Deals are an exclusive avenue to get the best services within an exclusive avenue for [people to get discounted offers on certain services. In the cell phone service providers industry, many deals range from discounts on cell phone plans, phones, accessories, and sometimes free products and promotions.

    MetroPCS is one of the service providers offering amazing deals and perks to their new and existing customers. The deals aim to attract and at the same time retain old customers. Some deals include perks from other providers like Apple music streaming, Netflix, and much more. You may be wondering, what deals do MetroPCS have right now?

    The deals on MetroPCS can save you a lot of money. These deals have been in existence for years but only appear occasionally. MetroPCS, which recently changed its name to Metro-by-T-Mobile, is regarded as one of the largest MVNOs in the US, so you can imagine the magnitude of the deals provided, considering it’s a well-established service provider.

    They also run on the most reliable network; hence, MetroPCS is the right place to be if you are a new customer and are worried about coverage. They also have other perks like reliable customer services, and a variety of stores across the country, which makes them easily accessible in case you want any help.

    MetroPCS deals can save you from as low as $10/mop based on plans and go up to $1200 or more if you buy a phone or device from them. This article will give insights on all the deals available and how you can access them.

    We will also discuss whether they give free phones on those deals, the locations where you can get the deals, whether they offer unlocked phones, and how you can bring your phone and still enjoy the deals. Let’s dive in!

    Which areas does MetroPCS cover

    MetroPCS offers nationwide coverage. However, the deals may vary with each State, so it is best to look up the deals based on your Zip code. If you live in a rural area, I suggest consulting them to learn whether the network is reliable in that area.

    If not, and if you find that the deals will save you money in the long run, the best option would be to get a cell phone Signal Booster. This booster extends coverage where there are poor signals.

    MetroPCS uses T-Mobile to lease the network services, so you are assured of reliable coverage and no downtimes except during network congestion, whereby Post-paid users on T-Mobile get network priority.

    What deals does MetroPCS have right now

    There are several deals that you can get from MetroPCS. Some are also available on T-Mobile. The deals include:

    1) 5G upgrade deal

    The 5G upgrade deal offers a discount of up to 50% when you ditch other networks and switch to MetroPCS. 5G is the latest and considered the fastest network in the US. The deal is offered based on the following conditions:

    • It is limited to in-store. You can’t access this deal via their website
    • You must do a trade-in an eligible device
    • The pricing is valid for 24 months, after which it may change

    This deal offers an unlimited everything plan with 5G access at $25/mo. However, if you exceed 35 GB of data usage, you may notice slow internet speed. You can also get a Samsung Galaxy A32 5G if you trade in an eligible device. To get this deal, visit MetroPCS’s website and search for a store near you. Remember, the deal is limited for a short time.

    2) Free phones- Limited offer

    This might be the biggest deal on the network. MetroPCS is offering free phones when you switch and based on other conditions. The phones come from top brands like Samsung and OnePlus. You must switch from another service provider and purchase a line via their physical stores to get this deal. Some of the phones offered for free include:

    i) OnePlus Nord N100

    This phone has great perks like a 5000 mAh battery, 64b GB memory, and a stunning large display. The phone is going at $179, but you can get it for free on MetroPCS.

    ii) Samsung Galaxy A02s

    This phone is known for its massive battery Quad camera. Powerful processor and a 6.5 HD display. It costs $159 on retail, but it’s free for a limited time on MetroPCS.

    iii) Samsung Galaxy A12s

    The A12 is a budget phone under the Samsung A-series. It comes with nearly similar features to the Samsung A02s and goes for $189.00 but is free on MetroPCS.

    Visit a store near you to get this deal.

    3) Try Metro for just $5

    You can try MetroPCS unlimited plan for just $5 when you bring your phone and choose an eligible plan. Luckily, if you are a new customer, you get a free sim card and zero fees when you switch from T-Mobile.

    If you have switched from another network, then you may be subjected to some fees. If you are a heavy data user, the speeds may be slowed down once you exceed 35 GB if there is network congestion. Streaming is limited to DVD quality.

    4) T-Mobile Tuesday

    If you are switching from T-Mobile to MetroPCS, you may know what T-Mobile Tuesday entails. This deal offers exclusive discounts and promotions on Tuesday. You may get extra data allotment, free vouchers, discounts on streaming platforms, and much more.

    The deals are, however, limited to selected eligible plans. You can find out more by visiting their website. Some of the companies that have partnered with T-Mobile for deals include:

    Shell, Addidas, Burger King, Popeyes, TopGolf, Baskin Robins, T-Mobile Travel, Live nation, Redbox, and many more.

    Does MetroPCS offer free cell phone plans or free phones on the deals

    No. However, there are times when you can buy one phone and get one for free. These deals are often matched with a family plan where you are required to buy four or more lines for you to qualify.

    The service is often available to new customers. For old customers, there is always a pre-condition for you to get any free services. To be notified if there is a free service or phone, please follow MetroPCS on their social channels or subscribe to their newsletter.

    Can I get an unlocked phone from MetroPCS

    Yes. On Metro PCS deals for new customers, you can get an unlocked phone at an affordable price. The phones are sold on MetroPCS’s online store and on their physical store too. You can find a wide range of phones ranging from Android and iPhones.

    All phones are unlocked; hence if you ever feel like switching to another service provider, the process is simple since the phone is not tied to T-Mobile. Also, MetroPCS does not offer financing on the phones they sell, making it reasonable for them to sell unlocked phones.

    Verizon New or existing customers deals

    At MetroPCS, there is no deal superseding the other. Some deals may be available to new customers, while others are only available to existing customers. However, at one point, everyone was a new customer and hence in one way or another, got to benefit from deals for new customers.

    The MetroPCS deals for existing customers may also be accessible to new customers, primarily deals on phones. In summary, every customer at MetroPCS will always get a deal that will eventually save them money.

    Also, the deals may be individually based hence omitting the idea that one must be a new or existing customer. MetroPCS may contact you via e-mail or SMS to inform you of your exclusive deal.

    Can I bring my phone for deals on MetroPCS

    Yes, MetroPCS supports BYOP services, and you will be treated as a new customer hence get deals designated for new customers. For you to bring your phone, there are some things to consider:

    1. The phone should be unlocked
    2. It should be compatible with the GSM network
    3. It should have never been reported stolen or lost
    4. It should be a smartphone: Android or iPhone is accepted

    If you think the phone meets these conditions, the next step would be to check compatibility. This can be done by visiting Metro by T-Mobile and finding the BYOP section. From there, key in your IMEI number, and after a few seconds, you will receive information on whether the device is compatible not.

    If the device is compatible with MetroPCS, you will be required to buy a sim card and activate a cell phone plan. The plans section is where you might find the discounts.

    Bottom line

    We have seen that MetroPCS has some of the best deals in the market. These deals entail perks like free phones when you switch, discounts on plans, freebies on Tuesday, and many more. Despite no buy one gets one free phone deals, all the deals available can save you a ton of money. Some deals are only available via the physical store, while others can be received online.