TracFone Wireless is the leading Mobile Virtual Network Operator, prepaid no-contract wireless and cell phone provider in the US. The company is a subsidiary of America Movil. Furthermore, it runs on America’s largest and most dependable networks: Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

    You will get low-cost wireless plans, a wide range of quality mobile devices, special deals, a BYOP program, nationwide coverage, and other excellent services from the company. This article will provide information on TracFone wireless plans with no extra fees, no contracts, and no hassles.

    The MVNO offers smartphone and basic phone plans, which are available through SIM cards as part of their BYOP program or with a bundled phone. TracFone’s bundled phone option includes brand new phones and refurbished phones from different manufacturers. It offers three prepaid smartphone plans starting at $20 to $30 per month. The plans have unlimited talk and text features with varying amounts of data.

    Depending on availability and coverage, you can use all the monthly plans with compatible 4G LTE and 5G phones. Do you want to know more. I have broken it down for you below to aid you in discovering if TracFone wireless plans are good for you. With no unlimited data options, the MVNO is not for data-hungry. However, it doesn’t mean that you could not save yourself some hundred dollars annually by paying only for what you need.

    Reasons To Choose TracFone Wireless Cell phone Plans

    i) Nationwide Coverage

    The MVNO runs on the largest and most dependable networks in America, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. Therefore, it has the same network as the big carriers. You can check your coverage by texting COVERAGE to 611611.

    ii) No Contracts

    If you don’t want to get locked into a contract, TracFone is a wireless provider that doesn’t have them. In addition, there are no activation or cancellation fees, ever.

    iii) No Extra and Hidden Costs

    TracFone plans are always convenient for everyone. You will never have any bills, hidden fees, or overages. The MVNO offers excellent value without commitment.

    iv) Unlimited Carryover

    At TracFone, your new talks, data, and texts never expire with active service. Every minute, data, and text counts.

    v) Robust Customer Service

    With TracFone, its users have no in-person customer support. Inquiries and complaints will be handled through phone or chat customer service. You will get fast answers to common questions, including data usage, by dialing 611611.

    vi) Free Services

    You can get offered free phone services for unlimited everything under EBB and Lifeline Assistance programs.

    The Way To Join TracFone Wireless

    Joining TracFone wireless and its millions of subscribers is simple, and it only takes three quick steps below.

    Step 1 – Purchase a cell phone or keep your own

    The provider offers the latest and most advanced smartphones from top brands like Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and LG. However, if you have a phone that you love and works well for you, you can bring it to TracFone. Ensure that the device is compatible and unlocked with the TracFone network. In this case, you will need to buy a SIM card kit and activate the device to start enjoying their affordable services.

    Step 2 – Activate your service

    When you have both the device and a SIM kit, you will need to activate your service. You simply follow the easy instructions inside the SIM kit. Activate the TracFone services online, on the TracFone My Account, or by calling TracFone’s customer service at 1-800-867-7183.

    Step 3 – Refill your service

    You will require selecting and buy a plan at TracFone’s website using either the Auto-Refill alternative, My Account app, or any of their numerous retailers. It is good to consider cell phone plans with free phones to save on your budget of purchasing a new phone. To replenish your service, follow the instructions given on the back of the SIM card or by contacting their customer support at 1-800-867-7183 or texting BUY to 611611.

    Best TracFone Wireless Plans 2023

    The provider offers mainly pay-as-you-go cell phone plans with a few monthly plans for smartphone users. The TracFone Wireless cell phone plans are as below.

    1) Monthly Plans

    These plans include unlimited talk and text in addition to a set amount of data. Unused data get rolled over as long as you keep your service active on a monthly plan. Note that the plans are only available with the smartphone as:

    • 1GB at $20/mon
    • 2GB at $25/mon
    • 3GB at $30/mon

    2) Pay As You Go Plans

    Depending on the package, the MVNO airtime cards are suitable for everyone from a month to a year. Any incoming and outgoing texts, as well as calls placed or received, will get deducted from your plan. You can save 10% on airtime cards if your account automatically refills. Note that with some plans, you can double or triple your minutes. The plans under this category are as follows.

    Basic phone plans

    • 30 minutes for 30 days – $9.99
    • 60 minutes for 90 days – $19.99
    • 120 minutes for 90 days – $29.99
    • 200 minutes for 90 days – 39.99
    • 450 minutes for 90 days – $79.99
    • 400 minutes for 365 days – $99.99
    • 1000 minutes for 365 days – $159.99
    • 1500 minutes for 365 days – $199.99

    Smartphone plans

    • 1500 minutes, 1500 texts, 1.5GB for 365days – $125
    • 750 minutes, 1500 texts, 2GB for 90 days – $50
    • 750 minutes, 1000 texts, 1.5GB for 90 days – $45
    • 500 minutes, 1000 texts, 500 MB for 60 days – $25
    • 500 minutes, 500 texts, 500MB for 30 days – $15
    • 750 minutes, 1000 texts, 1GB for 60 days – $35

    Does TracFone Offer Add-ons and Discounts

    If you want a little more from TracFone plans, you have two options: airtime service cards and the 10% global calling card. These choices are more beneficial to those with basic phone plans.

    The $10 global calling cards allow you to make international calls not included in primary international calling. Unfortunately, basic international calling is only available to basic phone plans. The international calling only works from America and doesn’t allow roaming.

    The Air service cards can add minutes to basic phone plans and internet data to smartphone plans. The cost of the cards varies with the cheapest 1000 text Add-on card at $5 and 200 minutes talk, text, Web card at $39.99. You can buy the cards online via TracFone website and get a small discount if you sign up for auto-refill. Find a retailer near you like Walmart, 7-eleven, and Family dollar stores if you want a physical card.

    Tracfone offers StudentBeans a $25 discount for buying a smartphone and plan bundle if you are a student.

    Does TracFone Have Some Deals For Its Customers

    The provider gives its customers vast options by offering a wealth of choices for phone plans. Some best TracFone deals include;

    • 25% off any order with Email sign up plus free shipping
    • Up to 80% off select phones plus free shipping
    • Get free shipping on any order
    • $20 off Samsung Galaxy A32 5G smartphones
    • $20 off Samsung Galaxy A02s smartphones
    • Samsung Galaxy A12 smartphone now $149.99

    Bottom Line

    TracFone offers better cell phone plans, with most plans including unlimited talk and text. However, if you are after unlimited data, Tracfone does not offer one. Although they give discounts when bundling for 90 or 365 days, there are no multi-line discounts. You can buy your service one month at a time and change it up as your needs evolve. It all depends on what you need when it comes to price.