TracFone is a carrier that offers coverage using all three major wireless carriers that including Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. However, since it doesn’t have its cell towers, leasing helps to deliver services to its customers at more affordable pricing. In addition, Tracfone phone deals make it easier for both existing and new TracFone customers to maintain their current phones when switching.

    Moreover, TracFone has more than 20 million subscribers, emerging as one of the US’s most renowned cell phone companies. Tracfone provides a diverse selection of Tracfone deals,  in addition to plans having low data allowance. Besides, most monthly plans give unlimited talk and text, and there exist plenty of prepaid plan options to fit all budgets. Tracfone’s cheap smartphone deals also place Tracfone as a preferred affordable option.

    Most importantly, the nationwide 4G LTE coverage will make you stay connected wherever you are with a strong network reception from any of the big carriers’ towers. If you want to have full advantage of the best Tracfone phone deals, you require to sign up for a phone plan as well. You will get a cheap phone plan, plus a Tracfone phone simultaneously, with no need to subscribe to monthly plans with phone deals that will cost high in the long run. 

    Why Choose Tracfone?

    i) There is no commitment

    When signing in to this carrier, there are no contracts involved, so you can switch your plan or cancel if you’re not satisfied.

    ii) Data carryover

    Not all wireless carriers offer this option, but Tracfone, it will roll over to the next month if you don’t consume all of your data.

    iii) Quality coverage

    Having network access using all three major networks, you’ll enjoy the same quality coverage at half the price compared to another carrier.

    iv) Lower cost

    You can save at least $600 per year with Tracfone’s low-cost monthly prices.

    v) Available in retail stores

    Most MVNOs don’t provide a plan in retail stores, but with Tracfone, you can acquire a cheap phone plan with unlimited everything from one of their retail stores and online.

    Tracfone phone Deals and Promo Codes

    You can grab great deals by paying close attention to deals and discounts from Tracfone. On this note, there are a few ways on how you can take advantage of the best deals available:

    i. Sign in to Tracfone’s email list and social media accounts

    Subscribing to such sites will help you get timely alerts on hot deals and discounts from this cell phone carrier. Most deals are time-bound, but you can get informed by following their accounts.

    ii. Compare discounts from different sites

    Most online sellers online use affiliate carriers to expand their market. You can use this information to search out the best deals and discounts on specific affiliate sites.

    What Deals Does Tracfone Have?

    1) iPhone Deals and Promotions

    • You can get $100 off iPhone XR 64GB with Plan Purchase. Initially: $449.99 and now available at $349.99
    • You can acquire iPhone 11 64GB at only $599.99
    • You can save $35 on the iPhone 6s 32GB, which was at $174.99 and available at $139.99
    • Get 50% off iPhone SE 64GB with Plan Purchase. Previously was $399.99 and is now available at $199.99
    • You can save $325 for iPhone 6s Plus Rose Gold 32 GB, which was $549.99, and now it’s going for $224.99. This deal is valid while stock last at
    • You  can save $35 on iPhone 6s+ 32GB. which was $224.99 and now selling at $189.99

    2) Samsung Deals and Promotions

    • Get $130 off Samsung Galaxy A51, which was $399.99 and is now available at $269.99
    • You can acquire 25% off Samsung Galaxy A01, which was $79.99 and is now available at $59.99
    • You can save $50 on Samsung Galaxy S7 with Plan Purchase. This smartphone was $199.99 and now is $149.99
    • With only $249.99, you can get a Samsung Galaxy A32 5G 
    • You can get $40 off Samsung Galaxy A10e, which was going for $119.99 and now is $79.99
    • Grab $50 off Samsung Galaxy A11 initially sold at $149.99 and now is $99.99

    3) LG Deals and Promotions

    • Get 50% off LG K31 Rebel, which was $119.99 and now going for $59.99
    • Receive $100 off LG Stylo 5 LTE, previously $219.99 and now available at $119.99
    • Save $30 off LG Reflect, which was at $169.99 and is now available for $139.99
    • Save $40 off LG Journey LTE, which was  $69.99 and now at $29.99

    4) Motorola Deals and Promotions

    • You can save $10 off Motorola Moto G Play which was available at $129.99 and is now at $119.99
    • Save $20 off Motorola Moto G Stylus, which was $219.99 and now going for $199.99
    • Get $70 off Motorola Moto e7, previously selling at $119.99, now available at $49.99
    • You can have $50 off Motorola Moto g Power $199.99 and now selling at $149.99

    Which Phones Does TracFone Offer?

