Xfinity is among the renowned internet and cable TV providers in the US, offering over 100 million US residents in 40 states. However, Xfinity internet and cable deals bring you offers that you have always been looking for. The Xfinity double play bundles provide you with double services at affordable prices. And the double play packages are feature two services that comprise Xfinity internet and Xfinity TV services.

    Additionally, Xfinity gives multiple options to bundle their internet plans with cable TV, home phone, plus two levels of home security. In this article, you will see your Xfinity internet, download speeds, TV options, channel count to see which bundling option suits you. On the other hand, the internet plans vary significantly based on your location, but the options available are standard in most areas.

    Most importantly, Xfinity is the most widely spread cable internet provider in the US and an active provider of the ebb program Xfinity offering internet to families affected by Covid 19. Xfinity bundles start from its basic Choice TV Select bundle to the Premiere Pro Plus bundle featuring Netflix or HBO Max, SHOWTIME, and Hitz. The Xfinity bundle best for you depends on your location, the number of channels you want, and internet speed.

    Xfinity Internet and Cable Deals – A Proactive Explanations

    Most of Xfinity’s prices seem low during the promotional period but go up after the end of the promotional period. Xfinity bundling options offer exclusive deals, and this is when you consider the discounts and freebies on Xfinity Promotions for Existing Customers. In the end, it would be cheap to combine your internet and TV bill as one.

    If you are hunting for Xfinity internet deals, double play, and triple-play doubling options, you will find a compiled list of Xfinity deals that the Company is currently offering. However, these deals come priced differently for different locations, but the internet’s connectivity and availability are the same.

    The Best Xfinity Internet Deals Right Now For You

    Xfinity by Comcast offers some of the best choices for the internet. The best deals available include:

    1. Get up to 300 Mbps internet service for $49.99 per month for 24 months, in addition to a $300 gift card when you top up an Xfinity Mobile line with automatic payment and paperless billing.
    2. Receive xFi Complete and free unlimited data for one year with the Connect plan.
    3. Get up to a $200 Visa card via the Gigabit plan.

    Together with internet speeds,  cable television, and streaming app access, plus home phone and home security services, Xfinity seal the deal on their plans with features such as:

    i) Multiple Levels of Service – Apart from the two or three internet speeds provided by most internet providers, Xfinity avails customers of six levels of speed.

    ii) Free Cable TV –  Xfinity cable deals include Peacock TV added to your internet service.

    iii) Home Security – Not many internet companies provide video monitoring of your home. On top of a firewall to protect your computer system from hackers, Xfinity takes your security a notch higher with 24/7 video recording.

    iv) Mobile Services – You can add Xfinity Mobile to your internet plan for only $40 per month for a single line. Besides, save even more with the family plan, costing $30 per line per month for unlimited nationwide 5G data. 

    The Xfinity internet and cable deals – Precious Guide

    The following bundles include TV + Internet access and can be economical if you need a traditional TV service. Interestingly, for cell phone customers, this carrier offers Xfinity mobile deals for existing customers looking for the best cell phone and plans. The bundling options below include Get Peacock Premium Free with Xfinity X1 and Voice Remote as part of the deal. The current deals on TV and Cable include and are not limited to the following:

    i) Choice Double Play


    1. Download up to 200 Mbps
    2. $49.99/month promo rate for the first 1 Year, adjusted to the regular rate after that
    3. 10+ channels count
    4. Price includes taxes + fees.
    5. Paperless Billing and Automatic Payments are required. 
    6. Upgrade to Performance Pro speeds applies for 12 months.
    7. Cable Connection
    8.  No Data Caps
    9. Modem with WiFi for $14/month
    10. $0 Installation (Free Getting Started Kit and shipping.)

    ii) Standard Double Play +  Performance Pro Internet  


    1. Download speed up to 200 Mbps
    2. 130 channels count
    3. $79.99 per month promo rate for the first 1 Year, $110.99 per month regular rate
    4. The price shown includes taxes + fees
    5. Paperless Billing and Automatic Payments are required-Rate increases to $89.99/mon for months 13-24.
    6. Cable Connection
    7. No Data Caps 
    8. Modem with WiFi for $14/month
    9. $0 Installation fee (Free Getting Started Kit and shipping.)

