The internet is the greatest and the most effective communication tool that holds humanity together. Imagine how the world would look without the internet; the planet would be void and null to us. Since the breakup of the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot has changed, including the lifestyle of people across the world.

    Many people have lost their job, belongings, business, and other livelihood earning sources in the US. Maintaining a well-balanced life is getting difficult each day. It is now a rock to manage internet connections, especially for low-income citizens.

    But the federal government has partnered with many US internet providers to develop the discounted internet program named emergency broadband benefit. One of the providers that proudly participates in the program is Metro PCS. This article will learn all about the MetroPCS ebb program and its benefit.

    The ebb program is designed to help low-income households fighting poverty maintain internet services due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With Metro PCS, now you can stay connected with your daily activities in workplaces, schools, businesses, health, and other essential services. The program, since its existence, has become more accessible for people to enjoy internet products with a simple application that takes a short time.

    MetroPCS, owned by T-Mobile, ranked as one of the fastest and reliable US-based internet providers, participates in the program. It is known for its robust and affordable services. T-Mobile’s ebb program under Metro PCS offers users free internet, complimentary gadgets, and Metro PCS phone upgrade. If you apply and qualify for the program, Metro PCS will offer you redeemable vouchers at their stores for such services. Applying for the program is done at Metro PCS and approved by the federal government.

    Metropcs EBB or Emergency Broadband Benefit program

    T-Mobile is the US-based vast and most reliable mobile virtual internet provider that ensures countrywide 5G network access to the citizens. The provider usually offers value and state-of-the-art technologies services.

    It possibly provides quality services in wireless. Through its subsidiaries and flagship brands like T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile, the provider offers affordable services. T-Mobile, the parent company of Metro PCS since 2013, comes with the services of unlimited fast data for video streaming and online gaming.

    Metro PCS offers a lot of Metro PCS plans free phone deals to their customers along with the EBB program to assist low-income households to continue their daily activities in offices, education, health, and other services virtually. EBB is a seasonal solution by giving you a colossal monthly discount on your internet balance.

    Eligible low-income households can get offered up to a $50 monthly discount and up to a $75 monthly discount for those living at tribal lands. Eligible consumers can get EBB program services from Metro PCS.

    The program is applicable to transfer to another service provider at any time. You can either stop or continue with the program once halt due to its seasonality characteristic. You can read some general terms and conditions on this website.

    Qualifications for the Metropcs Ebb program

    You can qualify for the EBB program if you fall in the below categories.

    i) Income

    Your income should be at or below 135% of the federal poverty income set level. Depending on your state, the exact figures tend to vary with each state. It is advisable to check with the provider’s website to know more about this qualification criterion.

    The applicant should submit a tax document or a payslip to prove that the income is below the set federal poverty level. Upon request, you can obtain these documents from the IRS website.

    ii) Federal Pell grant beneficiary in the current year

    The grant is offered to undergraduate students in need or anyone who has not completed a bachelor’s degree. If you receive the grant in the current year, you may be eligible for the ebb free tablet program offered by Metro PCS under the emergency broadband benefit program. The federal Pell Grant is offered to US university students with a valid social security number.

    iii) Experienced  a  substantial loss of income

    A household that experienced a substantial loss of income between the past years is eligible for the program. The substantial loss may result from job loss or business closure. The loss of income of around $18000 gives a direct pass to benefit under the EBB. You must prove that there is a loss of income due to unemployment or business closure.

    iv) Participation in Federal Assistance program

    Participation in the federal assistance program gives a direct qualification for the program. Some of the assistance programs eligible at Metro PCS include.

    1. Tribal head start
    2. Medicaid
    3. The Supplemental nutrition assistance program
    4. Supplemental security income
    5. Tribally administer temporary assistance for needy families
    6. Food distribution program on Indian reserves
    7. Bureau of Indian Affairs general assistance
    8. Federal public housing assistance

    For you to be eligible for the EBB program under Metro PCS, ensure to get a certification if you have participated in any of these programs.

    The Enrollment Process in Metro PCS Emergency Broadband Benefit Program

    Before application, go to the website T-mobile emergency broadband benefit, and then follow the following steps to enroll.

    1. Follow the link above to access the form on their website.
    2. Check out your eligibility 
    3. Complete your enrollment application form if you are verified and eligible.  
    4. Input eight-digit account Pin or answer security question
    5. Signup for the program

    Make sure you fill out the form by providing accurate details as requested. You should avoid any form of biased information. Once approved, you can be requested to visit the nearest Metro PCS store to get your benefits. They can also send you the details via your mail on the way forward of getting your benefits.

    A Special Metro PCS EBB Program Offers for Subscribers

    There are a lot of benefits you can get from the metro PCS emergency broadband benefit program. Some of the benefits include

    1) Free tablets

    One of Metro PCS phone deals for existing customers is free tablets which come in a variety. The tablets feature perks like a quality camera, ample memory storage, a high-resolution screen, and many others. With quality tablets, the user maximizes the use of the internet. The tablets tend to be either new or refurbished. The replacement of the defective phones is easily carried out. Call the service provider customer support for help.

    2) Free cell phone plan

    You can get a free cell phone plan if you qualify for the ebb program. Depending on the location, talk, text, and data units are allocated to you. Other areas may get little talk, text, and data units.

    3) Free laptops

    The program gives you a voucher to redeem on selected stores for laptops. The program dramatically benefits students who can get free laptops for their studies. You are encouraged to top up some dollars to the $200 voucher to get an ebb-free laptop. The laptop’s features include high RAM, powerful battery, good screen resolution, and others.

    4) Free internet

    Lastly, you get free internet services from the Metro PCS with the ebb program. Qualified applicants receive a free internet package of $50 monthly. The internet uses fiber optic technology, ensuring fast and reliable connectivity to the user’s homes.

    Reasons To Choose Metropcs ebb program

    Metro PCS proudly partners in the FCC Broadband Benefit program, which offers seasonal payment, help on internet services to eligible customers. Since Metro PCS is a brand under T-Mobile, benefits are enjoyed from the T-Mobile emergency broadband benefit program.

    1. There are a lot of cheap broadband plans under Metro PCS by T-Mobile. They currently launched the “Project 10 Million” to assist everyunconnected college student and household back into the internet services.
    2. The EBB program gives the promise of helping to connect consumers to essential broadband services and get free devices from the government.
    3. Metro by T-Mobile Broadband Internet Services provides the strongest and bold 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G network connections.

    To have more information about the rate plan and eligibility, speak to the customer care department at Metro by T-Mobile by calling 1-888-8METRO8 or 611 from your phone.

    Does Metro PCS Emergency Broadband Benefit cover all areas

    Since T-Mobile covers almost 99&% of the US population, so does the Metro PCS. The provider has been recognized as the most reliable standard service provider, no matter your location. Every location in the US benefits from the EBB program due to the excellent and extensive coverage of the provider.

    However, those living in urban centers may benefit faster than those living in rural areas where access to Metro PCS stores is limited. The mail-in application also takes time for this process to pose a significant challenge. It is advisable to reach out to Metro PCS to learn more about the network coverage and be sure whether your location is covered or not. If not covered, try another service provider so that you can benefit from this federal government program.

    Bottom line

    Qualifying for the EBB program from Metro PCS can help you save money on getting internet services, cell phone plans, tablets, and laptops. The article has touched on various aspects you need to know about the MetroPCS ebb program. I hope it will be easier to apply for the program with the insights discussed here. The application process entirely takes online, making a short time approved process.