The internet is one of the most important resources for those working, studying, and getting entertainment. Since the invention of the internet, millions of people in the world rely on it to execute their roles in their working environments. Many employers have now seen the advantage of the working from home tactics to save on office expenses. While you need money to purchase laptops and other devices necessary to access the internet, there is a way to get free government internet and laptop.

    Free government laptops and internet access are for those people from humble backgrounds. Some people cannot even afford a simple smartphone to access the internet. Such people need to get assistance to get the relevant devices to continue communicating. In most cases, these people are students whose parents or guardians cannot afford laptops and internet plans to study.

    Various government organizations are keen to help these people to achieve their dreams of quality education. We also have NGOs that give aid to the needy to access cheap internet and laptops. And remember that the government’s help to access free laptops and free internet also targets poor people who need the devices to work. When the Covid’19 pandemic broke out, many people had to start working from home. That means people had to look for the necessary devices to facilitate the activity.

    Best 10 Ways To Get Free Government Internet And Laptop

    There are various ways you can get a free government internet and laptop. They include the following:

    1) Emergency Broadband Benefit Program (EBB)

    The Emergency Broadband Benefit Program is a government initiative via the Federal Communications Commission to financially help people who lost jobs due to recent pandemic. You can apply to various program service providers who receive subsidies from the government when they enroll new beneficiaries.

    If you want a robust government-subsidized internet, you can consider enrolling with big companies like T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and Boost Mobile. The EBB program includes the following:

    • Depending on your current location, a discount of up to $50 per month off your internet service and other associated equipment.
    • If you are a new subscriber, then the government applies the benefit to the cost of your initial equipment purchase. It will then cover monthly renewals for internet service after the first month.
    • For existing subscribers, the program’s benefits cover monthly renewals for your internet service within the duration of the program.

    Moreover, the EBB program includes a one-time discount of up to $100 off the selected computers when buying internet from PCs for People. Moreover, you can get an EBB free tablet when you apply for the EBB program on the FCC EBB application page.

    You are eligible for the EBB program benefit if you:

    • Have income that is at or below 135%. The percentage is according to the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
    • Participate in certain assistance programs, such as Medicaid, SNAP, or Lifeline.
    • Are approved to get benefits under the free and reduced-price School Lunch Program or the School Breakfast Program.
    • Received a Federal Pell Grant during the current award year.
    • Experienced a substantial loss of income after losing your job or furlough since February 29, 2020, whereby the household had a total income of  $99,000 or below 2020 for single filers and $198,000 for joint filers.
    • Meets the eligibility criteria for any participating service provider’s existing low-income program.

    2) Government Assistance For Getting Your Own Laptop

    There are various programs that you can apply to get a free laptop so long as you meet the laid down criteria. To see if you qualify for the relevant benefit, you can visit Benefits and find out more about the available help. There are various categories of assistance you can get at the agency. You can apply to get financial assistance.

    3) Natural Disaster Relief

    The program sometimes involves getting a free laptop. People who live in states prone to snowstorms, hurricanes, and extreme weather conditions, may be eligible to get a free laptop. Other cases include destruction of property by fire or floods whereby when you visit the Disaster Assistance, you can get a free laptop.

    4) State Department Of Social Services

    There is a department of social services in every state that can help you get a laptop. They can connect you to various non-profit organizations that can help you to get a free laptop for your own activities. If there are other departments that you can get help from, the State Department of Social Services has adequate information to help you connect to such aid agencies.

    5) Education and Training

    The government offers scholarships to eligible students to further their studies in universities and colleges. In such a case, it is easy to get a free laptop to further your studies. You only need to check on the available scholarships online and submit your application to get help. You cannot benefit if you are not going for further studies. You can also get a free laptop when you join a government online school.

    6) Employment and Career Development

    The government program helps those students who have just graduated from the university to learn in their field. When attached to a particular institution, you get Work Therapy, Research Opportunities, Unemployment assistance, Veteran Opportunities, and Unemployment Insurance. In the process, you can get a free laptop to use for various needs.

