What Is Best T-Mobile Phones and Plans

T-Mobile is one of the four US-based largest carriers. It offers many different plans, a wide selection of mobile devices ranging from the basic flip phones to the most advanced smartphones, excellent services, nationwide coverage with a 4G LTE network that connects 99% of Americans, and the primary 5G network, and more. As T-Mobile is one of the largest and most popular carriers in the country, many of you may wonder what the best T-Mobile phones and plans are. You will find out this and more in this article.

T-Mobile offers many different plans that can get used if you decide to Bring Your Own Phone to T-Mobile. This program is an excellent option for all of you who have a working phone that you love and want to continue using or save some money by not spending it on a new device. Working on T-Mobile is an opportunity as it provides you with excellent connectivity and a super-fast network, which will enable you to use mobile data non-stop and never face slow and legged data transfer.

T-Mobile often offers special deals and discounts on tablets, watches, phones, and plans. T-Mobile deals for current customers are all time-limited, and they tend to change often. All of their special deals come with a list of requirements. For instance, you must sign a contract for two years, become a customer, add a new line, etc. 

Why should you switch to T-Mobile network?

T-Mobile is one of the prominent wireless providers, and by joining its network, you will enjoy its state-of-the-art technology, high reliability, and robust coverage. The benefits depend on the T-Mobile deals or plans you choose, but here are some of the benefits you can get at T-Mobile on specific plans:

  • No hidden fees on your monthly bill
  • Unlimited chat, share, and stream
  • Get up to 40% off hotels
  • Unlimited binge-watching to browsing and texting abroad
  • GOGO – Keep chatting and sharing at 30,000 feet, with an hour of Wi-Fi and unlimited texting on GOGO-enabled flights
  • Nationwide 5G network
  • Free stuff, amazing T-Mobile deals for existing customers, and more every week
  • Enjoy your favorite movies and shows with Netflix as T-Mobile pays the subscription
  • Win vacations and gift cards with T-Mobile
  • Unlimited data and texting when you travel abroad

What are the best T-Mobile phones?

t-mobile phones and plans

We have looked at T-Mobile’s current offer and listed all the best phones available there now, which means they are 100% T-Mobile compatible. Note that we have listed the phones from the most affordable ones to expensive ones.

  • Samsung Galaxy A10e
  • Motorola Moto G7 Power
  • Samsung Galaxy A20
  • T-Mobile Revvlry+
  • Samsung Galaxy A10e
  • Motorola Moto G7 Power
  • Samsung Galaxy A20
  • Google Pixel 3a
  • OnePlus 7 Pro
  • Google Pixel 4
  • T-Mobile Revvlry+
  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro
  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Samsung Galaxy Note10+
  • Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G

What is some T-Mobile phone deals right now?

  • Get up to $800 off select Samsung Galaxy 5G phones via 24 monthly bill credits on a Magenta® MAX plan with bringing of an eligible device.
  • Shop the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G and other eligible devices for as little as $0 down plus other great deals.
  • Switch to the T-Mobile network, and they will pay off your phone now up to $800. This deal implies you can get a free phone when you switch to the T-Mobile network.
  • Buy Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, get one up to $800 off through 24 monthly bill credits when you activate more than two lines.
  • Get Apple iPhone 13 BOGO $800 off via 30 monthly bill credits when you activate 2+ new lines (or add a line for existing customers).
  • You get Apple iPhone SE and iPhone 11 at half their cost price
  • Get Google Pixel 6 free with 24 monthly bill credits when you trade in an eligible device on Magenta® MAX. 
  • You get Samsung Galaxy A52 5G at only $99
  • Get Motorola Razr 5G at only $199.99
  • Get T-Mobile Revvl 5G for $300 off

If you are interested, read our article about which other carriers apart from T-Mobile offer free phones when you switch to their networks.

Can you bring your own phone to T-Mobile?

Using your phone with T-Mobile is quick, easy, and economical. Below are quick and straightforward steps to cover the entire T-Mobile Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) Process.

  • If you plan to bring your own device, you are required to check if your device is compatible with the T-Mobile network and unlocked. When you know that your device is compatible and unlocked, follow the below steps:
  • Buy a T-Mobile SIM card and choose a suitable plan. You can purchase your SIM card online.
  • Replace the current SIM card in your device with the new SIM card. You can call 1-800-T-MOBILE if you need any help.
  • Want to keep your current phone number? After fixing the new SIM card, you can transfer your number to the carrier.

