Century Link is the 4th largest fiber internet provider in the US, with about a 9.6Million coverage. It’s available in about 50 states in the country. However, it has extensive coverage in Washington, Colorado, and Arizona. Century Link DSL internet is available to about 49.3 million customers in almost all the country’s states. The company also offers CenturyLink business internet, CenturyLink Fiber, copper, and fixed wireless internet service. 

    Moreover, CenturyLink business internet plans are affordable for small businesses requiring low to average speeds. Thus, it gets more expensive if you need anything faster, and here it is when CenturyLink internet deals come in handy. CenturyLink fiber is the best internet offering spread in certain areas, but soon, it is diversifying its coverage in other cities. 

    Fortunately, Centurylink is available in rural areas thanks to the existing Telephone infrastructure. This rural coverage makes their Internet plans more accessible to many people in urban and rural areas. Notably, CenturyLink DSL internet is therefore helpful to many families and businesses.

    CenturyLink provides Internet, TV, and Home phone in the US market among other cheapest tv and internet packages providers. However, the company provides both DSL and Fiber Optic internet to Businesses and homes when it comes to the internet. You can combine the internet packages with TV and Phone for affordable value and convenience.

    On the downside, fiber optic internet is only available in about 10 cities, and customers in other cities only depend on DSL internet. First, you will have to sign up with them to use their DSL internet. Next, place an order for the plans you require. You also need to choose between self-installation and technical assistance from the company.

    • Wide availability
    • Price for Life, no contracts
    • Discounts for veterans and other workers
    • Free Norton Antivirus
    • Bundled Deals
    • Fiber optic internet in more than ten cities

    There are situations why you may consider other alternatives, including AT&T, Comcast, and several others, and not Century Link. Below are the main disadvantages of picking CenturyLink Internet services.

    • No cable Internet options
    • It has a 1TB data Cap.

    There’s so much more to business internet than just DSL plans. Century Link focuses its small-business internet plans on companies having ten employees. However, CenturyLink services larger businesses using its medium and enterprise market segment.

    Besides, CenturyLink provides two types of business internet service

    • Fiber-optic
    • Digital subscriber line (DSL). 

    What Are The DSL Business Internet Plans?

    Based on where you live, CenturyLink also provides DSL plans, which start in download speeds from 20 up to 940 Mbps. However, small businesses without heavy online tasks can opt for the slower plans in the 10 to 40 Mbps range. The monthly prices for these plans are affordable, hence a good option if you’re looking for essential internet.

    CenturyLink also provides you with free tech features with most business plans, such as two licenses for Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials and 20 GB of data backup. These perks are ideal for new businesses requiring basic technology to boost their operations. Consider CenturyLink’s upper-tier plans if you require more speed for downloading large files or streaming video. Below is a table showing the DSL internet plans.

    Plan Max download speed Starting price/month
    Pure Internet up to 10Mbps 10 Mbps $59.99
    Pure Internet Up to 40Mbps 40Mbps $54.99
    Pure Internet up to 100Mbps 100Mbps $84.99
    Pure Internet 200Mbps 200Mbps $144.99
    Pure Internet 500Mbps 500Mbps $174.99
    Pure Internet 940Mbps 940Mbps $224.99

    What is The Fiber Business Internet Plans?

    In the same case with other major internet service providers, CenturyLink strives to build a fiber-optic network that delivers speeds faster than any DSL connection. However, Fiber is famous for offering true gigabit internet, 1000mbps. The above speeds are blazingly fast and are great for uninterrupted, massive online work.

     On the other hand, CenturyLink fiber plans take pride in their symmetric speeds, meaning their upload speeds match their download speeds. This feature is ideal for businesses that upload large files, connect many users, and operate demanding online tasks. Interestingly, all with minimal lag. CenturyLink Fiber internet speed experiences vary when you’re accessing the internet. The maximum download speed for their Fiber Internet is 940Mbps which I think is enough for all the business needs regardless of the size.

