TruConnect is one of the Mobile Virtual Network Operator in the US that offers different mobile phone services from unlimited talk and text, free mobile phones, tablets, and hotspot plans. Mobile phone customers may lose their cell phones, or the phone may experience malfunctions; therefore, there may be a need for repair or replacement. TruConnect network provider offers the TruConnect replacement phone program to create room for phone replacement or repair.

    Some policies have been set aside by TruConnect company to guide how a mobile phone can be replaced. TruConnect only replaces mobile phones that experience a malfunction or are defective. Replacement cannot be done to a cell phone that has been destroyed due to physical damage, or the damage is by water.

    For more information on how to replace your malfunctioning or defective mobile phone, you can contact TruConnect social customer care at 800-430-0443 or send them an email at This article discusses TruConnect replacement options, TruConnect free tablets, and mobile phones, and mobile phones that are compatible with TruConnect network provider.

    Guidelines Policy Of TruConnect Replacement Phone

    A customer may experience mobile phone malfunction, defect, or failure when using any mobile phone. TruConnect allows its customers to have the malfunctioning mobile devices to be repaired or replaced. The customer may also get a phone replacement if they lose their phones. TruConnect ensures that low-income households get access to affordable mobile phone services.

    Therefore, some policies are set aside to ensure that customers get phone replacements when they are lost or malfunctioning. Whenever a mobile phone needs replacement, the customer has to put in mind the following policies.

    i) TruConnect Government Free Phone Replacement Policy

    • This policy applies to customers who have received free mobile phones. The phones are provided through the Lifeline Phone Program.
    • The phones are provided without any warranty. Therefore, if the phone is defective within 90 days of first use, the customer returns it to reconnect at their own cost after 90 days.
    • If the phone is defective, not by physical abuse or water, a replacement will be made at TruConnect’s cost.
    • To replace the malfunctioning phone, within the first 90 days, contact and submit your replacement claim at TruConnect customer care at 800-430-0443.

    ii) TruConnect Phone Company Replacement Policy

    • This policy applies to customers who purchase their phones. The phones are also called upgraded phones.
    • Since TruConnect does not manufacture their phones, customers do not have an option for replacement unless there is a warranty by the mobile phone manufacturer. The warranty is not applicable if you damage the phone by physical abuse or water.
    • If the phone is lost or stolen, contact TruConnect customer care immediately to suspend your service to avoid unnecessary costs.
    • To replace the malfunctioning phone, make your warranty claim by contacting the manufacturer or contact for guidance.

    About TruConnect Lifeline Program & Affordable Connectivity Program

    The lifeline program is a federal government program that helps low-income households in the US access the best and most reliable mobile phone services for free or at an affordable price. This program is made possible through various mobile phone service providers such as TruConnect, Sprint Corporation, T-Mobile, AT&T, US Cellular, Boost Mobile, and over a hundred more.

    TruConnect has partnered with the US government to offer the Truconnect affordable connectivity program (ACP) to attract more customers and maintain the existing ones. Like the Lifeline program, the Affordable Connectivity Program is a US federal government program that reduces the cost of cell phone services for low-income households that satisfy some specific qualifications.

    TruConnect does not determine if a customer is eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program or not. The government determines the program’s eligibility through the National Verifier, the federal government application, and the approval process for determining eligibility. The following are the conditions that one must satisfy to qualify for the ACP program.

    • The household’s income should be at or below 200% of the Federal Property Guideline.
    • The household must participate in one or two federal assistance programs such as Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit, Supplementary Security Income, Medicaid, National School Lunch Program, Federal Public Housing Assistance, and many more.
    • If you qualify for the Lifeline program.
    • If the household individual is participating in any tribal assistance program such as food distribution program on Indian reservations, bureau of Indian and affairs general assistance and tribally administered, and temporary assistance for a needy family.

    Phones That Are Compatible With TruConnect

    A digital device, either Android or iPhone operated, is said to be compatible if the device can run and execute application programs and sites written in an Android or iOS environment. TrueConnect mobile phones use both Sprint Corporation CDMA network and T-Mobile GSM network. Therefore, any mobile phone that supports either of the two networks is compatible with the TruConnect network provider.

    The company provides a simple way to check if your phone is compatible or not. To check the compatibility of your cell phone, use the T-Mobile IMEI checker, available on the T-Mobile website. The checker will display a 15-digit number if the cell phone is compatible. The phone’s IMEI number is always written on a sticker on the device’s box or under the battery. Furthermore, the simplest way to find your cell phone IMEI number is by dialing *#06#.

    Most of the mobile phones in the market today use GSM network technology. Therefore, we can conclude that TruConnect can support many phones in the market now. New customers can bring their phones to the company during switching, provided that the phone is unlocked and compatible. The company provides many TruConnect compatible phones, from Android to iOS operated, and they include the following.

    • Apple iPhone SE/ XR/ 11/ 12 Mini/ 12/ 12 Pro/ 12 Pro Max
    • Samsung Galaxy S10/ S20 FE 5G/ S21 5G
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 GSM/ Note 20 5G/ NOTE 20 ULTRA 5G
    • Motorola Razr 5G/ Edge 5G/ G Stylus/ G Stylus (2021)/
    • Google Pixel 4a/ 4a 5G/ 4XL/ 3a XL GSM
    • BLU C5L 2020 GSM
    • BLU G50 Plus GSM
    • LG Aristo 3 GSM
    • LG Aristo 3 Plus GSM

    Summing Up

    TruConnect is a mobile virtual network operator that offers its services through the T-Mobile network provider; therefore, it offers cheap mobile phone deals and plans. TruConnect offers free tablets and cell phones primarily for low-income households through the Affordable Connectivity Program and Lifeline program. Customers who have free government phones can have their phones replaced for free, provided the problem is caused by malfunctioning, not physical damage.