Spectrum mobile is a leading mobile virtual network operator in the US that offers affordable no-contract cell phone plans. Since its inception, millions of customers have joined the network, showing how reliable spectrum mobile is.

    Despite them not being the best, especially during network congestion, they still stand out for the best spectrum mobile phone deals. This deal allows new and existing customers to get discounts on cell phones and cell phone plans. Many people have benefited from such deals because they can save money on buying phones at spectrum mobile compared to buying them from other vendors.

    Cell phone deals are rare and often accompanied by some shady deals. Give me find a cell phone deal that gives you up to a 90% discount on a cell phone, but you realize the device may be refurbished or not healthy functioning. Other deals may offer discounts on cell phone plans, but they have not included taxes or have hidden fees behind them.

    The best cell phone deals with no contract are considered a great option since they lack any back doors that will make you pay so much in the long run. Spectrum mobile is one of these service providers that offer deals that are inclusive of fees or any charge.

    This creates transparency between the company and the customer it attracts, attracting more customers to the network—deals at spectrum wireless range from mobile phones, accessories, tablets, and cell phone plans. Whether you are a new or existing customer, you have a chance to grab one of the deals.

    This article aims to cover the deals offered by spectrum wireless. These deals are categorized into 2: phone deals in cell phone plan deals. We will also look at which network and mobile spectrum are used, how you can put your number to the network, and much more insights. Let’s get started!

    Spectrum Mobile Useable Network Coverage

    Like many other mobile virtual network operators, Spectrum mobile relies on a standard service provider. Spectrum mobile uses Verizon Wireless cell phone towers to provide network services to their customers.

    Verizon Wireless is known to be a reliable service provider. We like that it offers a wide range of phone compatibility since it uses GSM network technology. Spectrum mobile leases cell phone towers from Verizon, and you are assured of 99% US coverage except for rural areas or lowland locations where you may need to get a spectrum mobile cell phone signal booster.

    Despite Verizon Wireless being reliable, you may face issues during network congestion where network priority goes to postpaid plan users on Verizon mobile. this will also affect you if you live in an urban area, but the good thing is that it does not happen all the time.

    Spectrum Mobile deals offer for free phone

    The federal government has not authorized spectrum mobile to offer free cell phone deals. This implies that you cannot get a free cell phone or a plan from the network. However, there are some massive discounts on selected devices that you can find on their website. Spectrum mobile also offers promotions where you can luckily get a free mobile phone or a free cell phone plan for a whole month if you win the promotion.

    To stay updated with whether there will be a promotion, feel free to follow spectrum mobile on their social channels and subscribe to their newsletter. If you are looking for a free phone, consider getting it from a free government phone provider like Q link wireless or one that offers such services near you. You will be required to meet some eligibility terms to qualify. Does Spectrum Mobile allow Trade-ins?

    Spectrum mobile allows Trade-in services in which you can use the credits to get a new phone under their cell phone deal. The trade-in process is very and has some great benefits. If you trade in your device, you get an additional $100 on your next device. Here is a well-detailed process on how you can trade-in your device:

    Step 1: Choose a new phone

    The first step will be to choose a new phone in their phone deal section. There are many funds on their website which you can choose from, and ensure you choose one that meets your budget well. You can easily top up.

    Step 2: Check trade-in value prior to purchase

    The next step will be to check the trade-in value before purchase. This requires you to evaluate the price of your current phone. Spectrum mobile will require you to feel a short questionnaire to give them information about your device. This information will be used to analyze and give a rough estimate of the price for the phone.

    Step 3: Send the trade in and get your credit

    The next step will be to send your device to spectrum mobile. You will be provided with a mail address you use to send that phone. Once the phone is received, they will check to see if everything is OK and then give you a final price for the device. The price will then be converted to credit which you can use to redeem your next new spectrum mobile compatible phone.

    Can I port my number to Spectrum Mobile

    Porting your phone number to Spectrum Mobile involves a few steps. However, here are some things to consider before you start:

    • You should not have deactivated the cell phone plan with your previous service provider
    • Independent bills with your previous service provider should be cleared
    • The phone number should not have been used in any fraudulent activities.

    If your phone number meets these requirements, the next step would be to contact Spectrum Mobile and inform them you plan to bring your phone number. They will then do a mini background check on your phone number by contacting your old service provider to see if everything is in place. From there, the porting process will begin and take approximately a few hours or one business day to complete

    The best Spectrum Mobile phone deals

    a) Phone deals

    1. iPhone 12

    Spectrum Mobile offers iPhone 12 deals, and now they have them in purple color. The deal also supports financing for24 months with 0% APR. The phone has some cool perks like a friendly user interface, the camera is excellent, and fasts a powerful processor.

    2. Moto G Stylus 5G

    Moto G Stylus 5G is one of the few flagship phones that support 5G network access. The device goes at an affordable price on Spectrum Mobile’s online store. It has a high screen resolution and is notable for the stylus that accompanies it.

    3. iPhone XR

    iPhone XR is currently on offer by Spectrum Mobile. Get it through financing with 0% APR and pay up within 24 months. iPhone XR is a flagship phone that comes with a wide range of flagship features like a clean user interface, long battery life, and many other cool perks. 

    4. Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

    Samsung Galaxy S21 5G is the latest phone by Samsung and is currently on a deal by Spectrum Mobile. The device has ample memory storage, high screen resolution, long battery life, and fast charging. You can also get this phone when you do a trade-in.

    5. Motorola Moto e

    Motorola Moto e is sold on Spectrum Mobile at an affordable price. The device is known to have some great perks despite it being in the midrange levels. Financing is also available on this plan, where you can get up to 0% APR and pay up in a 24-month time frame. 

    The benefits of Spectrum Mobile deals

    Spectrum mobile deals come with the best perks, which are rare to find from other service providers. Here are some benefits that come with using Spectrum Mobile.

    • Affordable
    • Dedicated customer service- Spectrum Mobile offers dedicated customer support via phone calls, social channels, and any other medium of communication. They respond within a day, or you can use live chat for immediate response if the matter is urgent.
    • Reliable network
    • No contracts- This applies to the cell phone plans. However, contracts may come about if you opt for financing for your phone.
    • Compatibility

    Bottom line

    At this point, you have all the insights needed to get started with the spectrum of mobile phone deals. We have converted some of the best devices you can buy from them at a discount and discussed the discounts currently offered under the cell phone plans. If you are a new customer, this article has covered some insights into putting your phone number on the network and much more information.