    Depending on your business’s Internet needs, you can select the CenturyLink Fiber gigabit Internet. This plan features download and upload speeds of up to 940Mbps for only $65 per month. CenturyLink offers ultra-speed Fiber internet ideal for your business based on the package you pick. However, you will enjoy maximum benefits only if you reside in areas where Fiber Internet is available.

    It can be challenging if you live in an area where both CenturyLink Fiber and CenturyLink DSL are available. Therefore, to pick the right option between CenturyLink DSL and CenturyLink Fiber Internet, compare their advantages and disadvantages.

    CenturyLink Fiber Internet Pros CenturyLink DSL Internet Pros
    Perfect for Businesses Perfect for households and Small Businesses
    More reliable affordable
    Faster speeds Widely available
    Cons Cons
    More expensive Speed is Limited

    Most importantly when it comes to excellent speeds and reliability, Fiber Internet stands out as the best option. Thus, it’s a perfect choice for CenturyLink low-income internet businesses and households looking for high internet needs solutions. However, it’s very costly and may not be pocket-friendly for some small businesses.

    DSL internet is ideal for:

    • Small to Medium Businesses with low to moderate Internet consumption
    • Households with low internet needs
    • Gamers
    • Users who want affordable internet
    • Users with high-speed needs
    • Businesses of all sizes
    • Customers that require Free wifi spots in Public areas

    CenturyLink enables you to bundle your business internet service with phone service. See more on the best bundle deals for tv, internet, and phone from various carriers around the United States. However, if you want to equip your employees with a phone system, you can consider one of the below affordable bundles.

    Simply Unlimited Internet + Simply Unlimited Phone

    • All speeds up to 100 Mbps
    • Unlimited nationwide calls with voicemail
    • Prices start at $90.00 per month

    Fiber Internet + Simply Unlimited Phone

    • Fiber Gigabit
    • Unlimited nationwide calling
    • Prices starting at $105 per month

    Reviews is information gathered from various sources and experiences by customers that give you a clear picture of CenturyLink Internet. First, this company aims its internet plans for businesses having not more than 10 Employees. Therefore,  big businesses may find CenturyLink Business Internet plans not helpful. 

    For small businesses, some affordable DSL plans and Bundles are available that you can go for. This bundling doesn’t depend on your internet requirements and the budget at hand. A new business should go for Bundle packages because they deliver great value and, at the same time, more reliability.

    i) Business Coverage

    Most customers’ reviews show that CenturyLink is a viable ISP ideal for small and medium-sized companies. However, a good number of customers complained about the unwarranted outages. A customer complained about an outage that lasted for about five days. But the good thing with this carrier is that the customer care eventually remedied the underlying issue.

    ii) Internet Speed

    When analyzing customer reviews, it’s evident that CenturyLink provides reliable and high-speed internet based on your location. Unfortunately, some individuals complain that the company doesn’t provide the Internet speeds shown on their site.

    Notably, not all CenturyLink’s plan options and speeds may apply in your area. Fiber is typically present in select urban locations. It is easy to check plans in your area on CenturyLink’s website to avoid a mix-up. Rural areas are more likely to access DSL service and experience slower speeds.

    iii) Customer Service

    Customers applaud customer care for responsiveness and expertise when fixing the major issues with Internet connectivity or outages. The company provides 24/7 technical support, which is very convenient. If customers are unsatisfied with the services from Century Link, they can get a thirty-day money-back guarantee.

    On the other hand, some customers raised issues about poor customer support. Reviewers say that telephone communication with CenturyLink takes a long, and technician visits are sometimes missed and rescheduled. Another customer goes the extra mile to thank a helpful tech when connecting to CenturyLink service. He adds that the tech was incredibly knowledgeable and informative and efficiently helped connect the business to their service.

    Bottom line

    CenturyLink provides dependable business internet for its DSL and fiber plans at a low price. Therefore, don’t let slow internet drag your business goals. With CenturyLink Business Internet,  you receive the bandwidth required to keep your business running smoothly. CenturyLink provides unlimited data for its fiber and DSL plans.

    Additionally, CenturyLink Business Internet features no data caps or fees, and you can get a DSL connection if Fiber isn’t available in your area and vice versa.