MetroPCS is a mobile virtual network operator located in the United States. The company has great pride in offering inexpensive cell phones and services to both new and current consumers.

    As a result, it is now the largest MVNO in the United States, reaching nearly all US population. Metro Pcs free phones with activation are necessary to join the network by bringing your own phone.

    However, even if the phone has been activated on another network, the process can be time-consuming. Mostly, you’ll have to go back and forth with your previous service provider to get the device activated.

    When it comes to activation, if you possess Metro pcs compatible phones, this carrier has a simplified process that takes a few minutes to complete. Moreover, this method eliminates the need to walk into a MetroPCS store to activate your phone.

    With more than 18 million customers, you can expect speedy and smooth assistance when dialing their phone number on 888-863-8768. In this guideline, we’ll explain which phones are compatible with MetroPCS, which plans are likely to be accessible on their network, and how to get a MetroPCS phone for free. Among other things,  the MetroPCS phone compatibility and other concerns. Let’s proceed together!

    MetroPCS Deals For Existing Customers

    First, to choose the best MetroPCS cell phone deal for you, you must compare all of the company’s offers, including the Metropcs phone deals for existing customers. As a current customer, you can choose from a range of MetroPCS service options. Additional lines added to an unlimited LTE plan will result in a $50 refund on any phone purchased.

    If you’ve been with the carrier for three months or more and wish to upgrade to the $60 unlimited plan, you can do so for the same amount. Cell phones that cost $79 or more are also eligible for this promotion.

    i) For $30 a month, Metro PCS offers a 2GB data plan.

    There are 28 phones included in MetroPcs $30 Mobile’s 2 GB plan. Besides, a $25 upfront payment does not change the monthly plan’s price, plus the $30 2 GB package comes with a mobile hotspot. Your 4G LTE internet data may get shared with friends and family by connecting to the hotspot network. Using Global Voice Calls, you can also call more than 140 countries from the United States.

    ii) For $40 a month, Metro PCS offers a 10 GB data plan.

    There are 28 phones included in this Metro by T-Mobile package, which costs $25 upfront and $40 per month. A mobile hotspot is not included with the Metro PCS $40 monthly 10GB plan, unlike the $30 2GB plan. Consequently, sharing your 4G LTE mobile data will be impossible. If you want to add family members or friends to this plan, you can pay $30 per month for each additional line.

    iii) For $60 a month, MetroPCS offers an unlimited plan.

    Like other MetroPcs phone bundles, this one includes a variety of twenty-eight different phones. There is a $25 one-time setup fee and a $60 monthly service fee for this service. “

    iv) For $60 a month, MetroPCS offers Unlimited Family

    A $60 monthly unlimited shared plan adds up to 15 GB of additional mobile hotspot access if the $50 monthly unlimited family plan isn’t enough.

    v) Discounted LG Metro PCS Phone Deals

    MetroPCS has a wide variety of low-cost cell phones and Metro PCS plans to choose from. Metro PCS customers can purchase a new phone at any time. In addition to the purchase price of the phone, you’ll get charged an upgrade fee.

    When Can I activate and Replace My MetroPCS Phone

    T-Mobile and Metro PCS merged to form Metro by T-Mobile. In the wake of the merger, the band will no longer connect to old phones. As a result, Metro by T-Mobile has now published a promotional update offering phones at a $150 discount. If you activate your Metro PCS phone within the first 90 days of signing up, you are immediately eligible for a promotional upgrade up to four times per year.

    Metro PCS allows you to activate your phone in one of the various ways:

    1. Activate your phone by calling 228 using your Metro device.
      • Follow the instructions and input your account information.
      • You will have to settle your first bill, and then your phone should get activated.
    2. You can activate either in person at a Metro PCS store near you or online.
    3. You can reach out to the customer support team on 888-863-8768 for further assistance 24/7.

    However, upgrades initiated before the 90-day limit will incur the full fee. Using the My Metro App, you can do this at any time. Metro PCS offers the option of an upgrade when switching (BYOD – bring your own device). Non-Metro PCS clients who want to switch to Metro PCS must have Wireless Number Portability, which allows you to keep your old phone number.

    When it comes to replacing your phone, Metro pcs phone replacement will save you money in circumstances whereby your phone gets lost, stolen, or damaged. To be eligible for a replacement, your phone must be compatible with Metro PCS.

    How Can I Upgrade My Metro Pcs Phone

    To avoid problems with various forms of connectivity, both now and in the future, you’ll need to get your smartphone up to date. It is necessary to get a new phone that includes the current operating system and additional features and then throw away the old one.

    You can check on Metro pcs phone upgrade before deciding which option is best for your technological advancement needs. Metro PCS is presently providing a $150 discount on any phone purchased from the company.

    On the other hand, there is no need to continue battling with that worthless phone. Update your phone by visiting the Metro PCS website or by coming to one of their locations, where you may also learn about current deals. For as little as $39, you can get an upgrade!

    MetroPCS Phones For Sale

    A wide range of Metro Pcs phones is available at Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, and other authorized third-party dealers. However, each phone from these various retailers comes at a different pricing point. If you’re looking for a cheap Metro PCs phone, below are the four of the best options.

    1)  Samsung’s Galaxy S9, 64 GB

    The Samsung Galaxy S9 series is an excellent phone with excellent photography, technology, and performance capabilities. It has a 12MP camera that adapts to the human eye to produce stunning photographs. The 5.8-inch dual-curved AMOLED screen feels great on one’s hands.

    2) Apple iPhone SE (iPhone SE)

    This device features 3GB RAM and 64 GB of internal storage in the SE model. Wi-Fi and a battery capacity of 1821mAh. An 8MP front camera and a 12MP back camera enable the phone to shoot 4K 60fps videos. It uses the ISP of the A13 to take photos.

    3) Apple iPhone XR 64GB

    As a current MetroPCS customer, you can get the Apple iPhone XR for free if you meet the eligibility requirements. A pre-paid smartphone that provides you with convenience and efficiency is the Apple iPhone XR. Never before seen images are coming from your XR thanks to the brand new liquid retina display.

    4) Motorola Moto Zoom XT 2010 128GB

    An Octa-core Snapdragon 675 processor drives the Motorola One Zoom. The phone features a 6.39-inch touchscreen with a resolution of Super AMOLED capacitive. A wide range of colors is available for the Motorola One Zoom. These include Cosmic Purple and Electric Gray.

    Which Phones Work With MetroPCS

    MetroPCS works with a wide variety of devices. The root of the problem is network technology. To be a MetroPCS-compliant customer, you must have a network technology identical to that used by MetroPCS. As of lately, Metro-by-T-Mobile is owned by T-Mobile and relaunched as MetroPCS. The company uses T-network Mobile’s to provide coverage for T-Mobile handsets. T-network Mobile uses the GSM standard.

    On the other hand, if your cell phone is GSM-enabled, it’s likely to work on MetroPCS, as well. You can use your phone with MetroPCS if it supports both GSM and CDMA. Metro PCS-compatible phones are currently from Samsung, Xiaomi, Apple, Nokia, LG, ZTE, Realme, Google, and OnePlus. Besides, you can get a compatible device from cheap Metro pcs phones at Walmart. To find compatible MetroPCS phones for sale, visit their website.

    Bottom line

    MetroPCS is a popular MVNO with An easy phone activation process. With other service providers, the process is far more time-consuming and cumbersome. If things get a little tedious, MetroPCS has excellent customer service to help you along the way. It is simple to activate any phone with MetroPCS. Besides, if you want to join this carrier, it also allows consumers to bring their own phone, making it easy for customers to activate their devices on its network.