Assurance Wireless stands out to be one of the renowned free government phone service providers in the US. The company has been in existence for a while, and Millions of Americans have benefited from the services offered by the company. The Assurance Wireless government phones help people access communication channels by having a free phone and a free cell phone plan until a recertification process. Doing so has helped bridge the digital divide and enhance effective communication among Americans and around the globe.

    The free phones offered by Assurance Wireless are not flagship phones but have perks like a good camera, and internet access and they all run on either Android or iOS. You will never get a flip phone or a keypad phone if you opt for Assurance Wireless free phone services. However, getting these phones is not an easy process, and it entails a well-structured application process that can be done online, via mail, or by visiting a store, and a customer rep will be there to help you.

    This article will focus on how to get a free government phone from Assurance Wireless. We will look at the eligibility terms and how to apply. We will also touch on the phones available, among other insights. By the end, you will have all the know how to get started with the free cell phone and plan services offered by Assurance Wireless.

    Qualification For Assurance Wireless Government Phone

    Qualification for an Assurance Wireless free government phone is based on three factors:

    a) Participation in Federal Assistance Programs

    The Federal assistance programs aid to help people of low or no income with various services and perks. These programs include:

    • Supplemental Security Income
    • Veteran Pension and survivor’s Benefit
    • Tribal Head Start
    • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
    • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
    • Federal Public Housing Assistance at Section 8
    • Medicaid

    These are some of the programs that may grant you a chance to get free phones and plans. You are also required to provide a certificate to show that you have participated in the programs. Ensure that the certificate is original as lack of integrity can lead to legal issues.

    b) Disability

    If you are disabled, you may qualify for a free government phone and plan from Assurance Wireless. Also, if you have ever benefited from other disability programs, you may use those certifications obtained to show you qualify for free government phone from Assurance Wireless.

    c) Income

    If your income is below 135% of Federal poverty, you may qualify for the free cell phone plan. However, the percentage level may vary with state, so be sure to check out the minimum income percentage to see if you meet the requirements.

    assurance wireless free government phones

    Cell Phones Offered By Assurance Wireless

    Assurance Wireless offers a variety of phones which range from low-budget to mid-range smartphones. Luckily all the phones are smartphones meaning they grant users access to the internet and other perks offered by phones.

    In some cases, you may choose a device of your liking, but mostly Assurance Wireless chooses a phone for you. The phones are refurbished, and some may be new; it all depends on your luck in getting a new one. However, if the device is faulty or has some glitch, the Assurance Wireless replacement phone service is seamless and ensures you get a replacement phone within a short time.

    Some of these phones may come from brands like Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Motorola, LG, Lenovo, Xiaomi, ZTE, and much more. The mid and low-budget phones may include Samsung Galaxy A20, A32, A10, Google Pixel 3A, and much more.

    Is Assurance Wireless Allow To Bring Your Own phone

    Assurance Wireless allows users to bring their phones if they are compatible with the network. The phone should first pass through a compatibility check, after which you may apply for the free government phone plan.

    To check on compatibility, you need to have your IMEI number. The IMEI number can be obtained by dialing *#06# from your cell phone. From there, visit Assurance Wireless and go to the BYOD page. Here you will key in your IMEI number and wait for a few seconds or minutes to see if the device is compatible or not. If the device is compatible, you will process with the application process.

    Complete Process To Get Assurance Wireless Free Government Phone

    Here is a well-structured process for getting the free phone from Assurance Wireless:

    Step 1 – Check if you qualify

    Earlier on, we talked about the eligibility terms. Ensure that you meet the eligibility conditions based on the recommended ones by Assurance Wireless. If you see that you meet the requirements, you may proceed to the next step.

    Step 2 – Create an online account with Assurance Wireless

    Creating an account with Assurance Wireless-only takes around 5 minutes. You will need to have an email address, a mail address, a password, and a username. Once you set up the account, you will get a notification on your email to confirm if it is valid and once confirmed that’s it, you now have an account with Assurance Wireless.

    Step 3 – Application Process

    Fill in the application form on the Assurance Wireless dashboard. It may take some time to complete but ensure every detail is correct and up to date. You will also be required to attach documents based on how you met the eligibility terms, i.e., if you qualified through income, you will be required to submit your tax documents. Once done, you will wait for around three days before you get feedback from them.

    Step 4 – Approval

    If approved, the phone, and sim toolkit will be mailed to your mail, or you can collect them from the nearest physical store.

    Step 5 – Activation

    Activation is done via the dashboard of Assurance Wireless. It also takes a few minutes to complete. From there, you will get the full benefits of Assurance Wireless free phone and plan for up to one year, after which you will be required to re-certify.

    Final Words

    By now, you have a clear glimpse of how to get a free phone from Assurance Wireless. The process is straightforward and does not require any technical expertise as everything is based on on-screen instructions. Just like applying for the Assurance Wireless free tablet, you need to uphold integrity to prevent any legal issues. Feel free to contact Assurance Wireless via mail or social channels if you encounter issues during or after the application process.