Keeping in mind that there are billions of smartphone users worldwide, the need for cell phone services increases each day with the new phone era of technological development. These cell phones other digital communication devices are in high demand for internet services for their operation. Therefore, Companies such as T-Mobile, Verizon, Boost Mobile, AT&T, and other companies are on their feet to provide the best cell phone services. In this article, we will discuss whether regarding Boost Mobile home internet reviews and keep reading.

    Boost Mobile generally uses the Sprint CDMA network and T-Mobile GSM network to deliver its telecommunication services, meaning that its internet has the same speed as the Sprint network. Being a small company, it uses T-Mobile towers for its network operations. It is also essential to provide reliable and flexible internet services as a carrier company; therefore, Boost Mobile uses Xfinity internet services to provide the internet with great speed to its customers. This will be discussed later.

    It is essential to understand what Boost Mobile hotspots plans and home network internet service entail before answering our main question. Boost Mobile is a telecommunication company situated in the United States that provides a virtual cell phone network. It is a company under the dish wireless that also provides; unlimited talk & text, high-speed data, and unlimited music streaming without data charges. The mobile network that Boosts Mobile uses is T-Mobile’s network which operates using GSM standards.

    Boost Mobile Home Internet

    The free use of the cell phone at all times in all places is an additional advantage to the users. To satisfy this customer need and increase sales, Boost Mobile uses different internet services to provide internet services at home. Boost Mobile has partnered with Xfinity company to provide Xfinity prepaid home internet services. Xfinity is a carrier company that operates under Comcast to provide Xfinity cable TV, internet, and Xfinity cell phone services.

    One may ask, what is Xfinity prepaid home internet. Comcast provides this service that allows all Boost Mobile users to enjoy access to the internet at home. This Wi-Fi connection is obtained when the Xfinity wireless Gateway is connected to the Comcast cable that has been already set at home. It is a service that offers up to 20Mbps download speed and up to 1 Mbps upload speed. However, these speeds vary from one location to another.

    For Boost Mobile phone users to obtain these services, a total amount of $80 is required to purchase the deal. Where the first $45 is paid for the first 30 days. On the other hand, the $35 remaining caters to the equipment fees, and it is only paid once. This equipment includes a wireless internet gateway, cords, cables, and activation code. After successful completion of home set up, a weekly refill of $15 or a monthly $40 is required.

    Boost Mobile Plans 

    Many cell phone service providers provide different deals of services to the customers. Boost Mobile is one of them that provides affordable prepaid plans that have both unlimited and fixed data options. All this is always done to satisfy their customer’s needs to the fullest. Prepaid plans are the plans where you first recharge your account before using any service. This is one of the best cell phone plans since the customer can recharge using any amount at any time.

    Boost Mobile provides plans that offer unlimited data. One of these plans is the one that starts at $50 per month, which comes with unlimited texting and calling, 35GB of data, and a hotspot capability of 12GB. The other plan offers unlimited calling and texting, 35GB of phone data, and a hotspot capability of 30GB ONLY at $60 per month. Deals known as cell phone plans with free phones are offered to customers when they opt for these plans. 

    Boost Mobile also provides different plans to its users, including:

    1. The basic plan offers unlimited texting and calling, 2GB of data, and hotspot capability for only $15 per month. This is a service that exists only when you bring your phone to the company as a new customer.
    2. Another plan for new users only starts at $25 per month, providing unlimited talk time and texting, 5GB of data, and cell phone hotspot capabilities.
    3. The other plan is the plan which starts at $35, providing up to 10GB of data.

    Things That Boost Mobile Provide After Switching

    To attract even more customers to purchase their mobile phones, Boost Mobile company offers other enticing deals to their new customers. The company provides free phones when you switch to their services. Some of these free smartphones include Motorola Moto E, LG Tribute, ZTE speed, and Alcatel One Touch Elevate. Since this is a plan also offered by other carrier companies, Boost Mobile provides other extra services to ensure that their customer’s needs are well catered for.

     The other benefits obtained by switching to Boost Mobile include:

    1. Provision of no-contract cell phone deals to customers.
    2. Mobile plans that come with mobile hotspot data deals.
    3. They provide nationwide network coverage.
    4. One will also obtain unlimited talk, text, and mobile data.
    5. There is also unlimited music streaming that does not require mobile data.
    6. Wide selection of different brands of the phone at affordable prices using the Boost Mobile plans with free phones. This means that the cell phone will be bought at a great discount and not free.

    Things You Need Before Switching To Boost Mobile

    Different carrier companies have their own type of network technology. To minimize usage problems, phone manufacturers are now providing phones that support both GSM and CDMA network technology to minimize usage problems. Since Boost Mobile Operates is using the Sprint CDMA network, the company will only be able to provide services to cell phones that support CDMA technology. Therefore, some of the smartphones that are compatible with Boost Mobile are; Samsung Galaxy A21, Apple iPhone SE, Motorola Moto G fast, and many more.

    Switching to Boost Mobile carrier requires the following:

    • Purchasing of Boost Mobile prepaid plans
    • You are required to purchase a Boost Mobile SIM card.
    • Deciding whether to use a new Boost Mobile phone or use your existing one, an option known as the Boost Mobile bring your own phone (BYOP). For the BYOP option, the cell phone must be compatible with Boost Mobile services.
    • The activation process will be Completed once the SIM card is in the phone.

    Bottom Line 

    Boost Mobile is a telecommunication carrier company that provides various services to its customers. These services include; unlimited talks, texts, and even datasets that offer the best customer plans such as no-contract deals, free phones when you switch, cell phone hotspot data, and many more at affordable customer prices to attract even more customers and increase sales. Boost Mobile uses Xfinity prepaid home internet to provide fast and reliable internet services at affordable prices.