Boost Mobile is a wireless carrier previously owned by Dish, but its SIM cards use T-Mobile’s network, offering 99% nationwide coverage. Besides, Boost Mobile is a cellular service provider with affordable plans, and the add-on perks also feature international service and roaming. When you buy a phone from Boost Mobile, it comes with a SIM card that stores the customer’s personal information, datebook, contacts, and other phone information. And therefore, you must understand how to Boost Mobile sim card activation.

    However, your cell phone will not function unless you activate the SIM card. The company enables the customer to activate the SIM card online quickly, and upon activation, you may come across cell phone plans with free phones. You must have your cell phone and SIM card at hand during the activation process to activate the SIM card. Additionally, Boost cell phone plans comes with unlimited text and talk, high-speed data, mobile hotspot allowance, unlimited music streaming, and lots of high-quality mobile devices.

     Most importantly, Boost Mobile operates using both CDMA and GSM technology. Besides, each device is unique, and you should confirm at Boost Mobile which technology a specific mobile phone use to run on the new T-Mobile network. This carrier is the country’s largest 5G network, and therefore Boost Mobile provides excellent 5G coverage. On the other hand, Boost Mobile offers prepaid services without annual service contracts, no credit checks, and no extra fees.

    Can I Use My Boost Mobile SIM Card with A New Phone

    You can use an existing Boost Mobile SIM card with another phone and find Boost Mobile free phones when you switch. However, this process it’s not as straightforward as just swapping SIM cards.

    Though it is still very straightforward, you need to follow the steps below.

    • Ensure your old mobile phone is powered off.
    • Proceed to activate boost mobile website.
    • Choose ‘I am a current customer and want to swap Boost Mobile devices.’
    • Then, obey the instructions given on the website.

    Notably, this process will activate your device. But, if you are activating a new Boost phone never used before, you will not pay an activation fee. If you are activating a previously activated cell phone, you will need to pay a ‘reactivation’ fee.

    How To Install Or Interchange a Sim Card In Your Boost Mobile Phone

    Step 1: Switch Off Your Phone

    Keep your cell phone off until you reach Step 4 of this guideline.

    Step 2: Locate Your Phone’s SIM

    Find the SIM tray on your cell phone (typically embedded on the side of your phone or under the battery). If necessary, insert a paper clip or a SIM removal tool into the SIM tray slot. Push gently until the tray ejects.

    Step 3: Identify and Insert New SIM

    Note how your SIM sits in the tray, and then take it out. Get the SIM card in the package and compare the current SIM to identify which size SIM on the card fits your phone. Then, pop out the correct size on the SIM card and insert the new SIM into the tray.

    Step 4: Activate Your Cell Phone

    Using a computer or another mobile device connected to Wi-Fi, follow the on-screen instructions to activate your phone.

    Activation Tips

    • If you are switching your cell phone to Boost, ensure you do the following before the activation process:
    • Request your current provider to unlock your device to be eligible for activation with Boost Mobile. For more information on unlocking, go to
    • If you opt to bring your current number to boost mobile bring your own phone customers, you will also have to ask your previous provider for your account number and a number transfer PIN. Besides, your account must be active and paid in full to bring your number. Do not cancel with your existing provider until you fully activate the device with Boost Mobile.
    • Locate your IMEI number for iOS: Settings > General > About, and for Android, open Settings > About phone or dial *#060#

    How Do i Boost Mobile sim card activation

    1st Step

    Proceed to Boost Mobile’s activation website. Input the 15 digit SIM identification number at the back of the SIM card in the box that shows “SIM ID.

    2nd Step

    Remove the battery cover of your cell phone and eject the battery. You will see a 15 digit IMEI number in the battery compartment. Enter that number in the box on the website that reads “IMEI ID then, ” Select “Start Activation Process.”

    3rd Step

    The next step is to put your activation PIN on the plastic SIM cardholder.

