Spectrum Mobile is one of the mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) that offer cellular services using Verizon’s nationwide network. However, Verizon is the most significant 4G LTE network in the US, covering 70% of the entire US and connecting over 99% of the total population. As a result, Spectrum gives its customers the best and most reliable network in America. In this article, we’re discussing Spectrum bring your own phone. Let’s stick together.

    Additionally, Spectrum Mobile connects customers to Spectrum’s Wi-Fi hotspots put in place across the country to lower their monthly data usage. Besides, Spectrum Mobile enables you to bring your own phone (BYOP), including Android (running Android 9.0 or higher) and iPhone devices. To BYOP, you must have Spectrum Mobile compatible phones, plus, you require activating a new line of service with Spectrum Mobile.

    Notably, the existing customers can only add new lines since Spectrum Mobile doesn’t currently offer to bring your own phone to a current service line. You can enjoy the latest version of mobile technology with this carrier, 5G plans, and devices. Spectrum Mobile provides a 5G service, thus enhancing how customers play games, stream content, navigate and make video calls.  Besides, if you are a Spectrum Mobile customer with a 5G phone, you can connect to Verizon 5G towers.

    Spectrum Mobile Benefits

    • The Verizon network offers coverage.
    • There is no contract. It requires only a credit check and an activation fee
    • You can bring your own eligible cell phone or select from a selection of Spectrum Mobile phones that includes the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy, models
    • Keep your phone number option
    • International roaming at applicable prices
    • Customer service by phone or online chat
    • Mobile hotspot included on the unlimited plan hotspot data get slowed after 5 GB of use.
    • International calling available in addition to global text and unlimited talk to Canada and Mexico included

    Mobile Phone Selection from Spectrum bring your own phone List

    If you want to change your current wireless provider and come to Spectrum Mobile, you can bring your own device (BYOD) to its network. Besides, some unlocked Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone, Google Pixel, and LG phones can get transferred to the service. Learn more on Spectrum emergency broadband benefits from the US government.

    However, if you want to purchase a phone, Spectrum Mobile stocks a limited variety of models, which include:

    • Apple iPhone 12
    • Apple iPhone 11
    • Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G
    • Samsung Galaxy A51

    Better still, the financing option is available at 0% for 24 months if you opt not to pay the total cost for your device.

    What Network Technology Does Spectrum Mobile Use

    Generally, CDMA and GSM are the available technologies found in cell phones that help fill the gap when 4G is unavailable. Thus, if your phone is a few years old, it’s most likely compatible with both technologies, making it convenient to switch carriers.

    On the other hand, Verizon works with the CDMA network, so Spectrum Mobile is compatible with all CDMA phones. However, you don’t need to panic if your phone is not using the same technology. You can still save money on spectrum mobile phone deals. If you need to check if your phone is compatible, you can use Spectrum Mobile IMEI checker.

    Furthermore, Spectrum will give you a free SIM card to activate your phone’s new line and start enjoying its service if your phone is compatible. Some of the compatible devices include:

    • Apple iPhone SE or later
    • Samsung Galaxy 8 or later
    • Samsung Galaxy Note9 or later

    How Do You Switch to Spectrum Mobile

    When switching to Spectrum Mobile, you’ll have to ensure that your current phone is unlocked, which means it’s not under contract with a specific carrier, and that it’s compatible with the Spectrum Mobile network. You can check out your phone’s compatibility using your IMEI number.

    However, if your current cell phone is not compatible, you have the option to purchase a new phone from Spectrum Mobile that won’t drain your pocket. You can bring your own device and add a new service line or upgrade an existing line of service.

    Spectrum Mobile supports specific devices from other carriers, and if you want to upgrade an existing line of service online, you need to:

    • Log in to your Spectrum account.
    • In the Manage Account section, select Devices.
    • Proceed to the device you want to replace and choose View Device Details.
    • Select Shop Devices.
    • From the Products page, choose to bring Your Own Phone.
    • Next, follow the prompts to ascertain your device’s eligibility and replace your device.

    Spectrum Mobile bring your own phone

    i) Buy It Outright

    If you purchase a phone outright from Spectrum Mobile, you’ll have to pay the total recommended retail price (RRP). However, it is an expensive option because you’ll pay the total cost of a phone upfront instead of using an affordable monthly payment.

    On the good side, purchasing outright saves you from a long-term payment agreement (24 months), but it can’t be the ideal option if you want a more expensive phone.

    However, suppose you decide to transfer your Spectrum phone to another carrier within two years of buying it. In that case, you can get your full phone payment (needed for unlocking) out of the way immediately if you purchased it outright.

    ii) Spectrum Mobile Installment Plans

    Spectrum Mobile avails a 24-month installment payment plan on their phones with 0% interest, which is a big upon many other MVNOs that utilize third-party companies such as Affirm. This company charges interest depending on your credit rating.

    You can select from Spectrum Mobile’s phones and enroll in a monthly installment plan, starting as low as $10/month. If you want the latest Samsung Galaxies model or iPhone models, the monthly installment plan can save you the cost of having to pay for a device in full.

    Moreover, Spectrum Mobile requires a credit check if you choose to sign up for their service; you’ll already know if you qualify for Spectrum Mobile financing terms before buying one of their phones.

    What Are Spectrum Mobile Compatible Plans for bringing your own phone

    Apart from the spectrum low-income internet, Spectrum Mobile plans comprise no contracts, no fees, and added taxes. Besides, it offers access to nationwide 5G network access at no additional fee. When it comes to plans, Spectrum Mobile has three options, namely:

    a) By the Gig Data Plan for $14 per GB

    This plan is the best if you mainly utilize Wi-Fi and less than 3 GB of cellular data each month. The By Gig Data Plan lets you add data for $14 per GB, share data with up to 10 lines, save data using Spectrum’s Wi-Fi spots, and control your usage.

    b) Unlimited Data Plan for $45 a line per month

    This plan features unlimited text, talk, and data, 20 GB of premium data, and speeds slowed after 20 GB of usage per line. Besides, you can switch between Unlimited and Unlimited Plus anytime, and no additional fees when using the device as a mobile hotspot. The mobile hotspot speeds get reduced to 600 KBS after 5 GB per billing cycle.

    c) Unlimited plus Data Plan for $55 a line per month

     This plan packs the same features as the Unlimited Data Plan, in addition to HD-quality video streaming and 30 GB of premium data. To subscribe to a Spectrum Mobile plan, you must first look for Spectrum internet, choose a device (either a Spectrum phone or a BYOD-compatible phone), and customize your plan.

    Spectrum Mobile Lost Phone Replacement

    If you have a Spectrum-compatible phone, this carrier will repair or replace your damaged or defective device, provided the damage was not caused by misuse or another improper mishandling by the customer. If you demand a repair or replacement more than twice per year or three times in two years, Spectrum bears no obligation to repair or replace your cell phone.

    Spectrum Mobile also provides a 30-day refund policy guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with the service or device offered, this policy applies, and you can return it in 30 days. However, you are limited to one refund or credit per household.

    The above terms apply if the device was purchased directly from Spectrum Mobile. Alternatively, suppose you bought the device elsewhere. In that case, you must contact the provider, the manufacturer, if your manufacturer’s warranty is still valid, or your insurance company, in case your device is protected through insurance.

    Bottom line

    If you have a compatible cell phone with Spectrum Mobile, you don’t have to purchase a new device. Interestingly, you can bring it to Spectrum Mobile and use it, in addition to keeping your existing mobile number. According to Spectrum Mobile, you need to back up your device, ensure it is unlocked, and fix the latest software before switching it over to Spectrum Mobile.