CenturyLink is an American telecommunication company from Monroe, Louisiana, which provides cable television, internet, and telephone services to many areas of the US. Initially, the company was called the Oak Ridge Telephone Company, Central Telephone, and Century Telephone. It began its operations in 1930 in Oak Ridge, Louisiana. You have to purchase any of the company’s plans to enjoy various services altogether. We will see various CenturyLink TV and internet bundles later. 

    The internet is an essential requirement for modern-day life. Several things require the internet, such as sending money online, chatting online, selling goods and services, paying bills, sending emails, and searching the internet. Again, many people worldwide work from home with the help of the internet. We have various types of internet that you can have today, such as satellite, cellular, fiber internet, or WiFi. 

    Installing the internet in your home may be a costly affair, although it differs from the type of internet. CenturyLink requires the installation of cables from the tapping point plus a modem to connect your devices. However, the cost is worth it since fiber optic internet is fast to allow you to perform various activities such as live streaming, faster download of large files, file upload, etc. CenturyLink uses both DSL and fiber optic internet, making it widely available in the country.  

    There are numerous services that CenturyLink offers, which include;

    • Internet
    • Videos
    • Home Phone, and 
    • TV

    The home phone service gives you reliable landline phone services with crystal-clear connections. You can enjoy long-distance and VoIP plans that fit your needs. Home phone services allow you to choose from two main plans, including Basic and Unlimited plans. The Basic plan allows you to enjoy local calling while the Unlimited Home Phone service gives you features such as call waiting, caller ID, voice mail, call rejection, call forwarding, 3-way calling, anonymous call rejection, speed call, call return, and busy redial. 

    One interesting thing with home phone service is that it is suitable for emergencies since landline phones identify the exact location you are calling from so that first responders can send help.

    The internet service gives you 99.9% network reliability. You require a paperless billing or prepay to be able to purchase internet plans. CenturyLink Internet gives you unlimited data plus straightforward pricing. Therefore, there are no annual contracts, no bundles, and no overage data charges. 

    CenturyLink TV and internet bundles

    You should first create an account with CenturyLink to start using your CenturyLink fiber internet. You can follow the steps below to complete the process. 

    • After completing an order for your new service, you can check for an email from “CenturyLink Notifications” and follow the personalized link to create your online account. 
    • You will see fields to fill on the opening page, i.e., My CenturyLink registration page. In most cases, the page is auto-filled with your email address as you fill in the other details.  
    • Enter your billing zip code. 
    • After that, you can wait for a moment for account verification. Then create a secure account password, accept the terms and conditions, and finish. 

    Sometimes you may not see the email for the registration link and therefore should check your junk or spam folder. Alternatively, you can enroll in My CenturyLink by visiting the company’s website and tapping the Enroll button at the bottom to open an account.

    Either way, you require an account number found on your bill or order confirmation. If you have a landline phone service, you will need a security code to proceed. Your account allows you to enjoy CenturyLink internet deals since you will be able to purchase them easily. 

    There are various activities that one can do using their account, which includes;

    • Setting up paperless billing
    • Retrieving username or resetting the password
    • Payment of your bill in My CenturyLink
    • Managing your wallet
    • Managing your account notifications

    You can also download the My CenturyLink app and control your network, privacy, and security in your hand. You can expect the best services and even reliable customer service. According to Newsweek, CenturyLink is among America’s best internet service providers. 

    Once you purchase your equipment to start enjoying connections, the next thing is to set up your modem. Different CenturyLink modems and routers may require different guidelines to set up. You need to choose the type of modems and read the instructions before completing the self-install process. Remember that you may request the services of an expert to install the device. 

    We have a C4000 series modem and a Tower modem. Each of the modems has to install instructions online whereby you should read carefully to understand the required steps. Once you have finished the setup, you can activate your internet and start enjoying your services. You can connect your smartphone, computer, tablet, printer, and any other applicable devices to the internet. 

