The Best Advice About TruConnect Free Tablet

Getting advice on wireless services on the Internet is not an easy task. Some people may give wrong advice is some people may give farfetched opinions which tend to differ from facts from the service provider. Therefore, there are platforms like Trustpilot which offer in-depth reviews and accurate advice on certain products by companies. The best advice you could ever get about TruConnect free tablet is not easily found on the Internet.

You may be required to scour pages and pages of review sites just to find accurate information and in most cases, you may be swayed to perform an action based on opinions rather than the fact. Therefore, we intend to give the best advice you could ever get about the TruConnect free tablet.

TruConnect is a leading free government phone provider in the US. The service provider has been issuing free government funds and plants to qualifying individuals for many years. Currently, it serves thousands of customers in the areas it covers. The service provider also offers other benefits like a free tablets in partnership with the emergency broadband benefit program.

Having a tablet is a great benefit especially if you’re a student or someone doing business. It can also be beneficial for people since it serves the purpose of a phone and at the same time is an effective tool for entertainment and other many cool features. The process to get this tablet from TruConnect is not easy but when you know the exact steps to follow, the process becomes easier.

From this article, you will learn some accurate tips based on the free tablet offered by true wireless. We will discuss their network which TruConnect uses and from there you will evaluate whether it is reliable for you. We Will also give a procedural guideline on how to get a free tablet from TruConnect. he will also cover some of the features of this TruConnect free tablet and lastly conclude in which areas does TruConnect cover.

Which network does TruConnect use?

TruConnect uses network services from Sprint Mobile. Sprint mobile on the other hand recently partakes in a merger and acquisition by T-Mobile. This led to TruConnect to be using T-Mobile network services.

T-Mobile is known to offer nationwide coverage and to be precise, it covers 99% of the US landmass. This ensures that you are connected to the internet and there is a reduction in dropped calls. However, in some rural areas, the network coverage may be crappy since cellular towers are rarely placed in sparsely populated areas. Such situations may require you to get a portable cell phone signal booster especially if you travel often and it will come in handy in the long run.

How to get a free Tablet from TruConnect

TruConnect free Tablet

Getting a free Tablet from TruConnect involves some well-outlined processes which we will mention here. Remember, before you start anything relating to the application process, ensure to uphold integrity as this will avoid any legal issues. Do not forge certifications to prove eligibility and fill inaccurate information about you in the form. Here is the process on how to get a free Tablet from TruConnect

Step 1: Check if you qualify

The first step is to check if you meet the eligibility requirements. Eligibility terms may vary with whether you have participated in Federal Assistance programs, or if your income is below a certain percentage.

The first and most used option is qualifying through income. If your income is below 135% of the Federal poverty level, then you stand a chance to get a free Tablet from TruConnect. The percentage and figures may vary with some States so ensure you contact the nearest Lifeline office to see if you meet the requirements.

The second option is qualifying through participation in Federal Assistance programs. These are programs aimed at providing services to people of low income or no income at all. Some of the programs include Medicaid, supplemental social security income, Tribal head start, Housing Assistance, and much more.

You may also check TruConnect FAQs to learn more about some of the programs they accept. If you see that you qualify by either one of the options mentioned earlier in the article, then the next step would be to create a TruConnect Account

Step 2: Create a TruConnect Account

For you to start the application process online, the TruConnect Account must be created. This can be done via their website. Here you will simply fill in some details like name, email address, mail address, and any other relevant information. They will then send a confirmation email to confirm if it is really you. Once everything is set, you will see an option to Apply.

Step 3: Fill Application form

Clicking applies once you have created an account takes you to the Application form. There you will fill in some details which may serve as a foundation for light background checks during the review process. You will also be required to submit scanned copies of the certification based on your eligibility term. You may also take pictures (in HD quality) and submit them to their website.

If you are not tech-savvy or find it hard to apply via the website, the best option would be to download the form then fill it. You will also be required to attach copies of your eligibility term certification. Once done, you will mail it to the destination provided as of the time you were doing the application. This destination may vary from time to time hence we could not give an accurate location on this article. 

Step 4: Receive device + Sim card toolkit

Once done with the application, it will take one or two business days to be approved and from there you will be given the next steps on receiving the Tablet. If you are not approved, it may be because of the following options:

  • The eligibility term used cannot be accepted by TruConnect. In such scenarios you may be required to use a different eligibility term and resend the application form again.
  • You forged papers- If you faked documents, they may give you a permanent ban from using applying from their portal for a while. As I mentioned earlier, it is good to uphold integrity

Once you have received the device, you will be required to activate it. Luckily, TruConnect activates the devices for free and all you need is a sim card toolkit which they already provided. Just place the sim card inside the device and activate it.

What are the features of the TruConnect free Tablet?

The TruConnect Tablet comes with many cool features. However, this may vary with each device since it is from different manufacturers. However, these are the most common features of the TruConnect Tablet:

a) Battery life

The battery life of most Tablets is impressive. Some last over 8 hours of playtime and stand-by time is even longer. The battery is also of high quality which ensures no breakdowns or any other con.

b) Screen resolution

The screen resolution is high, and this ensures you get a crispy display while watching videos, gaming, and other activities. The tablets also offer a night mode feature which lets you tweak brightness to prevent eye damage at night and ensure you get a comfortable experience while using the device.

c) Good body build/design

The designs of TruConnect tablets are considered to be very flabbergasting. This is because they have high-quality material that gives the Tablet a sleek design even if it is aging. The Tablet is also strong enough to sustain some minor falls.

d) Storage space

The storage space may vary with each Tablet. However, the minimum storage is 32 GB which is enough for pictures, documents, and several Apps. You also have the choice to get external storage.

Is the TruConnect Tablet worth it?

Considering that the Tablet is for free, there is nothing to lose so you should Apply and try your luck on one of the4 best free government phone providers in the US. TruConnect has also partnered with the Emergency broadband program in which you can apply through them and receive a voucher that you can use to redeem a Tablet at TruConnect.

The Tablet also comes with a free plan from TruConnect hence that is an added advantage. However, after 1 year, you will be requiring recertifying to prove that you are eligible.

Bottom line

I hope this article has given the best advice on getting a TruConnect Tablet. We have covered the application process and how simple it is. The article has also talked about which network it uses and its reliability. The same advice here can be used when getting a TruConnect free phone which can be a great alternative to the free Tablet. To get started with the TruConnect wireless services.