There are many ways that cell phone companies use to increase their sales and share profits with their customers. One of the ways is through the buy one gets one free phone deal (BOGO). These discounts and free coupons are effective short-term strategies that carriers use to attract and deliver the best to their customers. However, to have further knowledge about such promotion, stay here.

    Mostly, carriers BOGO offers need you to enroll for a specific service, usually an unlimited plan. You can also get other amazing offers when you trade in an old device or bring your current number.  Interestingly, other companies give you a free phone when you switch, which is the best possible discount. If you want to win a deal on a brand smartphone, these platforms are the best way to go.

    Currently, cell phone companies in the US offer discounts, rebates, and BOGO offers on premium devices from Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and other Android phones. These BOGO promotions reward better than other discounts and are undeniably a win-win strategy for both the companies and the cell phone users. If you want to maximize this deal, you need to activate both phones or top up a new plan with monthly bill credits.

    What Is a BOGO Promotion

    A BOGO promotion refers to a sales promotion that gives customers an extra free item or at a reduced price when you purchase another similar item at the total cost. This deal gives special pricing if you purchase two devices at once under a particular arrangement with the provider.

    BOGO Phone Deal Requirement;

    • To qualify for a BOGO offer, both the device you’re purchasing, and the device on discount must get enrolled on an eligible plan.
    • The discount can get maintained if the device you’re acquiring remains on a qualifying plan for the entire cycle. On the other hand, the device you’re purchasing must stay on an eligible plan for not less than six months.
    • Another condition is that the cell phone with the discount must be of equal or lesser price than the device you’re purchasing.
    • You need to pay for both devices with monthly payments. Also, you require a promo credit on your bill each month that fully or partially settles the monthly payment for the “get one” phone.

    Most importantly, the value of some BOGO offers may change based on your plan choice. It’s advisable to understand the promo’s eligibility rules for more details on the best cell phone deals. Before you join into a buy one, get one free phone promotion, you need to know precisely what you’re boarding into.

    Bogo Special Deals and Promotions Are:

    • Subject to change at any time.
    • Available while supplies last.
    • Require both phones on monthly installments or leasing.
    • Add at least one line that must be new to the carrier. You are not eligible for a BOGO offer if both lines have an account with the carrier.
    • You need to sign up for an eligible plan.
    • Finally, know that your “free” phone isn’t usually free immediately.

    What Are the Companies with Bogo Promotion

    The following listing provides the companies that are currently giving cell phone deals today with BOGO offers. However, there are no Google Pixel buy one, get one offers at the moment. Additionally, no carriers currently offer BOGO discounts on LG phones but keep on checking since a deal can emerge anytime.

    1) iPhone BOGO Deals

    If you are after the most sophisticated tech device on the market, Apple’s latest iPhones, including the brand new 5G-ready iPhone 12, provide some of the best discounts. How does it feel when you can have two iPhones for the price of one, it’s a real deal you can’t let go of? Below are the companies with the best iPhone BOGO deals on offer right now.

    2) Verizon

    iPhone 12 series, Get BOGO up to $700 off

    iPhone 12 series remain the best performance and device with a fantastic camera system to date. You need to land on the new iPhone 12 series deal for the whole family. Fundamentally, you need to add an iPhone 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12, or 12 minis to your cart on monthly payments.

    Afterward, you’ll have to buy a second phone using monthly installments and receive up to $700 cashback. This amount equals a FREE iPhone 12 mini. Besides, one of the phones needs to get activated on a qualifying unlimited plan to qualify for this deal.

    2) T-Mobile

    iPhone 11, Buy one, get one FREE

    This deal is ideal for new T-Mobile customers who are planning for a switch from their current carrier. For a short time, if you join T-Mobile and add two iPhone 11s to your cart, you’ll receive up to $730 cashback. This amount equals a FREE iPhone 11,64GB.

    If you are eligible, you have to buy the phone via monthly payments and get it as a new service line to a given T-Mobile unlimited plan. Afterward, you’ll receive your discount in bill credits over 24 months towards your new phone.

    iPhone XR Buy one, get one FREE

    Although the above iDevice has lasted a couple of years, iPhone XR remains a favorite for some reason. It has a large display and excellent camera software, making it an excellent choice for any Apple user.

    You can have a FREE iPhone XR from T-Mobile for a limited time when you transfer to this carrier and buy two phones using monthly payments. You’ll get up to $500 back in credits billed over 24 months towards your new device.

    On the other hand, iPhone deals are constantly changing, and if you don’t qualify for BOGO offers and promotions, you can check some of the current trade-in deals below.

    Best Apple iPhone 12 Trade-In Deals

    i) T-Mobile

    As a new customer, you can get the iPhone 12 for free via trade-in from T-Mobile. This deal needs you to trade in your old device and receive a new iPhone 12, 64GB free. You can also get up to $830 off a model with ample memory.