    7) Family and Children’s Services

    The program offers the following services:

    • Adoption Programs
    • Head Start
    • Early Start
    • Child Resource
    • Developmental Funds
    • Support Enforcement
    • Services for survivors

    In the process, you can get a free laptop for your child of which you can use for various activities.

    8) American Indian and Alaska Native

    There are various Programs included in the American Indian and Alaska Native. They include Indian Children Assistance, Financial Assistance, Indian Higher Education Grant Program, Direct home loans for Natives, Bureau of Indian Affairs Indian Child and Family Education, and Indian Home Loan Program. If you are a beneficiary of the program, you can get a free laptop.

    9) Free Laptop From The Civil Service

    Civil servants from various parastatals receive free government laptops to work with them. As a servant, you also enjoy a free government internet connection that you can use at your workplace. However, you may need to return such devices to the relevant parastatal heads when you retire.

    10) Free Laptops When You Visit Government Libraries

    Libraries allow you to study books for fun or knowledge. You can also find free laptops to use within those government facilities. Furthermore, you can get a free internet connection to access various sites. Such internet connections are usually Wi-Fi access points that are only available within the facility.  However, you cannot go home with these laptops.

    Does Lifeline Program Provide Free Laptops

    The Lifeline program is known for free government smartphones and affordable plans through participating service providers. However, the program does not offer free laptops. Basically, those who participate in the Lifeline program require almost the same things as the Emergency Broadband Benefit.

    Other Places To Get A Free Laptop

    I have discussed the various sources of free government laptops where you can have one to enjoy life. However, there are other sources of free laptops, and specifically from non-governmental organizations. The following are some of the non-governmental organizations where you can get a free laptop.

    i) Free Laptop From Freecycle

    The Freecycle is a network of people and businesses where you can get a free laptop. You can visit the Freecycle website and see whether someone is giving away a free laptop. The worldwide organization is easy to find, and you can always list why you need a free laptop. Someone might get back to you and give you a free device.

    ii) Get A Laptop For Free From United Way

    To get started in getting a free laptop from the United Way, you can visit the website at United way and see the available free devices in your state. United Way gives free items through the 2-1-1 program. The service is private and confidential, and no one will have to know about the help you get from the organizations.

    iii) The One Laptop Per Child Foundation

    The organization is also responsible for giving out low-power, low-cost, rugged laptops to kids to empower them with technological education. The children get the chance to compete with the rest of the kids in the world.

    Through free laptops, the organization believes that it will provide quality education to the beneficiaries. To get a free laptop for your kid, you only need to get in touch with the One Laptop Per Child Foundation at One Laptop and apply for one.

    iv) The Alliance For Technology Refurbishing And Reuse

    If you need a free laptop, then you could be lucky to get one here. You can get a free device from various states and cities of the United States. You can hover on their website and see the locations where you can get help. You will be able to locate the nearest group that can provide you with a free laptop.

    v) Online Private College

    Various online schools in the United States of America can help you receive a free laptop when you join. It is believed that the free laptops are accounted for in your school fees, but since you get them for free, then there is no doubt that they are free products. The laptops help you to study from the comfort of your home. Examples of private colleges with free laptops include:

    • American National University
    • Chatham University
    • Independence University
    • Rochester University
    • Wake Forest University

    vi) Computers With Causes Free Laptops

    Computers With Causes is an organization that operates in all 50 states of the US, and you can easily get a computer from them. The organization collects donations and other stuff from people who do not need them and then gives them to those who need them. They focus on the returning members of the military, low-income households, and underprivileged kids. They aim to give computers to people who need them.

    vii) The Open Education Database

    It is easy to get a laptop from The Open Education Database if you join an online learning institution. You only need to check the website and apply to try your luck. The site gives you details about the learning institutions giving free laptops when you enroll.

    Final Words

    Laptops are essential gadgets in today’s world since many people are using them to work from home. You need an internet connection to work online with a computer. There are various government bodies that give free laptops to those who are needy.

    People can also get cheap internet plans and devices such as laptops. The recent EBB program allows you to get low-cost internet and cheap phones. There are private organizations that give free phones.