The rise in the use of hotspot plans has led to many companies offering complete mobile hotspot plans to their customers. Most of these plans vary in price, data allocation, and many other perks like network speed and quality. Some service providers offer unlimited boost mobile hotspot plans, while others have data caps on their plans. Finding the right service provider with the best plan takes several factors in place, and this article will give you all the insights you need to know.

    Choosing the best hotspot plan is very simple if you know your exact needs. Also, the priorities you have set can easily filter out the right service providers among many. Most people prefer unlimited data, but in the end, they come to realize the network is trash, or they are being charged with hidden costs.

    In worst cases, some hotspot plans may come with a contract that will require you to pay early termination fees before your exit. This article will provide insights on choosing the best hotspot plans. The insights will help you find the right provider whom you will stick to for years. We will also list some of the best service providers in the US which you can opt for. Let’s get started!

    Best Ways to Choose An Excellent Hotspot Plans

    In the following we are talking about Boost Mobile hotspot plans so that we can select your best ones.

    i) Data Plans

    Data plans are very essential when it comes to hotspot plans. Some plans offer unlimited data, while others have capped data. Ensure to choose a service provider that offers the best data plans while keeping in mind the network coverage and internet speeds of the service provider. Do not go for unlimited data plans only to be throttled every time in network congestion.

    ii) Network Coverage

    Network coverage is essential to everyone. Without perfect content, you will experience slow internet speeds and, at times, no internet access at all. Choose a service provider with adequate network coverage within your area.

    Also, it is recommended for the service provider to have network access across the country. This makes it easier to access the internet if you love to travel a lot. Whether it’s an MVNO or a standard provider, they should offer stable network coverage for your hotspot.

    iii) Data Allotment

    This refers to the data allocated on your hotspot devices every month. Choose a service provider that offers a good chunk of data. Be careful in jumping providers with unlimited data plans since they may have hidden fees or unreliable network coverage.

    However, a few service providers like Boost Mobile offer unlimited data plans and have reliable network coverage, and they are affordable. To know if a service provider is reliable, check out their ratings on various platforms like and other online communities.

    iv) Costs

    Cost is essential when choosing a hotspot plan. It would help if you decided on something within your budget, thus preventing any payment constraints in the future. The plan should not have any hidden fees or extra charges other than those listed alongside the price. If you opt for a Hotspot plan with a contract, ensure the service provider has listed out all the fees.

    v) Customer Care

    Customer care is essential since you can contact them if you have any queries. Choose a service provider with a well-known customer care reputation. By doing so, if you have any questions, they will be responded to as fast as possible by the customer care team. Technical support is also essential if you use the company’s hardware to run your hotspot plan.

    Boost Mobile Hotspot Plans – Get Your Best Ones

    You can use any Boost Mobile cell phone plan for your hotspot services. Some of the benefits of getting a Boost Mobile plan include:

    1. No service contracts
    2. Taxes and fees are included
    3. Mobile Hotspot is available
    4. Unlimited talk and text
    5. Nationwide coverage

    Some of the best plans include:

    1. SHRINK-IT

    This plan goes for $45/mo and you can get a $35/mo payment offer after using the plan for 6 months. The plan also offers a new and upgraded network. A mobile hotspot is included. You get 15GB of data.


    Go Unlimited comes with unlimited data, talk and text. You also get unlimited SD streaming and 12GB of mobile hotspot for $50 or you can opt for more hotspot data at $60 in which you get a 30GB mobile hotspot.

    Boost Mobile also has other plans under 50 which you can opt for. The plans include:

    1) $25 Plan

    Boost Mobile $25/Mo. Plan –See it on Amazon

    This plan offers unlimited talk and text, and a Mobile hotspot. The data is capped at 5GB 4G LTE. it is available to new customers only

    2) $15 plan

    This plan comes with unlimited talk and text and is inclusive of the mobile hotspot. It is offered to customers who bring their devices.

    3) $10 plan

    With this plan, you get unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data. The plan also comes with 1GB of mobile hotspot. It is available to customers under the BYOD program.

    Boost Mobile has an unlimited family plan that starts at $80/mo for 2 lines. The plan offers unlimited talk, text, and data, 35GB of 4G LTE/ line, and 12GB mobile hotspot/line.

    Is Boost Mobile Hotspot Plan Better Than Home Internet

    The Boost mobile hotspot plan is not the best when it comes to Home internet. The best home internet services are fiber optic connectivity which tends to offer speeds of over 1GB.

    If you are looking for a hotspot service with light usage, then Boost Hotspot plans are the best option. However, for heavy internet usage, cable, DSL, and fiber optic connectivity are the best options.

    Activation Of New Wi-Fi Hotspot

    To activate the Wi-Fi hotspot ensures you have the sim card offered by Boost Mobile. Place the sim card inside the hotspot device and power it on. You will then see a message directing you to dial a USSD code. Once you dial it, you will receive direct instructions on activating the device.

    Things To Check Before Choosing A Boost Mobile Plan

    Boost mobile plan comes with a hotspot plan convenient for anyone looking to get a hotspot device. Boost Mobile is an MVNO that uses T-Mobile’s network, one of the US’s largest standard service providers. The Boost Mobile plan has many perks like:

    i) Stable network coverage

    T-Mobile is ranked among the top 3 service providers in the US when it comes to network coverage. You are always assured of reliable network coverage across the 56 States in the US. However, during network congestion, you may be subjected to throttling.

    ii) Good customer service

    The Boost Mobile customer support team responds to queries within a short time. They also have a community forum in which you can post your queries and get responses from the members.

    iii) No contracts

    Opt-in and out of the cell phone plans as you wish and there are no extra charges or early termination fees. No contract Hotspot plans are also seen to attract many customers hence Boost Mobile has set it at high priorities.

    iv) A good amount of Data allotment

    The data allocated with Boost Mobile can go up to 50GB per month, and in some cases, there are promotions in which you get unlimited data allocation. The pricing is not subjected to sudden change, and you will be notified earlier if there are changes.

    Boost Mobile hotspot frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    How do I check the megabyte balance available on my Boost Wi-Fi Hotspot plan?

    You can check out the amount of data remaining in your account by signing in on the Boost Mobile customer’s page. You can also use USSD codes to get accurate info on your data balance. Boost Mobile has an App on the Google play store and an App store, which you can use to check your data balance.

    What can I do to improve signal strength?

    To ensure you get the best signals, ensure you live in an area covered by T-Mobile. This is because Boost Mobile is an MVNO that leverages T-Mobile’s network. However, you can also use a cell phone signal booster for home. Such boosters will improve network signals inside your house, eliminating slow internet and dropped calls.

    Bottom Line

    From this article, you can now get started with the best hotspot plan in the US. Boost mobile is considered the best option since it is very affordable compared to other service providers. They also have stable network coverage courtesy of T-Mobile.

    Enrolling in the plan is very simple and does not require any credit checks or background details from the government. Boost Mobile also has exciting offers for new and existing customers on their network. You can get discounts on phones and plans.