    Get the iPhone 12 mini for free with a trade-in from T-Mobile

    This deal requires you to trade in your old phone for a free iPhone 12 mini 64GB from T-Mobile. The eligibility requirement is to have new-line activation with trade-in and enjoy up to $729.99 total savings.

    ii) Verizon

    You can receive $700 off the iPhone 12 using a trade-in from Verizon. This deal requires you to trade in your old phone and get up to $700 off the iPhone 12 when switching to Verizon. Additionally, you can secure a $300 Prepaid Mastercard after switching. The eligibility for new customers is to trade-in on getting More Unlimited plan, Do More Unlimited, or Play More Unlimited Verizon cell phone plans.

    Get the iPhone 12 mini free with a trade-in from Verizon

    You can get the iPhone 12 mini 64Gb free when you trade in your old phone with a functioning battery. Besides, you can receive a $300 Prepaid Mastercard for switching to Verizon. New customers on getting More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, and Play more Unlimited with trade-in are eligible for this offer and can save up to $700 + $300 Prepaid Mastercard.

    iii) AT&T

    You can get $700 off the iPhone 12 through trade-in from AT&T company. This deal needs you to trade in your previous phone to receive up to $700 off the iPhone 12. the eligibility requires a trade-in device using a new or existing line on AT&T Unlimited Extra or AT&T Unlimited Elite cell phone plans.

    Get a free iPhone 12 mini with trade-in through AT&T

    You can possess the iPhone 12 64GB free from AT&T after you trade in your old phone with this deal. The eligibility id for both new and existing customers on AT&T Unlimited Extra or Unlimited Elite with trade-in and can save up to $700 total savings.

    Moreover, Apple has a trade-in program of its own, and it’s good knowing that it’s different from the Apple Upgrade Program. You can use this promo to save hundreds of dollars for your next iPhone.

    If you are interested in purchasing an unlocked iPhone without contracts with a carrier, the Apple trade-in could be the best move for you. However, if you need maximum savings, it’s best to choose one of the major cell phone providers.

    iv) Samsung Galaxy BOGO Deals

    Samsung brand is the leading icon of the Android space. Samsung has just introduced its upgrade to last year’s flagship 5G series, the Galaxy S21 5G. This company is ready to bring a massive revolution, and no matter which Galaxy smartphone fits your expectations, you can not only get one but TWO phones at an incredible price from any of your favorite cell phone providers.

    v) Verizon Galaxy

    1. S21 5G series, Get BOGO up to $800 off

    Verizon has the newest flagship Samsung S series for up to $800 off. You can purchase a new 5G-enabled Galaxy S21, S21+, or S21 Ultra smartphone using monthly payments and receive a second device for up to $800 off, a Free Galaxy S21,128GB. To qualify, you need to enroll for an eligible unlimited plan and ensure at least one phone has a new line to your account.

    2. Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G, BOGO up to $800

    You can purchase the Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G via monthly payments and receive up to $800 off towards the second device when adding it as a new line to your account.

    Additionally, you’ll have free 5G access when you enroll for an eligible unlimited plan. Your BOGO discount will get credited to your bill over 24 months.

    3. Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, BOGO up to $800 off

    Are you looking for an upgrade device on your flip phone? If yes, the Z Fold2 5G is a Samsung upgrade to the flip phone, and Verizon is giving an excellent deal just for you.

    You can purchase two Z Fold2 5G devices and save up to $800 when you buy them on monthly payments and add at least one as a new line to your account. You need to ensure you activate your devices on a qualifying Verizon unlimited plan. Your BOGO deal will get applied to your monthly bill as a credit over 24 months.

    vi) T-Mobile

    Galaxy S20 FE 5G, buy one, get one FREE. Mobile provides Samsung’s flagship 5G Galaxy phones with this BOGO deal for its new customers. You need to switch to T-Mobile and enroll at least two lines on your new account, then buy a Samsung S20 FE 5G to receive up to $700 off, an amount that equals a Free Galaxy S20 FE.

    However, if you select two different models, you’ll pay for the phone with the higher value. Your BOGO savings will get credited to your bill over 24 months.

    Moreover, if you don’t qualify for Verizon BOGO offers, you can land your hands on the latest Galaxy deals for trade-in offers on the new Galaxy S21 5G series. Samsung’s Galaxy series of phones is always a demanding commodity, so ensure you grab your favorite device the time the savings are best.

    For a Limited Time, These Galaxy Trade-In Offers from Verizon Are Mind-Blowing;

    Save up to $1,100 off the Galaxy S21 series via Verizon

    Get a Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G for just $200 via Verizon when you switch and trade Get the Galaxy S21 for Free through AT&T with an unlimited plan with no need for a new line.

    Motorola BOGO Deals

    Verizon Motorola Edge+, BOGO up to $800 off

    Verizon’s BOGO deal has this unique slick addition to Motorola’s lineup of 5G smartphones. You can buy two Motorola Edge+ 5G phones and save $800 on the second device. In other words, you’ll have to pay just $70 for your new phone.

    To qualify, buy your phones on monthly payments and activate at least one of them as a new line of service. You’ll also have to ensure you’re on an eligible Verizon unlimited plan to grab this deal.

    Bottom line

    Buy one, get one free is a fantastic deal that can help you save some cash if it’s time for a new mobile purchase. Interestingly, you can land on this offer being advertised upon your favorite smartphone. BOGO deals on iPhone and Android devices are the best way to receive more for less. You need to take advantage as soon as you see a deal because most deals don’t last forever.