What Is The Best Verizon FiOS Package Deal 

Verizon is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in the U.S. Others include AT&T, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular. Sprint used to be among the most prominent cellular services companies but merged with T-Mobile. You can get various services from the company, including voice calls, texting, and data connections. Since it is on 5G network technology, you can be sure of strong and consistent connections. One of the outstanding services from the company is the Verizon FiOS. But what is the best Verizon FiOS package deal?

You might be wondering what Verizon FiOS is, especially if you have never heard such a thing. Verizon Fios, also known as Fios by Verizon, is a bundled telephone, Internet access, and television service that operates over a fiber-optic network. The service has over 6.5 million customers in the U.S. states. Fios is an acronym for Fiber Optic Service and operates in some areas of the United States. It is important to note that Verizon FiOS has other competitors, such as Frontier Communications, which provides FiOS services across six states. 

Frontier uses a nearly identical network infrastructure to Verizon FiOS. The service began in 2005 and has since grown in terms of subscribers. When talking about a bundled service, we are talking about several services under one bill pay. The Verizon FiOS includes internet, T.V., and home phone. The home phone uses the internet to provide VoIP or simply Voice over Internet Protocol. The technology allows users to use the internet for phone communications. 

How to get started with Verizon FiOS 

The first step to using the service is creating an account online with My Verizon. It is with the same account where you will get Verizon phone deals for existing customers such as discounted plans, trade-ins for phones, and so on. The account allows you to pay bills and services. You have to use the same account to purchase your FiOS.

Again, you must begin by choosing a verification method among the various, including mobile number, Verizon telephone number, email address, account number, or order number. After choosing your verification method, enter the Zip code and tap continue.  

Once you have finished your account creation, you can order your FiOS router online. The device gives you better WiFi to connect various home-supported devices. The router costs $15/month, or just buy the device for just $299.99, including taxes and shipping.

How to install the Verizon FiOS?

what is the best verizon fios package deal

Once you buy the device, you can install it to benefit from the various services. You can also seek a professional installation of the device. If you want more extensive coverage that the device cannot manage, you can get the Fios Extender at just $10/mo or $199.99 for a one-time purchase. The monthly payment of the device is one of the best Verizon FiOS deals for existing customers. You only need to commit yourself to paying the small amounts per month until you clear with the company. 

You need an extender because obstacles such as household appliances (like microwaves) or concrete walls can weaken or block your WiFi signal, resulting in poor connections. Even the best routers need some extenders when there are obstacles.

When installing the device, you must choose a place free from obstacles and at least 6 ft above the ground. Placing it in a central place works better. You also need to ensure that the location is near a wall socket where you will plug in your device. 

What is the best Verizon Fios package deal? 

You can enjoy various deals from Verizon once you install the necessary equipment. 

i) Fios Gigabit Connection + Fios TV Test Drive at $154.99/month 

The plan gives you up to 940 Mbps for downloads and 880 Mbps for uploads. You can pay for the service with Autopay and get a $200 Verizon Gift Card, AMC+, and Disney+ for 12 months. The plan has no data caps and connects through fiber.

A modem is also included, and you will benefit from the waiving of installation fees of up to $99. You can order the package online. If you are looking for Verizon business internet plans, this is one of the best plans you can have. 

ii) Fios 300/300 Mbps Internet at $39.99/month

The plan gives you up to 300 Mbps download speeds and around 300 Mbps upload speeds which are suitable for moderate surfing where there is moderate data usage. The plan comes with a fantastic deal of a $50 Verizon Gift Card and a Disney+. You also get an AMC+ for 12 months for free.

The price you pay includes taxes and fees. The equipment charges are also included, and you can purchase with Autopay. You also get installation fees waived up to the $99 standard setup charge. Looking at it, it can be one of the best Verizon wireless small business plans that you can get for your internet-dependent operations. 

iii) Fios 500/500 Mbps Internet at $64.99/month

The plan gives you high-speed internet connectivity with 500 Mbps download speeds and up to 500 Mbps upload speeds. It gives you a deal of a $100 Verizon Gift Card plus Disney+ and an AMC+ for 12 months for free. Remember, you can get the modem at a one-time price of $299.99 or by installments of $15/month. 

The connection has no data caps, and you can use your connection until your next subscription. The setup fee is also waived. 

iv) Fios Gigabit Connection at $89.99/month 

With the plan, you can get download speeds of up to 940 Mbps. The upload speeds can go up to 880 Mbps. Again, the plan has one of the fantastic deals you can benefit from once you purchase it. The fiber connection has no data caps, and the modem you get has WiFi included. Also, the plan helps you to benefit from free installation after the installation fee of up to the $99 standard charge is waived. 

With this plan, you get a fantastic deal whereby you benefit from the Google Nest Hub Max or a $200 Verizon Gift Card plus Disney+ and an AMC+ for 12 months for free.

Does Verizon offer internet to low-income families?

Low-income families are those who live under the poverty level. Initially, the federal government described the poverty level as a total household income below or at 135%. However, that has changed to at or below 200%. Therefore, many people can enjoy the program. 

Verizon participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), offering cheap internet connections to poor households. The Verizon low-income internet allows you to save up to $30 /month (up to $75/mo on Tribal Lands) if you are from an eligible household. The ACP program is replacing the Emergency Broadband Benefit program (EBB) that started as soon as the Covid’19 pandemic broke across the world. 

ACP assists consumers needing to connect to healthcare, jobs, and virtual classrooms. The aid program’s goal is to ensure that the internet service is affordable to everybody. Once you qualify, you must continue using the service to avoid cancellation. You automatically cease benefiting if you stay more than 30 days without using the service. 

Which phones are compatible with Verizon?

Verizon also offers other services that require phones to operate, as I mentioned earlier. When switching to the service, you can either bring a compatible device or buy one from the company. Verizon uses a CDMA network and thus supports CDMA phones. You must therefore get a device that has CDMA technology.

Verizon supports phones from various brands. You can get Samsung, L.G., Sony, and iPhone, among others. Various Verizon iPhone deals for existing customers allow you to get low-cost phones. 

For example, you can get iPhone 13 free with a trade-in and save $800. You can also get an iPhone 13 mini free with a trade-in and save $700. Similarly, you can get iPhone 13 Pro Max with up to $1,000 off with trade-in, among other deals. The following phones are compatible with Verizon.

  • iPhone 13
  • Samsung Galaxy A12
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 mini
  • Samsung Galaxy A42
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy A32
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Samsung Galaxy S9

Apart from various phones, Verizon also supports tablets with SIM card slots. You can buy a Verizon compatible tablet or just get one from the company. Like phones, we have various Verizon tablet deals that you can benefit from. You can shop and save on the latest devices from Apple, Samsung, and Lenovo. Tablets are unique gadgets that you can use for entertainment, education, and working purposes. 

Bottom line

Verizon FiOS is a product of Verizon Communications that allows you to access lightning-speed internet services with a fiber connection. You can enjoy your favorite T.V. programs, VoIP home phone, and internet to connect your devices with the services. The company has various deals that allow you to save lots of money depending on the plan you choose. You even benefit from the free installation of the modem. There are various fantastic phone deals you can get from the company.