Most likely, you have known Spectrum as cable television and internet brontosaurus over the years back. This behemoth telecommunication company is paddling into a new area by providing mobile phone services just like other companies like Comcast with its Xfinity mobile program. In this article, I will discuss the best Spectrum mobile phones and plans for USA residents.

    Spectrum mobile program is only available to customers in the company databases making this mobile phone program a specialized segment of the market.  Those who meet this eligibility enjoy big deals from the carrier. For instance, you can have an unlimited data plan and a brand new mobile phone like iPhone 12 for only $61 a month. These mobile plans seem cheaper than those offered by mobile carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

    If the above deal is not satisfactory, you can read this article about Spectrum telecommunication mobile program. I will try as much as possible to cover everything you need to know, from Spectrum mobile deals, Spectrum mobile compatible phones in the market to low-income mobile phones and plans.

    What are some things you need to know before you sign up for the spectrum mobile program?

    You may ask yourself what things I must consider before I switch to Spectrum for mobile phone services. In this article, I go through each of them, and they are as follows;

    i) Eligibility requirements

    Spectrum mobile program is not a subject of availability to everyone. This mobile program is only available to existing customers. Other requirements are to have Spectrum internet services, have a good credit score, and sign up for autopay. If you meet the above requirements, then you are good to go.

    ii) Network coverage

    This mobile program is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator which partners with Verizon to provide unlimited access to a network for its customers. You need to know whether this network covers the area you are in before you can sign up.

    iii) Plans and Pricing

    This mobile program has three mobile plans, namely, By the Gig, unlimited and unlimited plus. The pricing of each plan is as follows;

    • By the Gig at$14/GB monthly
    • Unlimited at $45/line monthly
    • Unlimited Plus at $55/line monthly

    With each plan having unlimited talk time, the task lies in your hand to choose the one which fits you.

    iv) Phone Compatibility

    Spectrum offers Spectrum mobile bring your own phone services in which these phones can be transferred to this service. Spectrum also offers compatible phone brands, like Apple iPhone 12, Apple iPhone 11, Apple iPhone SE, Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G, and Samsung Galaxy A51. They offer financing at 0% bi-annually if you decide to buy the phone on installments payment.

    v) Video streaming

    Spectrum mobile plans provide DVD quality streams for lovers of video streaming compared to other mobile phone programs. If you wish to watch HD video without mobile data, you can always connect to WIFI.

    vi) Customer service

    A good network operator has full customer service that deals with customers’ complaints and inquiries on time. You can get Spectrum support by simply calling (833) 224-6603.

    vii) Mobile Hotspot

    Spectrum mobile provides mobile hotspots at no extra cost subject to standard data rates. This makes Spectrum to be a widely chosen mobile data program, thus making spectrum low-income network providers. 

    Spectrum Mobile Plans

    This article explores various spectrum mobile plans available in detail. You will find a good reason for preferring a given plan to another, as discussed below.

    1) 1GB By the Gig Data Option

    This is a data plan option available for those who prefer to buy one thing at a time instead of buying in bulk. It is commonly referred to as the Flexible by-the-gig option as it allows paying for the data you are going to use for a given month. 

    • It costs $14 per month + $10 upfront making the cheapest data plan
    • Payment of the data  use at 1GB at a time
    • Suitable for 480p quality video streaming
    • Provides unlimited nationwide call minutes
    • Provides unlimited Messages to all networks
    • speeds are reduced if monthly data usage exceeds 5GB

    2) Unlimited Data Options

    This is one of the best Spectrum mobile plans that you can purchase for your communication quest. It has a robust data option for heavily data-sucking social media platforms, online gaming, and live streaming services. Despite this option being a bit expensive, getting a chance to qualify for it makes you lucky, as will you see the value of your money. Comparing this data plan among others in the industry seems to be the cheapest at $45.

    • Gives unlimited nationwide call minutes and messages to all networks
    • It is an unlimited data option that has no caps
    • Provides access to great speed WIFI connections
    • Free international calling and messaging in specified areas.
    • Provides robust hotspot access
    • It costs $ 45 per month plus $10 upfront.
    • Reduced speed after 10GB

    3) Unlimited Plus Data option

    This is an excellent data option from Spectrum, which features download speeds up to 400 Mbps and speeds starting from 200Mbps and 600Mbps options. It is Spectrum’s high bandwidth and low latency, which results in high internet speed. This data option is heavily priced, but it is suitable for high data-sucking applications and streaming.

    • It costs $55 per month plus $10 upfront.
    • It is the unlimited data option with added features thus an unlimited plus data option(has no caps)
    • Provides highest speed WIFI connections
    • Useful for HD quality video streaming
    • Unlimited nationwide talk minutes and text messages
    • Good for international calling and messaging in specified locations
    • Reduced speeds after 30 GB

    4) Spectrum Mobile Family Plans

    Every member of your family can now use home internet services with this spectrum data option. Your siblings, spouse, parents, and, other family members can be added to your spectrum mobile plan. With this option, you can mix and match other plans so that some lines are distributed on an unlimited data option while the rest can share the By gig plan.

    The big drawback to this mobile family plan is that it is expensive compared to buying separate data lines. Buying this data option will cost you an additional dollar to precisely what you would pay if you bought individual data plans.

    Spectrum Mobile Compatible phones

    Spectrum offers you an opportunity to grab a new phone along with the spectrum mobile plan of your own choice at their company. Are you still worried about which fast phone to purchase? Spectrum Company is a golden opportunity where you can get Spectrum mobile deals when you sign up for a new plan. This company offers to bring the services of your own device where the phone can be transferred to their services. Below is a list of the top five Spectrum mobile-compatible phones;

    1) Motorola, Moto E(2020)

    Price; There are six plans from $14 monthly and $129.99 upfront

    • It has a 6.2-inch screen display
    • It has a 13MP camera
    • Android-powered

    2) Google, Pixel 6, 128GB

    Price; There are six plans from $14 monthly and $609.99 upfront

    • It has a 6.4-inch screen display
    • It has a 50MP camera
    • Android-powered

    3) APPLE, iPhone 13 mini 128GB

    Price; There are six 6 plans from $14 monthly and $709.99 upfront

    • It has a 5.4-inch screen display
    • It has a 12MP camera
    • Apple IOS

    4) Samsung, Galaxy Z Flip3 5G 128GB

    Price; There are six plans from $14 monthly and $1009.99 upfront

    • 6.7-inch display
    • It has a 13MP camera
    • Android-powered

    5) Motorola, Moto G Play(2021)

    Price; 127 plans from 0$ per month and $ 172.99 upfront

    • 6.5-inch screen display
    • 13MP camera
    • Android-powered
    • 13GB internal memory

    There are many available spectrum-compatible phones with different features and pricing available in the market. In this article, I have considered the topmost chosen brands.

    What is Spectrum Mobile bring your own phone

    Sometimes you may need to switch to new Spectrum mobile plans, but you don’t want to purchase a brand new phone from the company. The good thing is that you may bring your phone to the company to be transferred to the service. The requirement is to check whether your phone is among spectrum mobile-compatible phones. If so, pick your desired plan then you are ready to go.

    Where can I buy Spectrum Mobile phones and plans

    You can purchase spectrum products either online or you can go in person at Spectrum stores. The most important thing to note is that you must be a Spectrum internet customer to get their mobile plans.

    Bottom line

    Spectrum mobile phones and plans are products offered by Charter Communications, Inc., an industry leader in broadband connectivity and cable operation, providing services to more than 30 million customers in different states. The company offers state-of-the-art residential and business services like mobile deals from internet services to compatible phones.