Does T Mobile Offer EBB Free Tablets?

T-Mobile offers two EBB plan options that are convenient ways to connect with your loved ones. The plan options come at no additional cost. One option is to receive a no-cost Franklin T9 hotspot with 10GB of high-speed data on your network. This option is excellent for households with laptops and tablets.

The second option is to receive a no-cost tablet with unlimited data on T-Mobile’s network. Suppose you are EBB-eligible and choose this plan option. In that case, you will receive unlimited tablet data and 20 GB of hotspot data on T-Mobile’s network and the Emergency Broadband Benefit free tablet. The tablet you will receive will either be a Moxee tablet or Alcatel Joy Tab 2.

What are the best T-Mobile plans?

T-Mobile offers a wide variety of plans. Before committing to its services, ensure the carrier offers a plan to fit your needs.

1) T-Mobile plans

i) T-Mobile’s Essentials plan

The plan costs $60 a month for one line. It has unlimited talk, text, data, 50 GB of premium data, unlimited mobile hotspot data at 3G speed, and SD streaming. The Essentials plan can have up to 5 lines. Note that the more lines you have, the lower the price per line.

ii) The Magenta plan

 The plan costs $70 a month for one line. It has unlimited talk, text, data, 100 GB of premium data, Netflix basic (1 screen SD for 2+ line accounts), 5G high-speed mobile hotspot data (then unlimited hotspot data at 3G speeds), and SD streaming. The Magenta plan can have up to 5 lines.

iii) The Magenta MAX plans

The plan costs $85 a month for one line. It offers unlimited talk, text, unlimited 5G and 4G LTE data, unlimited premium data, Netflix basic (1 screed SD with 1 line) or Netflix standard (2 screen HD for 2+ line accounts), 40 GB of high-speed hotspot data (then unlimited hotspot data at 3G speeds), and up to 4k UHD unlimited streaming. The Magenta MAX plan can have up to 5 lines.

2) T-Mobile Prepaid Plans

a) 10 GB

The plan costs $40 a month per single line. It offers Unlimited domestic talk & text, a Domestic 4G LTE data network of up to 10GB, Mobile hotspot data (shared with 10GB handset data), Wi-Fi calling, Music Unlimited, and Data Maximizer.

b) Unlimited

The plan costs $50/month for a single line. It comes with Unlimited domestic talk & text, Unlimited Domestic 4G LTE data, Unlimited Mobile hotspot data (at 3G speed), Wi-Fi calling, Music Unlimited, and Data Maximizer.

c) Unlimited Plus

The plan costs $60/month/line. It offers Unlimited domestic talk & text, Unlimited Domestic 4G LTE data, Unlimited Mobile hotspot data (Up to 10GB at 4G LTE speed, then unlimited at 3G speed), Wi-Fi calling, Music Unlimited, and Data Maximizer.

3) T-Mobile family Plan

Probably you have heard of T-Mobile family plans. This plan refers to the discount you get if multiple lines get connected to a single account. You can view the prices for multiple lines net to each of the above plans. A family of four can save over $100 every month.

Note; T-Mobile also offers an unlimited plan for citizens over 55 years of age, a plan for military and veterans, and first responders.

What are the best deals on T-Mobile phone plans right now?

  • Get one month of free T-Mobile internet, and you can sign up now and get a $50 Virtual Prepaid MasterCard.
  • Back up your device and get 500GB of Google One cloud storage for only $5/month. Solely for T-Mobile customers.
  • Get T-Mobile’s first 5G Inseego hotspot for 50% off and stay connected on the go with 100GB of high-speed data for only $50/month.
  • Enjoy a Franklin T9 Mobile Hotspot or Alcatel LINKZONE® 2 on us when you add a new line on a qualifying hotspot data plan.
  • Protect and locate your valuables plus get updates and alerts, all with the power of the T-Mobile network. Get SYNC UP TRACKER free after getting up to $60 back via 24 monthly bill credits when you activate an eligible line.

Bottom Line

Now you know all the details regarding the T-Mobile phones and plans, and you can decide whether they good choice for you. If you have a chance to explore the EBB program, we advise you to have a detailed look at some other MVNOs, which will provide you with free plans and phones. However, if you want to be a part of the leading T-Mobile network and use their 5G network and other benefits, use the information provided herein to proceed accordingly.