    In the past, you could specifically utilize a TracFone plan using the company’s basic phones. So, you couldn’t bring your own phone or operate an unlocked device. However, that limitation has changed over the years. Tracfone phone deals offer several phones brand like any other primary carrier. Now, you can acquire iPhones and Android phones from leading brands such as Alcatel, Kyocera, LG, Nokia, Samsung, and ZTE.

    Moreover, most phones on promotions and offers are not the flagship model of these well-known brands, though you get an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy. Instead, these phones are a slightly older models of these phones, with plenty of great features such as a broad, high-definition display, excellent cameras, wireless connectivity capability, and top-notch audio quality. Interestingly, the prices on these top phones are usually lower than they get sold at other retailers.

    Does Tracfone Allow Bring Your Own Phone?

    Before you change service and bring your own phone (BYOP) to TracFone, ensure that your current cell phone is unlocked and is one of Tracfone compatible phones. After compatibility confirmation, you need to buy an activation kit from TracFone’s website. Once the kit reaches your mail, you just put it into your cell phone, and you are good to go.

    If your phone is locked and you meet your current carrier’s eligibility requirements, you can proceed to unlock your phone by contacting the respective carrier’s customer service. Some carriers even enable you to unlock your phone online or use an app on your phone.

    How To Check Carrier Compatibility

    If you’re not definite which carrier is compatible with your device, you need to enter your ZIP code. You will also get prompted to input your phone’s IMEI/MEID/ESN number, which identifies your device and the networks it works with. The IMEI can get found by removing your phone’s back cover and the battery. It is written inside the battery slot. Alternatively, you can dial  *#06# to see your IMEI on your cell phone display.

    After you put the number, you need to click ‘Continue,‘ and if your phone is not compatible, you’ll get returned to the main BYOP compatibility page. If your phone is compatible, you are eligible for a TracFone plan, and you need to select between two options. The orange ‘Buy An Activation Kit’ button, or the green ‘Have An Activation Kit’ box.

    What Are The Steps To Switch To TracFone?

    • Proceed to the TracFone BYOP page
    • Choose your current compatible carrier, then put your zip code and IMEI number.
    • Choose between ‘Need to buy activation kit’ or ‘Already have activation kit.’
    • ‘Already Have Activation Kit‘ requires you to scroll to the bottom of the page and tap ‘Activate Now.’ You can then decide whether to transfer your present number or request a new one.
    • ‘Need To Buy Kit’ will prompt you to select the correct SIM card size for your phone.
    • After, you need to select your choice of a plan by adding it to your cart.
    • Review your shopping cart and click ‘Proceed to Check Out.
    • Fill out your billing, shipping, and personal information.
    • Once you get your SIM Card, follow the steps included with your SIM in the Activation Card to activate your service.

    How Do You Request New Phone Number?

    You’ll require some crucial pieces of info to ask for a new cell phone number:

    • Your ZIP code
    • Your TracFone SIM card number
    • Your TracFone device’s serial number
    • Your current phone number.

    You can find your phone’s SIM and serial number by holding the ‘Menu’ button on your TracFone and looking at the ‘Prepaid Menu.’After you’ve chosen ‘Activate with a new number,’ tap the orange ‘Submit’ button. You’ll get urged to enter your existing TracFone email or password.

    On the other hand, you can sign up for a new customer account by registering your personal information and SIM number if you haven’t availed of these details yet. Then, complete all the appropriate information and follow the on-screen prompts to finish the setup.

    Bottom line

    TracFone Family has ten wireless carrier affiliates that allow you to enjoy services without locking you into a long-term contract. Tracfone offers the best whether you want a new iPhone or Android smartphone if you are eyeing the best deals in the market. You can buy one directly from TracFone and save a considerable amount of money through promos and discounts.