Since 2013, T-Mobile has been the parent company of MetroPcs, and customers have been enjoying the excellent T-Mobile network since then. Customers can join from another carrier to receive the same excellent service from MetroPcs. Today, customers have an opportunity to tap on the Metro pcs switch deals. However, Metro’s new plans feature unlimited high-speed data, streaming video, cloud storage, and more.

    Most importantly, Metro keeps adding the list of free phones you can receive when you switch over. The latest phones include the LG Stylo 6, Samsung Galaxy A32, and Motorola One Ace 5G, which is rare to get 5G-enabled phones for free from a prepaid carrier such as MetroPCS. In most cases, you need to trade in your old device and sign up for a new Metro plan to get these MetroPCS deals when you switch.

    On the other hand, Metro by T-Mobile, previously MetroPCS, is one of the US’s most renowned mobile virtual network operators. Metro operates using the same network as T-Mobile, meaning you will have the same 5G coverage as T-Mobile when you switch. Currently, MetroPcs cover about 40% of America with 5G data speeds, and all you require is a 5G-compatible phone with a Metro plan to access the 5G network.

    Reasons to Switch to Metro PCS

    Switching to Metro PCS attaches a lot of great benefits, such as:

    1. You can receive a free or highly discounted 5G mobile phone from a high-quality brand when you switch to Metro.
    2. You can enjoy a discount plan when switching to Metro or adding a line.
    3. As a Metro customer, you can pick from several cheap plans with unlimited talk, text, and even data.
    4. There are numerous Metro plans, with Google One and Amazon Prime membership packages with no extra charge.
    5. Metro customer enjoys access to T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G LTE network and the most extensive 5G network.
    6. You can be a Metro customer without having to qualify for a credit check.
    7. You will have ScamShield – a highly secured scam-blocking protection service.
    8. At Metro, you can purchase a new Android smartphone, an iPhone, have a metro pcs phone upgrade, or choose to bring your own phone option.

    The Current MetroPCS switch Deals

    If you are a new customer searching for a great deal on a new 5G phone, MetroPcs provides the largest selection of free 5G phones featuring 5G service included at no extra cost at T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network. 

    Now, you can trade in any cell phone in good working for a limited time, switch your number, and receive a free 5G phone through an instant rebate. You will pay nothing but the sales tax; it’s yours free and clear. You can also find Metro pcs phone deals for existing customers and the following deals when you switch to MetroPCS:

    i) $300 Off iPhone 13

    To get the $300 discount on iPhone 13 in-store offer, you’ll have to trade in your old device and sign up for a new Metro plan. If you lack a device to trade in or decide to keep your old cell phone, you can still receive $200 off the iPhone 13 by switching to Metro by T-Mobile in-store.

    ii) $200 Off iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro

    Having an iPhone is a dream come true. You can receive $200 off any iPhone 12 or 12 Pro device when you switch over to Metro by T-Mobile.

    iii) iPhone SE for Free

    Get $400 total savings and the Apple iPhone SE (2020) for free when you switch to Metro and activate a new line with the $60 plan.

    iv) Free Galaxy A21

    Obtain $249 total savings and a Samsung Galaxy A21 device for free from Metro by T-Mobile if you activate a new line with Metro.

    v) Unlimited for $40 per month

    You can enjoy unlimited data with Metro for $40 per month if you’re a new customer switching to MetroPcs from a previous carrier. In addition to the cheap unlimited data, you’ll have access to T-Mobile’s 5G network without necessarily paying anything extra.

    The $40 per month plan doesn’t come with any hotspot data. If you prefer the hotspot package, you will have to upgrade to the MetroPcs $50 Unlimited plan, with 5GB of hotspot data. Alternatively,  the $60 Unlimited plan features 15 GB of hotspot data.

