There are various telecommunication companies in the United States of America, Tracfone is among them. Others include AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Straight Talk, and Sprint. Some of these cellular networks are mobile virtual network operators meaning that they do not own their cellular towers and thus depend on the already established companies to offer services. Tracfone has various plans that users can purchase to enjoy services. I will discuss Tracfone unlimited plans for seniors shortly. 

    Every cellular service provider usually has communication plans that users can buy to enjoy connections. Most of them include data bundles, texting, and voice calling. Voice calls and messaging are usually unlimited, meaning that you can communicate as much as you wish as long as your plan is active. Data bundles are limited, and companies allow you to enjoy high-speed connectivity until a particular level, after which you have to purchase additional data bundles to continue enjoying internet services.  

    When talking about cellular plans for seniors, we refer to plans designed for the elderly. These are people of old age 55 years and above. Definitions for old age may vary from one country to the other. Since most of these people are not working, they have limited sources of money. Therefore, accessing communication services can be a challenge to them. Most carriers understand that, and that is why they have unique plans for seniors, which are a bit cheaper.

    What is Tracfone wireless?

    TracFone Wireless is an American prepaid cellular service provider usually abbreviated as TFWI. It is a subsidiary of Verizon Communications and offers services and products under several brands. The company runs as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO whereby it works with some of the USA’s largest wireless network operators to offer services. But what carriers are compatible with Tracfone? The company partners with T-Mobile US, AT&T Mobility, Verizon, and US cellular. 

    The company’s headquarters are in Miami, Florida, United States. It has several locations, which total to about 90,000 retail locations. It serves the United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. The Brands offered by the company include Tracfone, SafeLink Wireless, Straight Talk, Net10 Wireless, Page Plus Cellular, GoSmart Mobile, Telcel America, Walmart Family Mobile, Simple Mobile, and Total Wireless. 

    The company was established in 1996 as Topp Telecom Inc. under David Topp and F.J. Pollak, whereby Pollak acted as the company’s CEO until he died in 2016.

    How to join Tracfone?

    You can join the platform by registering online. The company allows you to come with a compatible phone and retain your number. 

    Tracfone compatible phones support GSM and CDMA Unlocked phones. Since most smartphones can support these types of networks, then it is easy to get a compatible device. Some of the brands where you can get a good Tracfone phone include LG, Motorola, Samsung, and Apple.

    You can also buy a Tracfone phone at the company’s website at a discounted rate plus free shipping to where you live. Once you get your device, you can get started with the service. You need to activate your SIM card then choose a suitable plan. Some plans can be bought online, while others require you to visit a Tracfone shop. 

    You can add other features to your plans, such as additional minutes, global calling text, and data. The Tracfone wireless plans are cheap because the company does not incur costs on establishing communication masts and other machinery. Therefore, it shares its profits with its customers by charging less money on its services. You can also ensure your phone so that if it is damaged or lost, you can get a new one from the company at no cost. 

    What are the best Tracfone unlimited plans for seniors?

    You can get various plans at the company for communication purposes. However, the company does not offer specific plans for seniors. Moreover, there are no specific discounts for the elderly. However, it offers plans that can assist the elderly to a greater extent. 

    One of the most convenient plans that the elderly can opt for is the Tracfone $99.99 plan. It is a talk-only plan that costs $99.99 annually and breaks down to about $9/month. For a starter, the Tracfone $15 per month plan with 500 minutes, 500 messages, and 500 MB of data can be helpful. Since most older adults do not use a lot of data, the plan can suit them. 

    The table below shows the general plans you can get from the company. 

    Price Minutes Texts Data Duration
    $15 500 500 500 MB 30 days
    $20 Unlimited Unlimited 1 GB 30 days
    $40 Unlimited Unlimited 8 GB 30 days
    $79.99 450 None No data 90 days
    $99.99 400 None No Data 365 days

    You can also add extra minutes, data, or texts if the current ones expire at the following costs.

    • $5 for 1,000 messages
    • $10 for 500 minutes
    • $10 for 1 GB of data

    Why choose Tracfone?

    There are varied reasons to choose to use the company’s services. They include the following. 

    i) Rewards

    You can get rewards when you purchase cellular services and devices through Tracfone. You get points that you can redeem for more minutes, texts and data. By the way, that is one of the best Tracfone deals you can enjoy.

    ii) Cheap plans

    Tracfone is one of the mobile Virtual network operators with very cheap plans. With just $15 per month, you have a plan that can sort you the whole month, especially if you are not a heavy data user. 

    iii) No contracts

    You can terminate your services with the company at any time since the company does not have any contract with customers. However, you can opt for auto-refill plans and enjoy great discounts. 

    iv) Supports a wide range of devices

    The carrier does not tie you to a particular kind of phone. You can use CDMA or GSM devices for your communication needs. 

    v) Reliable customer care

    You can call customer care on the phone or use chat customer service to report any issue concerning the company’s services. Moreover, you can get fast answers to popular questions such as data usage by dialing 611611 from your device. 

    vi) Excellent services

    You can be sure of solid connections from the network since it uses the networks of the foremost service providers in the US. You can now enjoy 5G services that allow you to stream videos without latency and quickly download files. Again, you can make clear calls with no call dropping issues and faster message delivery. 

    How to Purchase a Tracfone phone

    If you want to buy a Tracfone device, you can do so online by visiting the company’s website, then selecting the device you want and ordering online. You can also purchase at various locations such as CVS, Total Wireless, 7-Eleven, or other authorized retailers.

    Does Tracfone offer a free cell phone plan? 

    If you use SafeLink, one of Tracfone’s brands, to register for the Lifeline program, you can get any cell phone plans with free phones. You must qualify for the lifeline program to succeed in the process. 

    Moreover, Tracfone participates in the current Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) program, which aims to cushion people financially affected by Covid’19. You can come with your phone and number if you are a new customer. The carrier provides free monthly benefits through the program until it comes to an end. 

    Can you get a Tracfone phone in installments?

    If you are a customer of the Straight Talk brand of Tracfone, you can get a phone and pay something every month until you finish your repayments. There are various ways to pay for their phone and own it when they finish the repayment. They include;

    • Monthly Installments
    • Financing
    • Early Upgrade
    • Leasing 

    You stand a better chance to test the most suitable device before paying it fully when opting for leasing. The lease option allows you to get a device and pay monthly fees for a particular duration, then return it to get another one or pay the remaining amount and own the device.

    On the other hand, the installment plan allows you to deposit some amount to get the phone, then repay the remaining amount in small amounts every month, and when you finish, you own the phone completely. Financing allows you to pay for the phone in installments while with the retailer and then go for it once you finish paying. 

    It’s like saving for the phone. Early Upgrade gives you an option to change your mind and get a new and advanced phone while still repaying the old phone. The option increases your monthly repayments. 

    There are those who look for a free cell phone service for life with unlimited everything but sincerely speaking, that cannot be possible. Even the Lifeline program offers a free phone, but the plans can diminish before the month ends, especially the data bundles. 

    Bottom line

    Tracfone is among the most substantial telecommunication companies in the US. It is a mobile virtual network that depends on other established networks to offer services to its customers. It relies on T-Mobile US, AT&T Mobility, Verizon, and AS cellular networks to offer its services. You need to create an account online and have a compatible phone. Since it is an MVNO, Tracfone plans are cheap.