Change is inevitable in some circumstances, significantly when changing your phone with your carrier. You may consider changing your phone number for various reasons. The most common maybe is to start a new chapter in your wireless life, and probably you don’t like the old number.

    In recent years, changing a phone number has gotten better as the whole process takes online compared to past years where you will go for lengthy processes. The process may take up to a month to complete. If you are interested to change qlink wireless phone number, you should read more of this article.

    Qlink Wireless is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator contracted under T-Mobile for network coverage. They have robust technology systems that ensure a smooth and satisfying customer experience when using their services.

    Qlink’s call system helps you to change your phone number. To complete the whole change-number process, you should wait for at least one business day. If you have Qlink compatible phones, meaning you are the existing customer, start the process online or contact Qlink Wireless customer support at 1-855-754-6543 for further assistance.

    Note that upon enrollment in the Qlink EBB program, a wireless phone will be delivered to your home address as stated in the application process. You must accept the telephone number assigned to your wireless phone at enrollment.

    The company has the right to reassign the number to another subscriber without giving notice if you cancel the service or your account expires. You may transfer the phone number before the telephone number gets reissued to another subscriber.

    Besides changing your phone number Qlink allows you to port numbers from other service providers. Qlink will not reimburse you for any termination or other fees imposed by other carriers for transferring a wireless number. The article will focus on; why you should change your phone number, why you have a temporary number upon enrollment, and a depth guide on how to change your phone number on Qlink Wireless.

    Change your Qlink Wireless Phone number by following the steps below.

    1) Obtain your PAC code

    First, call Qlink’s customer support to get your PAC code. The unique code will help you start the process, and it is usually a 9-digit code valid for 30days. This code ensures that nobody can steal your number and is used to verify your identity. If the time runs out and the code expires before starting the process, you need to request a new code.

    You must contact Qlink Customer support and give them the PAC code. The code verifies your identity and allows you to change your number.

    3) Approval

    Wait for some hours or one business day for the switching process to complete. Once completed, start using your new number. It would help if you keep the following in mind;

    • Qlink assigns you a random system-generated number.
    • Once the phone number gets changed, you cannot switch back to your current number.
    • All voicemail messages will get deleted when changing your phone number.
    • You are required to create a new voicemail greeting for the new number.

    It is crucial to know Qlink network coverage and which network Qlink Wireless uses. Qlink gets contracted under T-Mobile for network coverage. Thus, areas where T-Mobile’s network is strong also does Qlink Wireless. The providers operate in many states in the USA, including Texas, Arizona, South Carolina, Hawaii, Washington, Georgia, Rhode Island, Kentucky, etc. Qlink Wireless plans to cover all states in the USA over the next few years.

    You can change your phone number because of one or more of these reasons:

    • At enrollment, Qlink assigns a random number to your wireless phone, and they have the right to reassign the number to another subscriber without giving notice. You may change your phone number before the number getsreissued to another subscriber.
    • For security purposes, you can change your Qlink phone number. The security organs authorize users whose life get threatened to change their phone numbers or request to move to a new location. Cyberbullied victims can also change their numbers if the current number poses a security threat to their life.
    • Some users have too old and rarely used numbers and may wish to experience a new number. Ancient and not used often numbers have an old feel to your telecommunication services.
    • Sometimes the current number you have is hard to recall; thus, you must change to an easily recallable number. Qlink offers civilian number alternatives which you can consider before beginning the process of changing your current number.
    • If you received a phone upgrade, you might need to change your phone number to have a new experience with Qlink Wireless. Freephone upgrade is a service offered to existing customers, where they can get discounted or free government smartphones under the EBB program.

    Every SIM card from Qlink is assigned a phone number before it leaves its stores. The assignment will help to know which SIM card belongs to who. Note that this is a temporary number, and you will never lose your active Qlink phone number.

    Immediately you receive the SIM card, insert it into your phone and place a test call to 1(305) 260-6232. The process will begin to transfer your current number to the new SIM card and should take fifteen to twenty minutes. You will receive a text as soon as the process is complete.

    If you have received your free tablet, here are quick steps on how you can set up it and activate the phone number;

    • First, turn off your tablet and insert the SIM card using the correct procedure outlined in its user manual.
    • Insert the SIM card, power on the tablet and see if there are any network bars; if there are no, reset your network setting and wait for the whole process to complete.
    • Finally, does a test call to 1(305)260-6232 to ascertain the working of the number?

    The process of porting your number from one carrier to Qlink service got explained in the following steps;

    Step 1: KYC process

    You must fill in information about your old phone number, name, physical address, and other crucial information required. Then, fill a form on their website with the correct required information.

    Step 2: Get Approved

    Provided that everything is ok, porting the number is easy. Sometimes your old carrier may take time to process; you need to contact Qlink wireless for help. The only reason the old carrier may deny the porting process is that you have debts with them.

    Bottom line

    Changing your phone number on Qlink Wireless is a pretty straightforward process via a phone call. The process will take you a few hours or one business day following the procedure. With Qlink’s customer support, get assured of fast response if you have any inquiries or complaints. Note that the provider does not limit how many times you can change phone numbers, thus assuring reliability and flexibility in their services.