Assurance Wireless is a brand by Virgin Mobile, and it’s a renowned provider of Lifeline and the Affordable connectivity Program. However, these programs offer free cell phones to eligible customers who meet the eligibility qualifications. If your cell phone gets stolen, lost, or damaged, you need to report to their customer support at 1-888-321-5880 and request an Assurance Wireless Replacement Phone. Besides, reporting the situation to customer care prevents further usage of the remaining balance.

    Moreover, this company has grown rapidly and currently serves 40 states and the District of Columbia. If you lose your Assurance Wireless phone, you can receive a replacement phone. Notably, the type of replacement cell phone depends on the mobile phone you originally had. Android smartphone owners would receive another Android smartphone. If you had an Assurance Wireless flip phone, you would get another flip phone as your replacement device.

    Several reasons may force you to replace your device. First, your current Assurance Wireless cell phone may be outdated, and you may opt to get a cell phone with newer features as part of the Assurance Wireless phone upgrade. On the other hand, you may need a replacement phone if your Assurance Wireless phone got lost, damaged, or stolen. To initiate the Assurance Wireless replacement phone process, contact Customer Care at 1-888-321-5880 for steps towards having your new phone.

    Assurance Wireless Phone Replacement – The Procedure

    If your cell phone got stolen, lost, or damaged, you may get a replacement cell phone by following the instructions below:

    • If your cell phone got lost or stolen, file a police report and submit a copy to Assurance Wireless. If your cell phone got damaged, you must submit proof of purchase or a bill of sale to Assurance Wireless.
    • Then, reach out to Assurance Wireless Customer Care at 1-888-321-5880 to request a replacement device. You must submit your name, phone number, address, and phone serial number.
    • If you are a new Assurance Wireless customer, you must provide your birth date and the last four digits of your social security number.
    • If you are an existing Assurance Wireless customer, you must provide your account number and the last four digits of the social security number.
    • You will be responsible for the cost of the replacement phone, if any, which gets charged to your Assurance Wireless account.

    Notably, regarding the replacement process, you can get charged a small fee for the shipment process. However, this doesn’t always apply, as you may still obtain a free replacement within a few days of initiating your application.

    Ways to Replace Your Assurance Wireless Phone

    i) Through an Assurance Wireless Service Center

    • Identify the Service Center nearest you by using Assurance Wireless online tool.
    • Submit your state ID and proof of eligibility to the appointment.
    • One of the customer representatives will help you through the replacement process and answer any burning queries you have about your account.

    ii) Through Your Phone By Calling Customer Care

    • Get ready your state ID and proof of eligibility when you call 1-888-321-5880, so they can verify your identity and account information through the phone.
    • After customer care verifies your information, they’ll process the request for a new replacement phone and ship it to the address on file for your account.

    iii) Through The Online Method

    • Proceed to Virgin Mobile’s website at mobile virgin media and sign in using your details
    • Complete the application form and submit your ZIP code
    • After submitting all the required details, you can submit your filled form to Assurance wireless through email. Besides, you can also submit the form by fax or by phone.
    • Then, wait for the verification process to complete, and if successful, your replacement device will get sent through the provided address.

    Deactivate Process Of Your Assurance Wireless Phone After Getting Lost or Stolen

    The simplest method to permanently deactivate your lost or stolen Assurance Wireless phone is their customer service number at 1-888-321-5880. It’s advisable to contact them immediately after the incidence and thus ensure your remaining account balance remains intact.

    Inform the customer care representative of the whole scenario and request them deactivate your phone. Consequently, the representative will temporarily suspend your service or permanently deactivate the cell phone.

    Additionally, if you lose your SIM card or it gets damaged, you must follow the same procedure for a lost, stolen, or severely damaged phone. In this case, you must contact Assurance Wireless support at 1-888-321-5880. However, ensure to explain that only your SIM card got damaged, lost, or stolen and that you only require a new Assurance Wireless SIM.

    Therefore, Assurance Wireless will deactivate your old SIM and forward you a new one for free. Immediately you receive it, install it on your cell phone and activate it. If you want to continue utilizing your old phone number, call the Assurance Wireless customer support team after you’ve activated the new SIM and request the number port-in.

    Assurance Wireless Phone Replacement Policy

    If you need a replacement for your Assurance Wireless phone, you must know the replacement policy first. The replacement policy states that:

    1. A customer needing a replacement phone from Assurance Wireless must pay a small fee if the cell phone gets stolen or lost.
    2. If your cell phone got faulty or broken within the first year, you would not get charged any fee. Assurance Wireless devices come covered by the warranty from the manufacturer for the first 12 months. However, this warranty lasts 12 months after the cell phone has been shipped to the customer.
    3. If you broke your phone or it’s faulty for some reason, you can reach out to the customer care team at 1-888-321-5880. After that, you will get instructions on how the phone will get replaced for you.

