Boost Mobile is best known for providing high value at an affordable price. They have no annual service contracts, and all their plans include unlimited data, text, and talk. In addition, they have a very high 99% nationwide coverage as they contracted under T-Mobile. The above features with discounted devices offer make Boost Mobile Flip Phones a good choice for many seniors.

    Since we all know that most seniors prefer flip phones, we will dedicate our attention to Boost Mobile flip phones herein. I did extensive research on your behalf to present you with detailed information on Boost Mobile flip phones and everything related to them.

    After reading this article, you can determine whether Boost Mobile flip phones are the right choice for you or your loved ones. We will also review the best flip phones for seniors. Are you ready to read about the Boost Mobile flip phones for seniors? Let’s roll on.

    Does Boost Mobile Have Flip Phones?

    Boost Mobile follows a trend, which we have noticed in most MVNOs; most phones offered are smartphones; however, they have one flip phone model. This organization is not surprising since most clients prefer to go with smartphones. Furthermore, seniors do not tend to be selective when it comes to flip phones, such, a single flip phone meets all the Boost Mobile flip phones for seniors-related wants.

    Further, the MVNO offers the Boost Mobile Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) option, implying that you can use any unlocked device (if compatible) with their service. That way, all compatible unlocked flip phones can become turned into Boost Mobile flip phones for seniors.

    What to Consider When Buying Boost Mobile Flip Phones

    boost mobile flip phones

    Whether you are purchasing Boost Mobile flip phones or any other flip phones, you want to keep in mind specific features that will help you select the best flip phone for your needs and situation. Below is a list of those you may use as a buyer’s guide when looking for Boost Mobile flip phones for seniors.

    i) Coverage

     The networks primarily determine coverage; however, having a 2G, 3G, or 4G LTE capable flip phone makes a huge difference. Since 2G and 3G networks are slowly being put out of use, we advise you to limit your selection to 4G LTE operable flip phones.

    ii) Large Bright Display

    A large bright display is a must. It will enable you to navigate your phone with confidence. Brightness is significant when you use your flip phone in the sunlight. If the display has poor brightness, you won’t see anything in those conditions.

    iii) Camera

    The camera is not one of the upsides of flip phones. If you are looking for a high-quality camera on a flip phone, we must disappoint you by informing you that there are no such flip phones. If you want a top-notch camera, you need to go with the latest smartphones or purchase a separate camera device.

    iv) Storage

    If you plan on taking many photos and videos with your flip phone, you must make sure that it comes with expandable storage. Memory cards of 32GB should do the trick.

    v) Good Speakers

    Most flip phones have excellent speakers and maximum hearing aid compatibility (M4/T4), which you should aim for.

    vi) Voice Command Capability

    This is an advanced function that requires some learning and getting used to; however, it can be convenient and make things a lot simpler. If you want to have it on your flip phone, make sure that this function is available.

    What are the Best Boost Mobile Flip Phones for seniors?

    Below you can find currently the best flip phones for seniors, which become the best Boost Mobile flip phones for seniors when brought to Boost Mobile via their BYOP option.

    1) Plum Flipper 2

    Plum Ram 8
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    Plum Flipper is a 2G flip phone compatible with T-Mobile or any MVNO contracted T-Mobile networks, like metro Pcs, Boost Mobile, and many more. You must ask your cellular provider to ensure that their service uses the T-Mobile network.

    The good thing about the phone you simply insert a standard size activated sim card in it, and you are good to go. The large display and big buttons are key features seniors appreciate about the phone.

    Key Features

    • Large Keypad Big buttons
    •  A large, backlit keypad
    • Simple, organized menu with easy menu buttons
    • A powerful speaker ensures every conversation is loud and clear
    • No contracts and no cancellation fees
    • Dependable nationwide coverage
    • U.S.-based customer service
    • It has a built-in FM radio


    • Screen:  2.4″, 240 x 320 pixels, TFT
    • Chipset: MediaTek MT6261D
    • Battery: 750 mAh, Li-Ion
    • Main Camera: 1.3MP, Video recorder
    • RAM and Storage: 32GB RAM, 32 MB ROM
    • Dimensions: 99.9 x 52 x 14.9 mm (3.93 x 2.05 x 0.59 in)
    • SIM Card Type: Dual SIM

    2) Jitterbug Flip2 Cell Phone

    GreatCall Lively Flip
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    Many phone experts have concluded that Jitterbug Flip may be the best flip phone for seniors currently available on the market. However, it may not be getting it in an unlocked version as easy as some of the other models presented herein; however, still possible now that the unlocking policies are a must-have.

