The Intermediate Guide to Verizon Wireless Small Business Plans

Verizonconveys innovative communications and technology solutions that offer TV, wireless, and internet solutions. The company is one of the prominent wireless providers and offers an exceedingly reliable network. The internet in your office or business is vital. Your business is where you get work done, make obligatory calls and store some confidential documents. So it becomes all more essential to have a high-powered phone plan to meet your productivity wants. This article will focus on Verizon wireless business plans critical for your small business. Verizon is the leading provider of business plans for mobile and internet networks.

Verizon’s plans start at $70 per month on the internet site. You can get high-speed FIOS internet that can go up to 940Mbps. Verizon’s business internet also includes access to fundamental features such as upgraded internet security and innovative calling features that allows you to connect to customers. You can also advance in their bundles if you need additional benefits like digital voice credit and tech support pro to save on different features. Furthermore, you can get Verizon low-income internet if you run a small business that doesn’t make many profits.

The vast network provider also hosts several mobile plans to enhance your team’s productivity and network. As low as $30, the business plans cover the basics and more while giving a blazing fast internet connection. Whereas each business is different, Verizon has multiple plans to support your business’s mobile needs. Whether running a large or small business, the best Verizon business deals offer unique ways to save on devices and internet packages.

How to choose the perfect business plan

Here I have come up with some essential features to consider when choosing your next wireless business plan for your small business. I will in-depth review some tips here below.

i) Coverage

Verizon has pretty good 4G coverage in major cities. However, the 5G coverage and rural coverage can vary extensively. It is vital to check coverage maps for the carrier to know whether there is a strong network in the area where your business gets located.

ii) Price

You should get the best price available by weighing plans using tools like those discussed in this article.

iii) Data

Ensure you have the 4G LTE and 5G data you need for work, communication, and anything else in your business. It would be best to choose a business plan with enough high-speed data that renders some usefulness to your devices.

iv) Features

There is a wide range of added features like hotspot data, HD video streaming, and international calling that you can get. Always check to see what the business plan offers before signing up.

Why choose Verizon wireless for your business plans

verizon wireless small business plans

If you are looking for a wireless service provider, look no further as Verizon has the following;

  • Customer service: It is easy to reach Verizon online. Verizon leaves something to be preferred regardingcustomer service in the entire wireless provider industry.
  • Performance: The service provider’s coverage and data speeds earned top ratings from consumers. You cannot argue its performance.
  • Unlimited plans: Verizon offers cheaper starter unlimited plans that you can go for if you are okay with occasional data slowdowns. However, if you want reliable speeds and other perks like hotspot data, go for pricier ones like the Business Unlimited Pro.
  • Vast phone deals: The wireless provider offers Verizon iPhone deals for existing customers. You can also get other business phone and internet plan deals.

Who is eligible for Verizon wireless Business plans?

What criteria qualify you for the Verizon wireless business plans? Anybody with a business is eligible for the plans. With the plans, there is no line limit. The good thing is that you can start with a single line, provided a business passes a credit check. If you have a new business with no proven credit, it can run with blended personal credit.

Although eligibility criteria get not listed on Verizon’s website, multiple chats with their business representatives confirm that Verizon will run credit checks. From the four contacted representatives, each consistently stated credit checks and requested eligibility for business plans. From the form provided when starting the online eligibility process, the only needed requirements are company name, credit check, and a tax ID.

What are Verizon Business unlimited smartphone plans

The Verizon new business unlimited plans provide business customers with flexibility, security, and speed they need as they operate their businesses. The tailored plans get designed to meet the customer’s ever-changing needs during these unparalleled times, tiny businesses that have been hit hardest. They include;

1) Business unlimited start

  • Unlimited talk, data, and text
  • As cheap as $30 per line
  • Unlimited 4G LTE data
  • 5G nationwide included
  • Verizon call filter to aid block spam calls

2) Business unlimited Plus

  • Unlimited 4G LTE data
  • As cheap as $40 per line
  • 5G UWB and 5G nationwide included
  • Includes mobile hotspot
  • Business mobile secure
  • Verizon call filter
  • Huge discounts at 50+ line levels

3) Business Unlimited Pro

  • Unlimited 4G LTE data
  • As low as $50 per line
  • Includes mobile hotspot
  • Business mobile secure
  • Verizon call filter
  • Volume tier discounts at 50+line levels
  • 50% off Pro Tablet plan

You can visit the Verizon website to find out more details about Verizon business plans.

What is Verizon Business Mobile Secure?

It is a new security bundle to protect small businesses. The business plans feature a new security product which includes Verizon Mobile Device Management, Lookout for Small Businesses, and devoted technical support to aid protect small businesses at no extra cost on Business Unlimited Pro and Unlimited Plus.

 In these times where people are working from home, using personal devices for work and reaching company networks through virtual private networks is the custom. Your sensitive personal information is potentially exposed to potential attacks, making security a top urgency.

According to research done with the Verizon Business Mobile Security Index in 2020, 39% admitted sacrificing mobile security to get the job done, while 81% of small businesses reported that mobile security threats posed a moderate to significant risk.

