CenturyLink is an American telecommunication company from Monroe, Louisiana, and provides cable television, internet, and telephone services to various areas of the United States. The company started its operations in 1930 in Oak Ridge, Louisiana, and has made a lot of advancements with time. It merged with Qwest in 2011, which made the company grow further. We will check on the CenturyLink fiber internet plans shortly.

    Fiber internet is one of the fastest internet types as we talk. Fiber internet service providers rely on fiber optic cables to transmit data packages to their subscribers. You can subscribe to data packages for home or business purposes. Businesses require the internet to run various sections to ensure that things run as expected. There is a need for extensive data upload and download at various companies, and CenturyLink makes good money from that business.

    CenturyLink offers internet services, including TV, home phone, moving services, bundles, and Accessories. When talking about bundles, I refer to the plans that give you several services such as TV, internet, and phone under one bill pay. Generally, the company ensures that you have a smart home with Wi-Fi range extenders, work-from-home or learning technology, streaming TV devices, security doorbells/cameras, and so much more.

    To start using the CenturyLink services, you need to register with an account number. You can get an account number in your email. Due to security issues, CenturyLink prefers sending the account number to your email address. If you cannot access your mailbox, you can find the account number in other places.

    You can get your account number on your monthly bill pages just on the top of every page. That applies to both online and physical bill papers. Another place you can find your account number is in your My CenturyLink online account. You only need to log in and see it displayed in the upper right-hand of your screen. You can also find the number in the welcome letter or order confirmation message.

    Once you have your account number, you can register for an account. You can start by entering your CenturyLink Account Number, then billing ZIP code, and tap next to move to the profile section, then lastly, finish your registration. Once your account becomes active, you can then enjoy various services. You can find out about the latest CenturyLink internet deals that you can enjoy.

    CenturyLink Fiber Internet Plans

    You can enjoy various plans as we speak once you join the services. All the services ranging from TV, internet, and bundled have various plans that you can get online. Let us look at the various CenturyLink for Home plans one by one.

    i) Internet

    You can get CenturyLink fiber internet plans starting at $50/month and enjoy the best connections ever. The plans require paperless billing or prepay. The pricing includes taxes, fees, and surcharges. Again, the offers are based on network uptime or availability. You, therefore, need to enter your home address to check availability.

    CenturyLink Internet has no annual contracts, no bundles, no promotional rates that expire within a few months, and no data overage charges. The internet is reliable with unlimited data so that family members can use the internet without limitations. To purchase your plan, you need to choose the plan you need. You can get connection speeds of up to 940 Mbps and as low as 10 Mbps.

    You can get a fast internet connection with a reliable Home Phone to stay connected to the world. If you want to order from the Internet with Home Phone service, you can chat with a CenturyLink representative to arrange how to purchase it. You can get the cheapest TV and internet packages for your whole home internet. The bundle plans that you can purchase from the company include the following.

    a) Internet & Phone Bundle with Speeds up to 100 Mbps

    The plan is for both internet and home phone. You can enjoy unlimited connectivity throughout the subscription period. The prices are bundled as low as $90/month with additional taxes, fees, and surcharges. The offer is not available in the state of AZ.

    b) Internet & Phone Bundle with Speeds up to 940 Mbps

    The Internet+Home Phone plan is unlimited, meaning that you can enjoy services throughout the month. The price for the bundles is as low as $ 105/month. There are additional taxes, fees, and surcharges. Again, the offer is not available in AZ.

    iii) TV

    You can choose between the Dish and DirecTV services to enjoy television services right from your home. When you opt to DISH, you can enjoy various services such as;

    • Free DISH Voice Remote with Google Assistant
    • Smart DVR
    • 80,000 plus On-Demand Movies and TV shows
    • 2‐Year Price Guarantee for your TV
    • Free Next‐day Installation
    • Free Premium Channels

    There are various TV packages that you can get from DISH. They include the following:

    • America’s top 120 with 190 Channels at $69.99 per month. 
    • Top 120 Plus with 190+ Channels $84.99 per month.
    • America’s Top 200 with 240+ Channels $94.99 per month. 
    • America’s Top 250 with 290+ Channels $104.99 per month. 

    Once you subscribe to the service, you will get The Hopper® 3, the DISH’s most Powerful DVR record up to 16 shows simultaneously, and get 500 hours of HD DVR storage. The DVR has built‐in 4K Ultra HD resolution to ensure that you get high-resolution videos ever.

    DirecTV has lots of things that you can enjoy. You can get plans starting at $74.99/month for 12 months. You can enjoy various services such as

    • Shows and movies on demand
    • Free Genie HD DVR upgrade
    • 155+ Channels
    • Undisputed leader in sports
    • Out-of-market games only

    The plan allows you to stream on your tablet, phone, and TV anytime and anywhere. You can enjoy access to HBO Max, Netflix, Prime Video, and more apps that you love on Google Play. Furthermore, you can stream on 20 devices simultaneously in your home.

    iv) Home Phone

    You have to chat with CenturyLink customer care online to get a home phone plan. The home phone has various advantages that you cannot evade, whereby there are two primary plans you can get for your calls. We have the Basic and the Unlimited. The basic plan allows you to make local calls only.

    However, you will enjoy local and international calls plus other features when you get the unlimited plan. The features you can get from the Unlimited Home Phone service include; 

    • Call waiting
    • Call waiting ID
    •  Voice mail
    • Call forwarding
    • Caller ID
    • 3-way calling
    • Call rejection
    • Call return
    • Speed Call
    • Anonymous call rejection
    • Busy redial

    Summing Up

    CenturyLink is an American telecommunication company from Monroe, Louisiana, which provides cable television, fiber internet and internet, and telephone services to various areas of the United States. You can rely on the CenturyLink internet due to fast connections and low monthly costs and can subscribe to plans for home or business. The company also offers low-cost internet for eligible households under the ACP program.