    The Jitterbug Flip packs all the highly appreciated features: large display, big keys, simple navigation, SOS button, and more.

    Key Features

    • Simple menu with YES/NO navigation
    • Long-lasting battery
    • Powerful speaker
    • Additional outer display for notification and time
    • SOS button
    • 2MP camera with flash
    • Hearing Aid Compatibility M4/T4 rating
    • Very good battery life


    • BATTERY: Up to 12 talk time
    • MEMORY: 1GB in internal storage
    • PROCESSOR: Qualcomm Snapdragon 210
    • CAMERA: 2MP with flash
    • DISPLAY: 3.2”
    • DIMENSIONS: 4.3” x 2.2” x 0.7”
    • WEIGHT: 4.7oz
    • CONNECTIVITY: Wi-Fi enabled, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, MicroUSB, Dock connector, 3.5mm with Stereo Output

    3) Nokia 2720 Flip

    Nokia 2720 Flip
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    Nokia 2720 is an unlocked international flip phone, and it may be used with any GSM network in the USA that uses a frequency that this phone supports. Note that the phone will NOT work with Sprint, Boost, Verizon, or other CDMA networks. Additionally, Wireless frequencies for LTE, 4G, and 3G change by the network.

    Even though 3G/4G/LTE bands are supported, a new SIM card or additional configuration may be needed, and coverage may change by location. You can contact Boost Mobile if you have any complainant regarding compatibility.

    Key features

    • Speakers are loud, and a 3.5 mm jack output is beyond expectations.
    • The keypad is large and has good tactile feedback
    • The outer screen works perfectly
    • Long-lasting battery
    • SOS button
    • Hearing aid compatibility


    • Secondary display: Front display 1.3 inch
    • Size: 2.8 inches
    • Resolution: QVGA
    • Rear camera: 2 MP Main Camera
    • Battery: 1500 mAh, Removable
    • Bluetooth: 4.1

    4) Alcatel QUICKFLIP 4044C

    Alcatel QUICKFLIP 4044C
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    Will this GSM phone work for you? The phone will work on Supported Networks like Boost Mobile with NANO SIM Cards. Note that the SIM is NOT included in the purchase. Additionally, you will require contacting Boost Mobile to set up and get a Sim card.

    How long will the battery last? According to the manufacturer, the battery capacity is 1350 mAh which can last ten total hours of streaming at LTE speeds and a Standby time of up to 2weeks.

    Key features

    • HD Voice capability
    • Sleek flip design
    • Long-lasting battery
    • MP3 player works perfectly
    • Better IO than the iPhone XS
    • The rear speaker is loud enough


    • Operating System: KaiOS
    • Storage Capacity: 4 GB
    • Camera Resolution: 2.0 MP
    • RAM: 512MB     
    • SIM Card Slot: Single SIM
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth, 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi, 2G, LTE

    5) Motorola Razr 5G

    Motorola Razr 5G
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    Introducing the latest Motorola Razr, where robust, flippable design encounters the latest 5G speed with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 processor in an unquestionably modern look. When shut, the suitable Quick View display keeps you connected.

    In addition, you can take beautiful photos with the 48 MP camera having OIS and Quad Pixel technology that doubles an innovative selfie camera. You can Flip open and keep your experience on a 6.2” pOLED full touchscreen with the phone. The Pocketable phone has a powerful all-day battery and Turbo Power charging system.

    Key Features

    • Perfectly pocketable
    • Interactive Quick View display
    • 48 MP camera with OIS
    • Flipping fast 5G
    • All-day battery
    • 4G Global Unlocked: use on any carrier


    • REAR CAMERA:8MP Quad Pixel for 12MP output, f/1.7 aperture, 1.6μm pixel size, OIS
    • FRONT CAMERA: 20MP Quad Pixel, f/2.2 aperture, 1.6μm pixel size
    • DISPLAY: Foldable 6.2″ pOLED HD+ (2142x876p)
    • PROCESSOR: Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G Adreno 620 GPU
    • MEMORY: 8GB + 256GB
    • BATTERY:2800mAh

    6) Alcatel Go Flip V 4044V

    Alcatel GO FLIP V 4051S
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    The Alcatel GO FLIP V is a modern flip phone that incorporates the simplicity of calling and texting and some advanced smartphones options. Its 2.8” display includes an easy-to-use intuitive interface, and the large keypad is designed for quick dialing and easy menu navigation.