    The recommended CenturyLink modems include Actiontec C3000A, Greenwave C4000 modem, Axon C4000 series, Zyxel C4000 series, and the Zyxel C3000Z. It is essential to use Certified modems, which means the devices have been tested on the CenturyLink network to ensure they can perform as per the requirements and work with the company’s internet technology. 

     You need to note that, with CenturyLink that the connections are completely secure. The company is now introducing Secure WiFi, which gives you automatic cybersecurity for your network and all connected devices. You can therefore do the following. 

    • Manage devices
    • Manage network services
    • Pause devices
    • Create groups

    It is good to bundle your services to make your payments from a single bill pay. The company allows you to combine an internet plan with a home phone and TV services at an affordable rate. CenturyLink has partnered with three CenturyLink internet and TV bundle providers to deliver the quality entertainment you need. These include DISH TV, DIRECTV, and DIRECTV STREAM. 

    There are various package options that you can choose from, and they include the following. 

    i) $113.99/month Plan

    The plan gives you DIRECTV® ENTERTAINMENT and CENTURYLINK INTERNET. The download speed can go up to 100 Mbps while the number of TV channels is 160+. It is among the cheapest TV and internet packages you can get from the company. 

    ii) $118.99/month Plan

    You can get the plan and enjoy up to 100 Mbps download speeds. The plan gives you all DIRECTV® choices plus the CENTURYLINK INTERNET. You can get over 185+ channels to enjoy your favorite. 

    iii) $128.99/month Plan

    Enjoy over 250+ TV channels for maximum entertainment with the plan. You can get DIRECTV® ULTIMATE plus CENTURYLINK INTERNET and enjoy a bundled connection. You can benefit from the download speeds of up to 100 Mbps to stay connected with your movie stars. 

    iv) $134.99/month Plan 

    Another bundled plan to enjoy various connection services includes the $134.99/month plan. It gives you fantastic internet download speeds to get your favorite movies from the internet. The plan allows you to enjoy 185+ TV channels for your home entertainment. With the plan, you will benefit from DIRECTV® ENTERTAINMENT + CENTURYLINK INTERNET + HOME PHONE. 

    v) $154.99/month Plan

    The plan can be of great help if you want high download speeds. It gives you internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps, whereby you can also enjoy numerous TV channels of 250+plus. The plan gives you DIRECTV® CHOICE + CENTURYLINK INTERNET + HOME PHONE. 

    vi) $178.99/month Plan

    Once you get the plan, you will enjoy various services such as DIRECTV® PREMIER + CENTURYLINK INTERNET and enjoy over 330 TV channels. You also benefit from high download speeds of up to 100 Mbps. 

    The company is not just about home connectivity since you can get CenturyLink business internet plans to propel your investment to the next level. The plans have no contract, no bundling, and no data overage. Once you apply for the service, you get a free modem and installation. The plans you can get include the following.

    • $50 /month plan with speeds of up to 100Mbps. 
    • $65 /month plan with upload and download speeds up to 940Mbps.

    The speeds may not be available in your area, and it is essential to provide your ZIP code to check availability before committing yourself to pay for the services. 

    There are a few reasons why one should choose CenturyLink. They include the following. 

    i) No compulsory bundling

    You can select only the services you want, such as home phone-only, internet-only, or a TV entertainment package.

    ii) No data caps

    You can stream, surf, game, and talk without worrying about overage charges. 

    iii) No annual contracts

    You need to commit yourself to a month-to-month payment with having a long-time engagement. That means you can opt-out any time of the day. 

    If you want a low-income internet, CenturyLink low-income internet can sort you effectively. You only need to qualify for any Consumer Assistance Programs such as Lifeline or the Affordable Connectivity Program, and you are good to go. 

    Bottom line

    CenturyLink is an American telecommunication company from Monroe, Louisiana, which provides cable television, internet, and telephone services to many areas of the US. You must first create your account to manage your bills from one bill pay. You can have various services such as the internet, Home Phone, and TV. It is possible to choose the services you want and pay without bundling. The company also offers low-income internet.