    For Assurance Wireless replacement phones, you may not typically receive the same device as your old phone. Instead, you may receive a different model that operates perfectly well as the previous cell phone.

    Assurance Wireless Replacement Phones

    If you want a replacement for your lost, damaged, or stolen Assurance Wireless phone, in most cases, you will not get the exact model you had previously. In this case, the availability of devices keeps changing as new phones are introduced in the market.

    However, you will obtain a replacement model that matches your current phone needs. The carrier will provide a phone that is available at that moment. Some of the best models that you may receive as replacement models include:

    1. ZTE Tempo X
    2. Kyocera Hydro Reach
    3. Kyocera DuraForce XV+
    4. Unimax U683CL
    5. LG Aspire T40C
    6. LG Optimus F3
    7. Alcatel OneTouch Retro

    Below Is a List Of Assurance Wireless Most Popular Replacement Phones:

    1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
    2. Samsung Galaxy S6
    3. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
    4. Samsung Galaxy S7
    5. Apple iPhone 6
    6. Apple iPhone SE
    7. LG G4
    8. Nokia Lumia 635
    9. Huawei Honor 5X
    10. Motorola Moto G (3rd Gen)
    11. Motorola Moto G4 Play

    Payment Cost Of An Assurance Wireless Replacement Phone

    In case you have misplaced, lost, or damaged your Assurance Wireless phone, it is worth noting that you may get charged for you to receive a replacement. Generally, you will have to pay a $20 replacement fee to receive a new device.

    However, the amount you will get charged mainly varies depending on the state of your account balance. Therefore, you may pay a small fee and get a new device or still receive a replacement free of charge.

    Most importantly, all new devices follow a 1-year warranty policy given by phone manufacturers, not by Assurance Wireless. Therefore, if your cell phone stops working within the first year, the general warranty should cover repair or give you a free new replacement phone.

    Assurance Wireless Replacement Phones Activation Process

    To activate your Assurance Wireless replacement phone, you can follow the steps below to get started.

    1st Step

    Long press the power button to put off your phone. Then, enable hands-free activation to connect your phone to the Assurance Wireless network and enable the device to check for updates. The phone will turn off.

    2nd Step

    Switch the cell phone on, and after you do so, you may get requested to customize your cell phone. You may have to skip the setup screen and first finish in step 3.

    3rd Step

    Dial 611 and follow the given instructions.

    4th Step

    You will be requested to submit your Assurance Wireless account PIN. You will find it at the top of the Assurance Wireless approval letter. Immediately you do, submit it.

    After activating your replacement cell phone, your phone number and account balance will transfer to the phone. Then, allow your phone to finish all the updates. If you have problems activating your phone, contact Assurance Wireless customer support from another phone for further help.

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    How Do I get Assurance Wireless Phone Replacement?

    You can get a replacement if your phone gets lost/stolen or need an upgrade phone. You can also request a replacement if your phone shows equipment malfunction within the first year of usage. The one-year warranty on Assurance Wireless phones gets provided by the original equipment manufacturer, although you should contact the Assurance Wireless customer support team in this case as well.

    If I’m Approved, Can I Keep My Current Phone Number?

    Of course, when you get approved, you can as well keep your current phone number. Here’s how: Once you get issued with your Assurance Wireless phone, you can call Customer Care at 1-888-321-5880, and a representative will assist you on how to keep your current number. You need to contact them using a different phone and get your account number and password from your previous carrier transferred.

    Can Assurance Wireless Customers Access T-Mobile Network Experience Coverage?

    As of October 1, 2020, Assurance Wireless provides mobile Broadband Internet Access Services for smartphones and feature phones over T-Mobile’s network. New and existing customers can access T-Mobile wireless services on its 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G broadband networks.

    What Carrier Is Assurance Wireless?

    Assurance Wireless is a component of the federal Lifeline Assistance program nurtured by Virgin Mobile. Lifeline Assistance is a government-assisted program supported by the federal Universal Service Fund for which you must qualify following the above-outlined criteria. The Lifeline Assistance program is applicable for only one account per household.
    Today, Assurance Wireless serves its free government smartphones and cell phones plus free monthly minute and text plan in over 40 states, and the list is expanding. Additionally, it has an excellent coverage area and millions of subscribers. The carrier’s exceptional services get appreciated by the customers and ensure they do not break their Lifeline contract to another provider.

    Final Words

    Assurance Wireless is among the carriers with the most extensive customer base in the US. However, if your Assurance Wireless phone gets stolen, lost, or damaged, you can replace it by going to an Assurance Wireless Service Centre or calling the Customer Care team at 1-888-321-5880. During the process, Assurance Wireless will deactivate your old phone and provide you with a new replacement device.