or cancel the plans they choose. However, if you choose any of the plans, you can be assured of saving on your monthly internet bills.

    The Boost Mobile available internet plans include:

    1) Pre-Paid Plans

    i) $15/Month Plan

    This plan comes with 2GB of cellphone data with 5G/4G speeds. It has unlimited talk and text and a mobile hotspot up to a data cap. This plan majorly applies to new customers who choose the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) option. However, you can add 1GB of data for your internet activities for an extra $5/month. This plan is the cheapest one among the Boost Mobile pre-paid internet plans.

    The plan also includes Todo Mexico Plus, available for $5 per month, and international connect plus, available for $10 per month. It is an excellent plan provided that you remain below your data cap, but your data access will cut off entirely when you hit the limit.

    • Boost Mobile $15/Mo. Plan
    • $15/Mo. Plan

    ii) $25/Month Plan

    This plan has 5GB of mobile data. It includes 5G/4G internet speeds. You will get mobile hotspot data up to your data cap and unlimited talk and text with the plan. It also includes Todo Mexico Plus for $5 per month and international connect plus for $10 per month.

    • Boost Mobile $25/Mo. Plan
    • Boost Mobile $25/Mo. Plan
    • Boost Mobile $25/Mo. Plan

    iii) $35/Month Plan

    This plan gives you 10GB of Mobile data to do your activities using the internet if you increase the monthly bill to $35. This plan also has unlimited talk and text, and a Mobile hotspot is included up to the data cap. This plan doubles your monthly data for an extra $10. It includes Todo Mexico plus for $5 per month and international connect available for $10 per month. The plan has a standard definition of streaming.

    2) Go Unlimited Plans

    Boost Mobile offers two unlimited plans that come with unlimited data. These plans are:

    i) $50/Month Plan

    This plan provides you with 35GB of internet data to use efficiently. It involves unlimited calling and texting and 12GB of hotspot data and has 5G/4G internet speeds. It also includes Todo Mexico for $5 per month and international connect for $10 per month. It has Tidal access for 6 months and a standard definition of streaming. This plan is among the best Boost Mobile home internet plans.

    You can add multiple lines to the plan. If you add two lines, you will pay $80 per month, $110 per line, and $140 when you add four lines. The plan is ideal for data users who do not want limits and do not need top-end streaming speeds.

    ii) $60/Month Plan

    It is also called the Go unlimited plus plan. The plan offers 35GB of 5G/4G mobile data, starting at $60 per month for a single line. You also get 30GB of hotspot data per line and unlimited calling and texting. It also has Todo Mexico plus at $5 per month and the international connect plus for $10 per month. It avails tidal access for 6 months and has high-definition streaming.

    The plan also enables you to add multiple lines. For two lines, you will pay $100 per month, $140 per month for three lines, and $180 per month for four lines. It is ideal for users who spend all day streaming with their phones as they will access the internet freely with no worries about their data exhaustion.

    Boost Mobile also offers mobile hotspot data plans. They are available with Alcatel Linkzone 2, which connects up to 16 devices, has a user-friendly web experience, it is portable and lightweight. It costs $9.99. The mobile hotspot plans include:

    • $15/month: This plan has 2GB of 4G or 5G data
    • $20/month: it has 5GB of 4G or 5G data
    • $25/month: it includes 7GB of 4G or 5G data
    • $50/month: The plan has 35GB of 4G/5G data

    Boost Mobile Carrier Crusher

    Boost Mobile has the newest carrier crusher plans that aim to save money on your phone bill by paying it in installments. It can be yours for as little as $8.33 per month. For $100 per year, you get unlimited talk and text and 1GB of data per month. You may start with 5GB of data for $15 per month if you pay for three or six months in advance.

    You can also pay $14 per month if you pay for a year in advance. Finally, for $30 per month, paid every three months, Boost offers an unlimited Carrier Crusher. The limited data plans include a hotspot up to your data cap, while the unlimited plans include a monthly data cap of 12GB.

    Generally, the best Boost Mobile internet plan among the ones explained above will be determined by your internet usage. You should go for the Go unlimited plus plan for $60/month if you are a heavy internet user. The plan gives you unlimited data and massive hotspot data to ensure you browse freely.

    For light internet users, you can choose the $15/month prepaid plan with 2GB of data, including a mobile hotspot. It is an ideal plan for customers who only need to use their data in emergencies. You can get a plan for under $10/month from the website, starting at 1GB of monthly data plus unlimited talk and text when you activate your phone with Boost Mobile.

    Final Thoughts

    Boost Mobile is an MVNO using T-Mobile’s GSM network to provide its services. Since most residents operate most of their activities nowadays using the internet, the company has the best internet plans. These plans are much more affordable and even help them save on their monthly internet data bills. Boost Mobile also has good deals for new customers joining the network, as explained in this article.