Standup Wireless is a US-based wireless service, Lifeline Assistance, and Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) provider. The company is devoted to providing affordable prepaid plans, and Lifeline Assistance plans to its new and existing customers.

    In fact, it is one of the smallest wireless companies providing Lifeline assistance plans in more than 22 states and Puerto Rico. Depending on the state, they offer free and highly discounted plans, and in some states, those eligible can even get a free phone. This article will mainly focus on how to get Standup Wireless free phone and other essential information around it.

    Lifeline is a government benefit program designed to help low-income citizens get free government phones and mobile services to help them stay connected. The Emergency Broadband Benefit, on the other hand, is a temporary FCC program that provides non-transferrable discounts on 4monthly broadband Internet access services.

    However, the EBB program is being replaced by a long-term program known as the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). You can qualify for the programs based on your household income and through Medicaid, SNAP, Federal Public Housing, and Veterans Pension.

    Standup Wireless is regularly expanding its services, so it is highly recommended to get in touch with their customer support to attain the latest data. Currently, they offer their services in Minnesota, Utah, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Puerto Rico, Kentucky, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Arizona, Carolina, Louisiana, Missouri, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, Iowa, and Pennsylvania. Let’s now focus on Standup Wireless free phones.

    Reasons To Choose Standup Wireless for a free phone

    There is a various selective reasons to get free smartphones from Standup Wireless

    i) Devoted customer service

    Despite Standup Wireless being a small company, they attend to their customers and clients with extra care and devotion.

    ii) Affordability

    They offer highly affordable high-end smartphones for customers looking for a new phone. In addition, their BYOD program is also very flexible and compatible with a wide selection of devices. Besides a generous FREE Lifeline plan, they offer highly affordable plans for customers who need more minutes, texts, or data. Additionally, Standup Wireless has cell phone plans with free phones for its customers.

    iii) Flexibility

    Standup Wireless is very flexible when it comes to paying the phone bill. They don’t block your accounts if you can’t pay on time, but they float you and let you pay in the future.

    Qualifications for a Standup Wireless free phone

    For you to qualify for a chance of getting a free government phone from Standup Wireless, you must meet the below standard qualifying requirements for the Lifeline program:

    1. A consumer may qualify through participation in a Lifeline-qualifying program, such as
      • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
      • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
      • Medicaid
      • Federal Public Housing Assistance
      • Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit Programs
    2. A consumer may qualify if they have a gross annual household income at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines.
    3. Additional eligibility criteria are unique to ACP; a long-term replacement of EBB includes Pell Grants (current year award recipients), Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch and Breakfast, and specific instances of reduced wages.

    Your eligibility will be determined by a verification process approved by the FCC, such as USAC’s National Verifier and National Lifeline Accountability Database.

    Documentations that need for Standup Wireless Lifeline Program

    Standup Wireless Lifeline Program follows standard Lifeline Assistance requirements. You will need to provide the information and documents listed below to apply.

    1) Document proof of a participating program.

    i. Medicaid

    You need to have a clear and legible image of your Medicaid Award Letter, letter of participation, statement of benefits, or Medicaid card that has the following:

    1. Full legal Name
    2. Program Name
    3. Benefit Issue date within one year of the period that you apply

    ii. SNAP

    You need to have a clear and legible image of your SNAP Award Letter, letter of participation, or statement of benefits, including the following:

    1. Full legal Name
    2. Program’s Name
    3. Benefit Issue date within 12 months of the period that you apply

    iii. Veteran Pension

    You must have a clear and legible image of your Pension Grant Letter, letter of participation, or statement of benefits, including the following:

    1. Full legal Name
    2. Program’s Name
    3. Benefit Issue date within 12 months of the period that you apply

    2) Income proof

    You must provide a clear and legible image of your previous year’s W-2, 1040A Tax Form, SSA-1099 Form, a recent Statement of benefits, the Veteran’s Administration, or award letter from Social Security that include:

    1. Full legal Name
    2. Name of income document type; statement of benefits, W-2, 1099, etc.
    3. If an annual document, it must be from the prior year only. For example, if applying in 2022, 2021 annual forms are acceptable, and 2020 forms will not be acceptable.
    4. If monthly statement of benefits or award letter, benefit issue date need to be within 12 months of the date that you are applying.

