Q Link Wireless is among the providers of FREE cell phone services under the federal Lifeline program in the US. This program enables millions of Americans to access the largest and most reliable 4G LTE/5G T-Mobile network. If you want to know the Qlink APN settings and other related information related to this carrier, this guideline is for you. You can set up your QLink Wireless device for internet and MMS services if only you understand the APN settings.

    However, if you are eligible, you can receive a Qlink free government phone, along with FREE monthly data, talk, and text on a more robust network, with excellent coverage. To enjoy the best coverage under the T-Mobile network, you need to connect to the internet successfully and ensure you are within the network coverage area. Notably, in every mobile internet service, you require an Access Point Name (APN) setting that connects to the internet using a 3G, 4G LTE, or 5G network.

    Moreover, such settings are unique for every service provider. Right here, you will get to know the QLink APN Settings for Android and iPhone devices. If you want to set your device automatically, you need to select the available network to avoid losing connection. Additionally, you must ensure that you are subscribed to an active data plan with QLink Wireless, which you can easily buy at their website.

    APNs or Access Point Names refers to the configurations which enable access to your providers’ Internet and MMS services. In other words, it works as a gateway between the internet and the 2G/3G/GSM, etc. services. However, the right Qlink APN settings enable you to efficiently get 2G/3G/4G/5G/LTE services.

    • Settings: Details
    • Name: QLink (Thus use this)
    • APN: qlink (write this)
    • Proxy: Keep Blank (use this)
    • Port: Keep Blank (use this)
    • Username: Keep Blank (use this)
    • Password: Keep Blank (use this)
    • Server: N/A (use this)
    • MMSC: http://wholesale.mmsmvno.com/mms/wapenc
    • MMS Proxy: N/A (use this)
    • MMS Port: N/A (use this)
    • MCC: 310 (use this as the default figure)
    • MNC: 240 (use this as the default figure)
    • Authentication Type: N/A (use this)
    • APN Type: default, supl, MMS (use this)
    • APN Roaming Protocol: IPv4/IPv6 (use this)
    • Enable/Disable APN: APN Enabled (use this)
    • Bearer: Unspecified (use this)
    • APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6 (use this)
    • MVNO Type: N/A (use this)
    • MVNO Value: N/A (use this)

    However, to exercise these settings on your Android mobile device, follow the following steps.

    • Go to ‘Settings’
    • Followed by ‘Mobile Networks’
    • After that, go to “Access Point Names.”
    • Then, choose the QLink SIM.
    • Next, create a new APN setting.
    • Then, input the new APN settings from the list above.
    • Afterward, save the setting details and restart your cell phone.
    • Switch on your cell phone’s data, and you are set to go.
    • First, put off your iPhone’s data connection.
    • Then, proceed to Settings.
    • After that, go to “Cellular Network” then “Cellular Data Network.”

    Then, enter the following values as provided below.

    • Settings: Details
    • APN: qlink
    • Username: N/A
    • Password: N/A
    • MMS Proxy: Keep Blank
    • MMSC: Keep Blank
    • MMS Max Text Size: 1048576 (use this)

    Lastly, you need to save the new iOS APN Settings, restart your iPhone to activate the new internet configuration and turn on your data connectivity.

    • Go to ‘Settings’.
    • Then, proceed to ‘Network & Wireless’.
    • Afterward, proceed to ‘Cellular & SIM’.
    • Next, tap on the ‘Add Internet APN’ option in the ‘Settings’ section.

    Then, input the APN details as provided below.

    • Settings: Details
    • Profile Name: QLink
    • APN: qlink
    • Username: N/A
    • Password: N/A
    • Type Of Sign In Info: Keep Blank
    • IP Type: IPv4
    • Proxy Server: Keep Blank
    • Proxy Port: Keep Blank
    • MMSC: – (use this)
    • MMSC Port: – (use this)
    • Maximum MMS Size: 2048 (use this)
    • Next, check this option: Use this APN for LTE & thus replace the one from my phone. Afterward, proceed to properties and click on “Add MMS.”
    • Then, add the MMS Settings from above.
    • Also, save the new QLink Mobile Internet setting.
    • Next, you also need to restart your Windows phone to configure your APN settings successfully.

    In 2023, Qlink Wireless started offering its new and existing customers a new and improved FREE Aways On plan. Thus, the qualified customers get a limited-time Qlink free tablet offer. The Qlink wireless free tablet offer comes with unlimited data, talk, text, and other great features listed in the basic Lifeline plan. Besides, you can bring your phone and receive Unlimited Free Data, in addition to Unlimited Talk and Texting each month.

    • The mobile device must be compatible with the QLink Wireless services.
    • It must not have been reported as lost or stolen.
    • It must not be involved with any fraudulent activity.

    QLink Wireless gives customers the option to use their own mobile phone or device, provided it is among the Qlink compatible phones under its BYOP Program. If you are bringing your own phone under the Bring Your Own Phone Program, you must ensure that the device is unlocked and compatible with the QLink Wireless services.

    Final Verdict

    Qlink Wireless is one of the most renowned wireless providers in the United States. Besides, this company has more than 3 million subscribers in US territory. You will get a free government cell phone if you qualify for the Qlink Wireless Lifeline Program. And, in any mobile device supported by Qlink Wireless service, you must configure the APN settings correctly to use Internet and MMS services.