    iii) Select Double Play + Performance Pro Internet


    1. Download speed up to 400 Mbps
    2. $89.99 per month promo rate for the first 1 Year, $139.99 per month regular rate
    3. 130 channels count
    4. Cable connection type
    5. No Data Caps
    6. Modem with  WiFi for $14 per month
    7. Free installation fee (Free Getting Started Kit and shipping.)
    8. The price shown includes taxes + fees.
    9. Paperless Billing and Automatic Payments required- Rate increases to $109.99 per month for months 13-24.

    iv) HD Signature + Performance Pro-Double Play


    1. Download speed up to 800 Mbps
    2. 210 channels count
    3. $119.99/month promo rate for the first 1 Year, $169.99/month regular rate
    4. Cable Connection
    5. No Data Caps
    6. Modem with WiFi for $14/month
    7. $0 Installation (Free Getting Started Kit and shipping.)
    8. Price  includes taxes + fees
    9. Paperless Billing and Automatic Payments required- Rate increases to $139.99/month for months 13-24.

    v) Super Double Play + Blast Internet


    1. Download speed up to 800 Mbps
    2. $139.99/month promo rate for the first 2 Years, adjusted to the regular rate after that
    3. 245 channels count
    4. Cable Connection: Cable
    5. No Data Caps
    6.  Modem with WiFi for $14/month
    7. $0 Installation (free Getting Started Kit and shipping.)
    8. Price includes taxes + fees
    9. Paperless Billing and Automatic Payments are required.

    How To Choose the Best Comcast Xfinity Bundle

    If you’re looking for an Xfinity internet and TV bundle, there are some things to consider.

    i) Pricing

    Going for the bundle with the lowest price is every customer’s first decision. However, you might end up having a TV, internet, or phone service that doesn’t suit your needs. Consider what offers you will get for a particular price before diving into any bundling deal.

    ii) Channel Count

    You can save some funds if you get a bundle with as many TV channels you need and few to no extra channels you don’t watch. You’ll need to look for any specific channels you adore on Xfinity’s channel list and select the bundling package depending on your channel’s taste and preferences.

    iii) Internet Speed

    Ensure you have a bundle with enough download speed to keep everyone connected and satisfied. generally, below are the recommended download speeds depending on how many people are in your home:

    • 1–2 people: 40–100 Mbps
    • 2–4 people: 75–300 Mbps
    • 4+ people: 500+ Mbps

    How To Lower Xfinity Bill – A Secret Tips

    Xfinity provides low pricing compared to other internet service providers, but you can have the Cheapest Xfinity Cable and Internet Package to minimize your monthly bills. You also need to know how the fees work to decide the crucial rental equipment to receive the low pricing. Choosing a bundling option for internet and cable can help you consolidate your bill as one instead of paying for separate bills, hence low prices. You can lower your Xfinity bill through the following ways:

    1. Sign a one- or two-year contract – Getting tied into lengthy contracts can get you nervous due to future uncertainties. However, having a reasonable price locked in with a two-year contract can be the safe way to go. The long-term contract enables you to take advantage of the best pricing.
    2. Avoid add-on services – If you subscribe to external services to your internet service, like security systems such as Google Nest, ADT, or SimpliSafe, you may not require the additional Xfinity Home Security service. It’s wise to avoid adding more to your plan and save your money instead.
    3. Only Buy TV if you watch it daily – You can use other alternative streaming services instead of television if you don’t watch it often. Xfinity provides Peacock TV free combined with your standard internet subscription.
    4. Buy your own router – Xfinity allows you to avoid equipment rental fees when you buy your own router. However,  this can be a bit hard when something goes wrong with your connection, but the advantage is that you get the freedom of not paying a monthly fee. In case the router fails, Xfinity won’t troubleshoot any connection issues. On the other hand, paying the $14 per month to use an Xfinity router guarantees the luxury of servicing in case anything wrong happens with the device or with your connection.

    Bottom line

    Xfinity offers a variety of Xfinity double-play packages, including TV and cable, which get tailored to your needs. These bundling deals provide a mix of multiple services at economical rates every month and are categorically customized to offer you packages that enable you to save money. Therefore, bundling high-speed internet plus cable TV in one package can make your monthly bills financial decisions more manageable.