    4th Step

    Finally, choose a phone number from the given list. You only select the first three digits, and the company will generate the last four digits. Click “Submit Request.” and write down your confirmation number if you experience problems with the activation.

    What Are Boost Mobile APN Settings

    If you’re bringing a cell phone on bring your own phone plan or purchase your Boost SIM Kit from Walmart or Boost mobile you will need to follow the following steps to update your APN settings. However, if you have an iPhone, your APN settings automatically get updated.

    • Proceed to Settings
    • Open ‘Connections, Network Connections, or Network and Internet,’ depending on your cell phone.
    • Then, select Mobile Networks and enable Mobile Data
    • Choose Access Point Name or “APN” (maybe in Advanced options)
    • Select the “+” sign to add a new APN
    • Input the following information, and ignore the areas that aren’t listed here:
      • Name – Boost (name doesn’t matter)
      • APN –
      • MMSC –
      • APN Type – default,supl,MMS
      • APN Protocol – IPv6
      • Roaming Protocol – IPv4
      • APN enable/disable – Enabled
    • Choose Save (you may require to tap the three-dot icon in the upper right area of the screen, depending on your phone)
    •  Ensure the created APN selects on the Access Point Name screen
    •  Restart your cell phone
    • Finally, test your phone’s connection through a call, sending a text, and loading a web page. (Ensure you’ve disconnected from Wi-Fi.)

    What To Do If Phone with A Boost Mobile SIM Card Got Stolen or Lost

    If your cell phone has a Boost Mobile SIM card that gets lost or stolen, the first step is to call Boost Customer Care at 1-866-402-7366 immediately after noticing it has been lost or stolen. After you do so, Boost Mobile will immediately take measures to secure your active account balance and help you get a replacement.

    However, after notifying you about a lost or stolen cell phone, you will be granted 60 days to replace it. If you don’t replace your mobile phone at this time, your account will get canceled, and the balance you had left on your SIM card will get lost. You can acquire more information on Boost Mobile’s new customer deals if you switch carriers and join Boost Mobile.

    Can I Track a Lost Boost Mobile SIM Card

    You can use various methods to track a lost Boost Mobile SIM card, provided it is inserted into a mobile device. Suppose the SIM card is perfectly positioned into a device and the device is on within a network coverage area. In that case, the SIM’s serial number and the mobile phone’s IMEI number get instantly transmitted to the nearest cell tower.

    i) Use Tracking app

    You can use the AccuTracking app – software developed by Boost Mobile to enable their customers to track and find lost or stolen phones. The tool depends on a location-based services provider (LBS) on Google Earth to find the device.

    You must install the app on your cell phone and create an active registered account before the device gets lost for this method to work. If you no longer find your device, you can get one from the boost mobile plans with free phones if you subscribe to a qualifying cell phone plan.

    ii) Use Find My Device

    Alternatively, you can use the Android Device Manager (or Find My Device) for Android phones or Find My iPhone for iPhones to get your SIM card and cell phone’s last known location. The first app works if your cell phone gets synchronized to your Google account.

    Besides, some Android OS versions even enable you to make the cell phone ring and enable Lock and Erase, protecting your device and SIM card from potential information theft.

    On the other hand, you can use Find My iPhone to recover any of their Apple devices for iPhone users. You need an active iCloud account, the Find My iPhone app turned on, and preferably enabled offline finding, which would find the device even if it is out of a Wi-Fi or cellular network zone.

    Most importantly, if a SIM card is not inserted into a mobile device, you can’t recover it in any way as it isn’t functional. The SIM card doesn’t have its own power supply or antenna. Therefore, you cant track a SIM card on its own.

    Bottom line

    Boost Mobile enables its customers to activate their new SIM cards online in simple steps, as highlighted in this guideline. However, before you start the activation process for your Boost Mobile sim card, you must ensure you have your cell phone and SIM at hand. You can activate your Boost Mobile SIM card and be up and running within a few minutes.