What Is the MetroPcs Free Phone Plans

Metro PCS is among the most popular no-contract prepaid wireless service providers in the United States. This carrier merged with T-Mobile in  2013, and since then its officially known as Metro by T-Mobile. However, it operates on the nationwide T-Mobile network and offers MetroPcs free Phone Plans, independent services and products. Metro PCS has accumulated millions of subscribers throughout the years because of the low-cost plans, reliable nationwide coverage, in addition to a large variety of high-quality mobile devices.

Besides, they offer frequent special offers and other excellent services, including metro pcs phone deals for existing customers. Metropcs plans free phone feature the option of signing up for the select data plan. However, many MetroPcs deals need customers to sign up for wireless service, switch from a different wireless carrier, or buy new Metro cell phones and activate on specified cell phone plans. On the other hand, many Metro deals and promotions suit new customers.

If you want a prepaid phone with no contract, no credit check necessary,  MetroPcs offers all of that. You can choose the type of prepaid cell phone that is uniquely right for you from a selection of budget, midrange, and high-end smartphone options. Moreover, the MetroPcs lineup of cell phones and Android-powered smartphones offers everything from essential talk text messaging capability to advanced, feature-rich smartphones sought after by tech-savvy around the country.

MetroPCS Free Phones

For a limited time, MetroPCS will offer customers their favorite brand new smartphone, absolutely free. Also, if you don’t qualify for the free cell phone offers, you can find cheap metro pcs phones at Walmart. With any new line activation and phone number port-in, you can pick one of the following cell phones in stores:

  • Samsung Galaxy A02s
  • Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
  • Alcatel GO FLIP 3
  • Apple iPhone 7
  • LG K51
  • LG Stylo 6
  • Motorola Moto G Stylus
  • Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G
  • OnePlus Nord N100
  • Samsung Galaxy A01

However, a $20 activation fee is required for this promotion. Still, the advantage is that the deal is offering you an instant rebate, and it applies to new customers who port in their cell phone number from another service provider. Also, existing MetroPcs customers who top up a line to an existing account qualify for this deal.

On the other hand, MetroPcs allows customers to bring their own phone, trade-in current device, or purchase a new phone. It would be best to have metro pcs compatible phones that are Global System for Mobiles (GSM) and unlocked before switching to a Metropcs plans free phone. Some devices such as CDMA phones only connect to specific wireless carriers; hence, checking your compatibility is crucial upon signing up.

MetroPcs Free Phone Plans

metropcs plans free phone

Currently, Metro pcs Phones and plans with the largest selection of  FREE 5G phones in prepaid, you can trade in an eligible device and acquire a 5G phone like the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G. If you want to upgrade to 5G, select from top brands such as Samsung and Motorola if you switch and trade in any eligible device—backed by the power of T- Mobile.

However, you can switch and select from the largest selection of FREE 5G phones in prepaid, plus get one line of unlimited for $25 per month with the mobile’s network at no extra cost.

  • If you purchase  Samsung Galaxy A32 5G for $289.99 and activate on the $60 MetroPcs monthly plan, you will get a $289.99 instant rebate off the total retail price;
  • If you purchase a Moto one 5G ace for $279.99, trade-in using an eligible device, and activate the $60 MetroPcs monthly plan, you will receive an instant $279.99 rebate off the total retail price.
  • You purchase a Moto g stylus 5G for $259.99, trade-in using an eligible device, and activate the $60 MetroPcs monthly plan, you will get an instant $259.99 rebate off the total retail price.
  • You can get a Free Samsung Galaxy A7 Tab Lite with a rebate after three months’ service when you add a tablet line. Plus, you can get the lowest price in prepaid on unlimited high-speed data for just $15 per month.

Moreover, new or current MetroPcs customers with a qualifying requirement, including new activations, add-a-lines, or upgrades with a device purchase, are eligible to trade in their phones for a free phone with a plan.

Metropcs plans free phone offer is the $60 monthly plan, which features unlimited calls, texts, and data. You need to check the most suitable program before upgrading. You can receive additional features in the Metro PCS plans, which are more affordable and viable.

How Do You Switch Phones On MetroPCS?

Wireless providers have varying ways for you to switch phones, and MetroPCS is no exception. By Metropcs deals when you switch you apply to bring your phone number and service over to a new device, you need to insert a MetroPCS SIM card in the new phone.

Next, you’ll require to go through their activation process, which is done through a MetroPCS store, or online, whichever way is convenient for you. However, there are some areas of the US where MetroPCS stores are few, so, in this case, you can use the online process.

To Activate Your Metro Pcs Phone, You Will Have To Provide:

  • Your phone IMEI and SIM card number
  • You will be requested to select a plan for your first month
  • Your email address that’s not linked with another Metro PCS account

However, customers switching from Verizon Wireless must have a number transfer PIN. To retrieve it, you must dial #7678 using the phone on the account holder’s name, and Verizon will forward an SMS with a link to you. Tap on ‘generate a PIN’ on the screen, and your account number and transfer PIN will display on the screen.

You can initiate the activation process at Metrobyt mobile self-service activate by tapping on the ‘Get started’ icon at the bottom of the page and following the provided on-screen instructions.

How to Upgrade MetroPCS phone

Once you buy a phone on Metro PCS, you are automatically flexible for a promotional metro pcs phone upgrade,  up to four times a year every 90 days after activating the phone. There are below ways in which you can activate your cell phone on Metro PCS;

  • In-store, through visiting a Metro PCS phone store near you.
  • Online by seeking help from the Metro PCS phone Activation Site.
  • Through a phone call, by calling the customer care support team on the numbers on 1-888-863-8768.

You can also ask about the cell phone plans, devices, and prices in your location. Before the 90 days limit, customers can still upgrade their phones at the total cost. You can affect the process at any time through the online application or the My Metro App.

Metro PCS provides a swap option for upgrading (BYOD – bring your own device), meaning you can charge your device for a new one at a lesser fee. However, for your phone to get qualified, it must be compatible with Metro PCS.

What Replacement Phone Does Metro PCS Have?

Upgrading a phone and a replacement device are two different scenarios that customers confuse. You can always opt to upgrade your phone by purchasing a new one. However, you are only entitled if your old device gets damaged, lost, stolen, or broken for a replacement phone. In such circumstances, Metro PCS will offer you a replacement device free of charge. Besides, they have specific rules that apply for the type of replacement phones the Company provides.

Generally, the rule for metro pcs phone replacement is that your old device will get replaced with a reconditioned device of the same type and quality. If a reconditioned phone is unavailable, you will get a new device of the same type and quality as your old one. However, features, colors, and accessory compatibility are not assured. Interestingly, the replacement phone features a 180-day warranty, or the original manufacturer’s warranty applies.

How Do You Replace A Metro PCS Phone?

In situations when your Metro PCS phone gets lost or stolen, first, ensure to contact Metro PCS customer service immediately. If not, you will get required to settle for any additional consumption charges after the device disappears and before you notify the CompanyCompany. You can call MetroPCS customer service at 1-800-316-2075, and a representative will take you through the process.

 To file a claim, you will have the following information:

  • Your phone number, serial number, or IMEI
  • Your device make and model
  • When and what exactly happened to the device
  • Contact information and  your ID
  • Your account PIN or security question – for authentication purposes
  • A payment method for the deductible

Bottom line

 MetroPCS is a mobile virtual network operator that provides prepaid cell phones and plans over T-Mobile’s 4G network, among the top-ranked cellular networks for coverage in the US after Verizon. Luckily, MetroPCS offers plenty of offers to existing and new customers, including free phones with plans. You’ll get different phone models and prices to suit your preferences and budget.