Since the onset of the pandemic, millions of Americans have lost their jobs businesses, which has spiked a reduction in living standards. Such situations have made people opt for government benefits, especially if they are unemployed. Government benefits are not the best option but are considered sustainable to help you get back on your feet. One of these benefits is the emergency broadband benefits that help people of low income get affordable services from broadband service providers. You may ask, how do I get an ebb free tablet on the program?

    Broadband services serve as an integral part when it comes to communication; we need broadband to access the internet where, at its core, you can communicate with friends, family, learn, educate and do so many activities that benefit us in one way or another. Most broadband services are offered by private entities meaning there is hardly a chance for someone to get services for free when compared to the free government cell phone services.

    Therefore, the government came up with an emergency broadband benefit to help people acquire discounts on broadband plans and maybe an EBB free tablet. From this article. We will unravel some of the perks that come with emergency broadband benefit, how it works, how you can apply for it, and so much more. With such services, you are guaranteed reliable internet connectivity at an affordable price or for free. Let’s get started.

    Details Of Emergency Broadband Benefit

    As mentioned earlier, the FCC formulated the emergency broadband benefit program to help those who are in need or lack broadband services. It has some similar concepts to the free government phone services. However, with this program, households can be connected to jobs, health services, virtual classrooms, and other activities that require internet usage during the pandemic.

    Eligible households may benefit from a discount of up to $50 on their internet plans. You may also get a one-time discount of a maximum of $100 to purchase a tablet or desktop computer. This emergency program is limited to one household, both for the internet plan discount and a device like a tablet.

    It also entails some eligibility requirement policies to see if you qualify or not.

    Qualification for Emergency Broadband Benefit

    To qualify for this program, you need to meet the following set of terms:

    a) Income

    The income should be below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines. These guidelines are similar in all the states, but you should watch their website to see the current poverty rate and base yourself within that range to see if you qualify.

    b) Participation in Federal Assistance Programs

    These programs help people of low income get benefits from the government. Having benefited from such programs would be an excellent factor in showing that you get low or no income.

    These programs include food stamps, Medicaid, bureau of Indian affairs general Assistance, tribally administered temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations, Tribal Head Start, Federal public housing Assistance, Veterans Pension, and survivor’s benefit and Supplement Security income.

    c) Service provider’s eligibility

    Each service provider may have varying eligibility terms. Before contacting them, feel free to visit their FAQs section to learn more about the terms. If you find an eligibility term that you may meet, then you can apply for the service.

    d) Received a Federal Pell Grant

    Federal Pell Grants are awarded only to undergraduate students who display some financial need and have earned a bachelor’s degree or professional degree. If you have received this Pell grant, then feel free to proceed with the Application.

    e) Experienced loss of income

    You may qualify for the emergency broadband program if you have lost income or work since the onset of February 29, 2020. Also, if your income was below $99,000, you may qualify for the program. Make sure to show proof that you deserve to benefit from it.

    If you meet any of these requirements, then you can apply. Ensure to have original certifications to show that you benefitted from these programs. Lack of integrity may make you miss out or could land you in trouble with the federal authorities.

    Application For An Emergency Broadband Benefit Tablet

    Here are some steps to get started with the application process:

    Step 1: Contact a broadband service provider

    You will need to identify which service provider works with the ebb so that you can apply. If your current or previous service provider offers such services, then it can be more accessible. There are over 100 service providers, and it’s all based on your state. Some service providers work in more than one state. Here is a list of some of the re-known broadband service providers:

    Assurance Wireless, AT&T, Comcast, Centex Wireless, boost mobile, Gen Mobile, cox, Gila River Telecommunications, EnTouch Wireless, Excess Telecom, Verizon, ConnectTo, Etheric Networks, TruConnect, T-Mobile USA, Ting Internet. And Viaero Wireless

    There are many other service providers, and you can find one within your location by visiting the FCC website.

    Step 2: Check if you qualify

    The next step after finding a service provider is to see if you meet their eligibility terms. Earlier, we mentioned how each service provider has varying eligibility terms, and you need to find one that you match and can easily apply to. Once you meet the requirements, feel free to apply.

    Step 3: Apply online

    The next step would be to apply online. This process is simple and well-detailed. The first thing to do is visit Get Emergency Broadband. You will then be redirected to another page to key in your details like full legal name and date of birth. You will then be required to fill your identification using your social security number, tribal id, or driver’s license number.

    From there, you will also be required to attach images of these documents for authentication. The next step would be to fill in your address and confirm everything before going to the next step. Once done, you will wait for 3 to 5 business days for approval.

    Step 3: Apply via mail-in

    Mail-in Application is a perfect option for those who find it hard to apply online due to various reasons. This process will require you to print a copy of the application process, fill it and send it to the emergency broadband benefit offices. You can find a copy of the form here. Once you’ve filled it submit it to.

    Emergency broadband support Centre

    P.O.Box 7081
    London, KY 40742

    Step 4: Approval

    After the Application, you may wait for some business days to see and authenticate your application. If you qualify, they will contact you with the following steps on how you will receive your benefits; if there may be a glitch during the Application, you will be required to submit it again if a photo is not clear. However, if you fail to qualify, they will contact you to let you know.

    This is the complete process to get a free tablet from the emergency broadband benefit program. Remember to follow their social channels to stay updated with the terms of Application, eligibility, additional perks, and much more. For any queries, you can contact them via e-mail.

    Available Tablets On The Emergency Broadband Benefit

    There are several tablets that you can get based on how you qualify for the ebb. If you meet the terms and get the highest discount of $100, you can top up and purchase a good quality tablet.

    E agents may also refer you to specific lifeline programs where you can get a free tablet rather than the $100 discount that may not be enough to purchase a tablet. If you get the voucher from this program, here are some affordable tablets that you can get:

    • Apple iPad 10.2
    • Amazon Fire 7
    • Lenovo Smart Tab M10
    • Huawei MediaPad T5
    • Lenovo Tab E10
    • Huawei MediaPad T3

    These are just some of the laptops you can get at an affordable price. The best places to purchase them can be amazon, Walmart, best buy, or a local retailer. Ensure that it has a warranty.

    Wrap Up

    An emergency broadband benefit is an excellent option for millions of Americans to benefit from free government services. Despite slight differences with the free government phone services, it can help you save up money for food or other essential services, especially during this covid pandemic where people have been affected with lack of jobs and other issues.