    The MetroPcs Cell Phone Plans When You Switch

    MetroPCS provides four plans to choose from:

    i) $30 Per Month 2GB Plan

    The $30 plan features unlimited talk and text with 2GB of high-speed data. After consuming 2GB, unlimited data goes at 2G speeds (128Kbps). However, hotspot data is not available on this plan.

    ii) $40 Per Month 10GB Plan

    The $40 plan features unlimited text, talk, and 10GB of high-speed data, later speed slow at 2G speeds. Metro also packs Music Unlimited as a perk on this plan. You can stream unlimited music from Apple Music, Spotify, iHeartRadio, etc. Like the 2GB plan, this 10GB plan does not support the use of a mobile hotspot feature.

    iii) $50 Per Month Unlimited Plan

    The $50 unlimited plan features unlimited text, talk, and data. Metro also includes support for the mobile hotspot and features 5GB of hotspot data which gets shut off after the 5GB allotment. 

    Additionally, Metro includes 100GB of Google One storage which charges $2 per month or $20 per year for 100GB of storage, so it’s a nice perk. To add this perk, you have to reach out to customer care or utilize the Metro app on an Android phone.

    iv) $60 Per Month Unlimited Plan

    Finally, the $60 unlimited plan is similar to the $50 plan. However, this plan increases the hotspot data to 15GB and adds membership to Amazon Prime. Thus, the notable difference between the $50 and $60 plans is that the $60 plan feature 10GB more of hotspot data. 

    Therefore, unless you require the extra hotspot data and get an Amazon Prime membership separately, the $50 plan would still be a viable option. 

    Ways To Switch From Another Wireless Provider to Metro PCS

    Switching from your current carrier to Metro PCS is as simple as described below:

    Step 1: If you choose the option to bring your own phone to Metro, you must first ensure your device is unlocked and compatible with Metro services. Using the IMEI checker, you can confirm your cell phone’s compatibility with the Metro network and services. 

    Step 2: Pick a Metro cell phone plan.

    Step 3: Purchase either a Metro SIM card (for Metro BYOP) or buy a new cell phone from Metro. If you opt to purchase a new device from Metro, ensure to purchase it in-store. Most MetroPCS plans for free phone or discounted cell phone deals are in-store deals only.

    Step 4: Activate your mobile phone or SIM card. 

    If you want to keep your existing phone number, request the staff member to work on the number porting process for you. However, you can also activate the SIM card and transfer the number to Metro by yourself.

    Step 5: Put your Metro SIM card into your BYOP device or new cell phone and enjoy Metro’s services.

    Activation Process Metro PCS Phone When You Switch

    After switching from your existing carrier to Metro, you will have to activate your device. No matter whether it’s through MetroPCS bring your own phone, or if you bought a new one from Metro. After switching, you can follow the instructions below to activate your Metro cell phone.

    STEP 1: Get your phone and your SIM card ready. Check your phone’s unique IMEI number by dialing *#06# or going into your phone’s settings, or looking at the label under the battery. Ensure also to have a Metro SIM card.

    STEP 2: Select a plan. Check through Metro’s plans online, pick the best one that suits your needs, and pay for the first month of service.

    STEP 3: Submit your information. You will need to avail your name, contact information, and email address not registered with any other Metro account.

    STEP 4: Proceed to metro and tap ‘Activate your phone.’ Then, follow the on-screen guidelines, and your cell phone will get activated shortly.

    If you are an existing MetroPCS customer, you can activate your mobile phone and sim card by calling 1-888-863-8768 or walking into a MetroPCS store.

    Which Free Phones Will You Get if You Switch to Metro

    One of the exceptional deals that make new customers switch to Metro is that you can receive a free 5G cell phone of your choice when you switch. However, when you switch and trade in any eligible mobile device, you can choose from a list of Metro pcs compatible phones from top brands, such as Apple, Samsung, and Motorola. Notably, there are sales tax and activation fees, and this offer is in-store only. 

    Additionally, note that the selection and availability of cell phones vary by location. Some offers may require a port-in from an eligible wireless carrier, activation on select unlimited plans, and ID validation. The free phones are a limited-time offer.

    When switching to Metro and trading in an eligible device, you can get one of the following phones or some other excellent cell phone. Other models depend on the store and location.

    Bottom line

    MetroPCS is an MVNO operator under T-Mobile. This company offers customers prepaid cell phones and devices on affordable plans. Besides, you can get reliable services and access to T-Mobile’s nationwide network when switching to MetroPCS. The company frequently provides special deals on cell phones and more for new and existing customers. MetroPCS provides excellent discounts on cell phone plans and free phones when you switch to Metro.