    The phone lets you check your emails, calendar appointments and surf the web. With the Alcatel Go Flip, you can even experience Google Assistant and get things done using just your voice. It is highly suitable for seniors who want to stay in touch with evolving technology.

    Main Features

    • Easy-to-use intuitive interface
    • Extra-large buttons and accessibility features
    • Convenient shortcuts to Google Assistant, Google Maps, YouTube, and KaiStore
    • The compact and durable clamshell design prevents accidental calls and protects the screen
    • Long-lasting battery
    • VoLTE, VoWiFi, and HD voice for excellent call quality
    • Mobile Hotspot-capable
    • Hearing-Aid Compatibility: M4/T4


    • BATTERY: 1350mAh battery provides up to 7.9 hours of talk time (6.8 hours on 4G LTE).
    • MEMORY: 4GB internal memory (ROM) with up to 2GB available user memory; Up to 32GB of external memory via microSD card (sold separately)
    • PROCESSOR: Qualcomm Snapdragon 210
    • CAMERA: 2MP rear-facing camera
    • DISPLAY: 2.8″ internal display and 1.44″ external preview display
    • DIMENSIONS: 2.09″ x 4.13″ x 0.75″
    • WEIGHT: 4.16oz
    • CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, MicroUSB, 3.5mm with Stereo Output

    7) Kyocera DuraXV Extreme E4810

    Kyocera Dura XV
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    The phone shines in unfavorable environments with innovative performance standards. The IP68 rating safeguards the phone against water immersion and dust. With MIL-STD-810G drop protection rating, you are best assured your device is protected against extreme weather conditions, shock drops, and vibration.

    Kyocera gives a fully personalized and reliable user experience with a customizable menu to set often used apps. Moreover, it is easy to operatewith programmable keys like4-way navigation, Stop, Push to Talk, Alert, and Speaker.

    Key Features

    • MIL-STD-810G drop protection rating
    • IP68 rating protects the phone against dust
    • Programmable keys like Push to Talk, Alert, Speaker, Stop
    • Rugged Powerhouse.
    • 100dB+ dual-loud speakers and dual-mic noise cancellation


    • BATTERY: 1770mAh battery
    • PROCESSOR: 1.2GHz Quad-Core A53, 64-bit CPU
    • MEMORY: 16GB ROM / 2GB RAM
    • 5MP auto-focus camera
    • 100dB+ front-facing, dual loudspeakers

    What isBoost Mobile Plans for seniors?

    Boost Mobile does presently not have any unique plan for seniors, but they can enjoy bring your own phone plans. However, they have a highly affordable unlimited plan at $35/month. This is the plan that most seniors prefer; as such, you can see its details below.

    a) Unlimited $35/month plan

    • Add more 4G LTE Anytime
    • Unlimited Music Streaming
    • Unlimited Data, Talk & Text
    • 3 Gigs 4G LTE
    • SD Video Streaming

    b) Multiple line pricing

    • 5 Lines: $150
    • 4 Lines: $120
    • 3 Lines: $90
    • 2 Lines: $60

    What are Boost Mobile phone deals for its customers?

    The provider will offer you Boost Mobile new customers deals when you switch to their network. If you are an existing customer, you can get the best deal. They offer great deals on a wide selection of devices and plans such as;

    • 49% off a 5GB prepaid plan
    • Save $300 when you purchase Samsung Galaxy S21 or S20 FE
    • Get free internet access
    • Enjoy best deals on Android phones
    • Get Boost Mobile free phone when you switch to their network.
    • Get one year of service for only $100
    • Enjoy best deals on iPhones
    • Get a free SIM card

    Bottom line

    It is sometimes good to go back to the basics of technology. Even if several high-end devices have robust features, some want a simple phone. That is where a flip phone comes in. Seniors have not been left behind as they need a simple phone to use.

    Consequently, that is why I have come up with the seven best flip phones for seniors compatible with Boost Mobile. The phone has good features that suit the needs of a senior user.