The Business Mobile Secure is a package of two solutions and enthusiastic tech support that add strong protection for cell phones without interrupting efficiency. The bundles include;

i) Mobile Device Management

The platform allows business proprietors to secure, control and enforce company strategies on phones and tablets. In addition to consistent connectivity with Verizon, the tool helps employees stay productive while keeping sensitive business data.

ii) Lookout Mobile End Point Security for Small business

In company with Lookout, a mobile device security leader, the tool helps secure both Android and iOS devices against device, network, and app-based threats.

iii) Devoted Tech Support

The tool helps you as a business Mobile Secure customer connects with a technical expert through chat to get cover setup, onboarding, and end-user support services.

What is Business Unlimited Data Device Add-on?

You can add an unlimited Data Device plan to an unlimited Business account having at least a single phone line on the above-listed plans for only $45 per line. With data-only devices, you can get 15GB of high-speed 4G LTE or 5G data and unlimited 600kbps speed data. The plan is a network managed at 22GB and video streams at 1080p.

The wireless provider offers two data add-on alternatives: Business unlimited start tablet and Business unlimited Pro tablet. These Verizon tablet deals can get added to an account plan with a current Start, Plus, or Pro phone line.

The unlimited Pro tablet plan gets valued at $60 per line. It offers unlimited 4G LTE, 5G UWB, or 5G nationwide device data network managed at 35GB. Moreover, the plan features 15GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data at speeds of 600kbps. You can video stream at 1080p or HD where 5G UWB is used.

The unlimited Start tablet plan gets valued at $45 per line. You get offered unlimited 4G LTE or 5G nationwide data on the tablet, always network managed. Video streaming throttled to 480p. The domestic data roaming is at 2G speeds on all tablet plans.

Are Small businesses worth Verizon wireless business plans?

If you run a small business, you are worth these Verizon plans because of the following:

  • High-speed internet that goes up to 940Mbps
  • Improved and enhanced internet security through business Mobile Secure
  • Advanced calling features that allow better customer connection
  • Have access to other options through bundle packs
  • The plans start at an affordable price of $30 per line
  • Unlimited calling, texting, and data with 5G networks
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot data

What are the best Verizon Business deals?

The Verizon business deals offer an excellent way to save on phones and internet bundles. While the deals tend to be slightly limited than the Verizon deals for existing customers, you can still save more than none.

Some Verizon business deals on phones include;

  • Save up to $700 on Google Pixel 6 with an eligible trade-in and business plan (Business unlimited Plus or Unlimited Pro)
  • Get a 64GB iPhone 12 for free with an eligible unlimited business data plan valued at more than $24.99 per month without the need for trade-ins.
  • Buy Apple iPhone 13 series and get up to $800 off a second one
  • Buy Samsung Galaxy S21 series and get up to $800 off the second one
  • Get Apple iPhone SE free with a new line
  • Buy Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3 and get $800 off the second with an eligible business unlimited plan
  • Get $250 off Apple iPad 10.2(2020) when you purchase with an iPhone
  • Buy Samsung Galaxy Z flip 3 and get $800 second with an eligible business unlimited plan
  • Get Motorola One 5G UW ace free with eligible trade-in and a new business plan
  • When you buy online Get $300 off Apple iPhone 11
  • Bring your device and save up to $20 per month for 18 months when you switch.
  • Get $250 off Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G when you purchase with an android phone
  • Save up to $150 on Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite with an eligible trade-in

Some Verizon Business deals on internet plans include;

  • Upgrade your business to Verizon FiOS’ Gigabit internet and voice package and get a $500 prepaid Visa card
  • Fix your business up as a new customer online with Verizon’s mid-range 300Mbps connection and get a $400 Visa prepaid card

Which phones can be used with Verizon Business Plans?

Below are the best phones currently available at Verizon Wireless. They are phones you can use with Verizon business plans. I selected them to meet various prices ranges. Verizon compatible phones include;

  • Apple iPhone 11 series
  • Google Pixel 4 XL
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+
  • LG G8 Thin Q
  • Motorola Moto G7 Play
  • Samsung Galaxy S series
  • Nokia 3V
  • Alcatel Avalon V
  • Kyocera DuraXV LTE
  • Alcatel Go Flip V

What are Verizon’s early termination fees and return policy?

Generally, Verizon accepts returns and replacement of devices with 14 days. They will charge you a $35 restocking fee. Note that you can replace your device only once, so ensure the second choice is a match made, not damaged. Verizon’s return and early termination policies are lengthy and take time. It is essential to read through them if you consider canceling your service or returning your phone.

Bottom line

Verizon wireless unlimited business plan offers business customers the flexibility, security, and speed they require to operationalize their businesses. The plans get designed to meet customers’ ever-changing needs during these uncertain times, which tiny businesses hit hardest.

Whether running a small or large business, Verizon business deals offer excellent ways to save on devices and internet packages. Small businesses are worth the Verizon business deals for the apparent reasons stated in the article. Grab your Verizon business plan and see your business succeeding to great heights.