    Applications for Standup Wireless free phone – A Flexible Process

    There are various options for applying, but online is the easiest and fastest one.

    1) Online application

    1. Visit the Standup Wireless website
    2. Enter your email, ZIP code, and click the “CHECK AVAILABILITY” button. If you are in covered area, you will get to continue the process. 
    3. Follow the instructions and enter all the necessary information.

    If you need help, Standup Wireless offers support to guide you through the whole process via phone call. Call Standup Wireless support at 1-800-544-4441.

    2) Mail-in application

    1. You will need to print out and fill in the Lifeline Assistance application.
    2. Send your filled-in application along with all the documentation to the Standup Wireless headquarters address; PO Box 13006, Oklahoma City, OK 73113-1006

    Note: You can follow the above entire process to apply for Standup Wireless free tablet under the ACP program. If you have any inquiry or complainant in the middle of the application process, use one of the below methods to contact Standup Wireless support.

    1. Call: 1-800-544-4441 (Monday to Saturday 8am – 10pm EST, Sunday 9am – 6pm EST)
    2. Email
    3. Sales Inquiry
    4. HQ Address: Standup Wireless, PO Box 2148 Norcross, GA 30091

    Once your application is approved, you will get your free phone in the mail. Activate Standup Wireless service by calling 1-800-544-4441 or 611 from your phone. A free smartphone is not available in all states or to all applicants, so if you need to purchase a phone for your Lifeline service, they have phones available once you are approved and have an account with them.

    Things Do If Standup Wireless Phone Gets Damaged, Stolen, Broken, or Lost

    If your Standup Wireless phone is lost, contact Standup Wireless immediately so they can suspend your account to prevent any unauthorized usage. Visit their website to chat with Customer Support or call 1-800-544-4441. They will work with you to review your phone replacement options.

    If your phone is not working correctly, visit their website to chat with Customer Support or call 1-800-544-4441. They will work with you to decide the problem.

    Standup Wireless customers have up to ninety days from the activation date of their phone to return any defective phone to Standup Wireless. Standup Wireless will exchange a defective phone for a new or refurbished Standup Wireless replacement phone, at their discretion, during this period of time only.

    Standup Wireless Free Phones – Great Overall

    Standup Wireless does offer one smartphone model to all of its customers in their online store. They offer Vortex Sync, the newest phone from the Vortex lineup. The phone is equipped with robust hardware at an affordable price and designed with a sleek form factor for ease of use.

    Running Android 8.1 Oreo Go Edition, the first generation in the Sync lineup utilizes a Quad-Core 1.25Ghz CPU. The phone comes with a white case. However, you can choose either a black or white model at Standup Wireless. The phone’s specifications are;

    1. Screen size: 5″ FWVGA (480 x 960)
    2. RAM: 1GB
    3. OS: Android OS 8.1 Oreo GO Edition
    4. Processor: MT6739V/WA Quad-Core 1.25Ghz
    5. Camera: back 2 MP, front .3MP
    6. SIM: Dual
    7. Storage: 8 GB + 32 GB expandable memory
    8. Battery: Lithium-ion battery (2,000mAh)

    Can you bring your own phone to Standup Wireless

    The Wireless provider offers you the BYOP program if your current phone supports their network. You will have to pay $10 if you are a regular customer or $0 if you are an eligible Lifeline client. They accept all unlocked GSM phones, implying all phones from T-Mobile and AT&T should be compatible.

    Bottom line

    Standup Wireless offers free phones in only specific states. Moreover, they provide minimal information regarding which types of devices are free. If you are located in areas where you are entitled to a free phone, it will be chosen by Standup Wireless and delivered to you. The article has provided all the details that will help you make an informed decision whether Standup Wireless is a good choice for you or not.