The 10 Best Prepaid Data Plan for iPad

The advancement of technology has given many developers room to create various superior gadgets that make our work easier with our day to day activities. The creation of the tablet has enabled various people to manage their work in the comfort of their sofa without having to check their laptop screen all day long. For other mobile manufacturers, they refer to their build as Tablet, while for Apple Company there’s called iPad. Although all iPad can connect to Wi-Fi networks so that you can access the internet, some of the models allow accessing the internet with the 3G and 4G LTE cellular networks. Later in the article, I’ll guide you through the ideal prepaid data plan for the iPad that you can opt for.

In the U.s, the ideal place to get an iPad is through Apple, and you can order through Apple Online Store, Apple Store App, and you can physically go to an Apple Store. You can choose to order yours through the various mobile carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and automatically get the Apple SIM placed on your tablet. Some of the mobile carriers can lock the tablet to their services, and at times it can be inconvenient if you travel to areas where their network isn’t reachable. To overcome such inconveniences, you can contact Apple and request an additional Apple Sim from your local Apple Store and get the prepaid data plan for your iPad.

You might be wondering what a “tablet plan” is. A tablet plan can well be described as a “Data-plan” as these plans provide your gadget with a wireless network, but this is through the cellular network to any capable device. Price is the main factor to consider as you compare the plans, but still, you need to consider the metropolitan area. If you travel a lot, then you need to check if the mobile carrier coverage is everywhere, and you can stay connected to the internet. In this article, I’ll guide you through the cheapest data for a tablet and give you some tips on how to get the best plan from the various mobile carriers.

prepaid data plan for ipad

Why opt for a contract?

Contracts are an ideal to save some up money on the deal you opt for. You can land on one with sweet benefits, and at the same time, it can tie you to additional costs if you aren’t observant. Signing up for a contract, it is a personal preference and the situation you are in. With the contract, you can secure a load more of data and other rewards.

Although it is advisable to commit to one service provider for the long term if you are looking for the ideal you can check out the various mobile carriers but opting for a shorter period so that you can determine the reliable and cheapest data plan for a tablet.

You can also get a deal on the iPad itself. Various mobile carriers come with different discounts on the device so you will have to sign a two-year contract, a similar case when you are getting your iPhone. Although you are locked to the services provider and some payments, you will have saved a few bucks. Beware of the Early Termination Fees (ETFs) where one gets penalized for canceling the contract early before the stipulated time.

Key factors to consider when subscribing to a tablet plan

An iPad without internet access is similar to a car without fuel, useless! Even though you can access the internet with public Wi-Fi, it can be inconvenient if you need the internet most of the time. Although most people have mobile plans with mobile hotspot data, getting a SIM for your iPad is superb. Here are a few tips that you can look into as you go researching for the best-prepaid data plan for the iPad.

i) Purpose

If you are around a Wi-Fi network, then you don’t need to get the data plan as you are adding cost to your monthly cost as Wi-Fi costs are high. Consider what you do with the tablet, is to stream HD videos of your favorite Tv shows or video conferencing, then you need to get the data plan if you aren’t around a Wi-Fi network.

ii) Network coverage

Although the top five major mobile carriers in the U.S have similar network coverage across all the states, there are a few differences that influence where you live. You can check on the network coverage maps of the mobile carriers to determine the ideal services for you.

iii) Compatibility

As you go shopping for your iPad you need to consider if the device only functions via Wi-Fi or it accommodates both Wi-Fi and cellular data. As you check on the other vital features such as display, processor, ensure that it has 4G LTE connectivity.

iv) Data usage

As much as various mobile carriers convince us to opt for unlimited options as a necessity, in reality, many people don’t need endless data. You can calculate the amount of data you need to use by using the various data usage calculators. It’s a similar case where you pay for cable tv, you pay for 300 channels and in a real sense, and you watch ten channels at most.

v) Mobile Hotspot

You can ideally use the mobile hotspot data provided in your mobile plan you have subscribed to. Although an ideal for saving a few bucks, it will weaken your battery, and in turn, you will have to purchase another phone.

Top 10 best-prepaid data plan for iPad

Once you are done choosing the ideal iPad, you can now move on to the next part, getting an ideal data plan. There are various mobile service providers in the U.S, and it can be a tough job determining the ideal service providers so that you can enjoy smooth and fast internet on your tablet. In this section, I’ll take you through the best-prepaid data plan for an iPad. Let’s dive in.

1) T-Mobile

T-Mobile is among the top mobile carriers in the U.S and is well known for providing sweet offers on mobile plans for its existing customers. T-Mobile has a Magenta plan exclusively for tablets only. The three Magenta plans are;

  • Magenta Tablet
  • Magenta Plus Tablet 20GB
  • Magenta Plus Tablet 30GB

The Magenta Tablet goes for $20 per month. The Magenta Plus Tablet plan offers either 20GB or 30GB, and you will have to pay $35 or $45 per month respectively. If you surpass the plans given, no need to worry as T-Mobile offers data passes with only $5, you get 512MB for 24 hours.

2) AT&T

AT&T has a lot of options for iPad categorized into three groups namely; DataConnect, DataConnect Pass, and Mobile Share Data. In the DataConnect offer, you get to choose between 10GB and 15GB that goes for $50 and $70 per month. With the DataConnect Pass, it had two offers in-store; DataConnect pass and DataConnect Pass with Auto Renew.

In the DataConnect Pass, you get to choose between 2GB that goes for $30 for 90 days and 25GB for $40 for 30 days. In the DataConnect Pass with Auto-Renew that offers three bundles; 1GB for $14.99 for 30 days, 7GB for $50 for 30 days, and unlimited offers for $29.99 for 30 days.

3) Sprint

Sprint has one offer in store for it’s existing customers with tablets. The plan at hand offers one unlimited data, although there are some restrictions on how the data is used. Your video streaming is limited to 480p while the music streams at 500Kbps, and for the gamers, it’s limited to 2Mbps. If you have subscribed to Sprint mobile plans then you are in luck. You can share your data if your plan offers much data.

4) Verizon

The Good thing about Verizon is that just like their mobile plans, their data plans are straightforward, and you have a lot of options to choose from. From as low as 2Gb that goes for $20 per month to the highest that offers 100GB that goes for $710 per month, you can easily choose the one ideal for your day to day activities. Also, Verizon allows you to add your iPad to your iPhone’s existing mobile plan for $10 per month.

5) AlwaysOnline

AlwaysOnline is an ideal data plan for international travelers and is known as an “alternative carrier” as it uses other mobile carriers networks across the world so that you don’t incur additional fees. AlwaysOnline offers global coverage in 74 countries, and the pricing varies as to where you are. You can get 100MB for $0.99 per hour to 5GB for $34.99 valid for 15 days.

6) GigSky

It is another Apple Data plan for international travelers so that you can stay connected to the internet at all times anywhere. The Gigsky offers coverage in 189 countries the good side is that the pricing varies slightly in the country you are in. For instance, in North America, you can get 800MB for $10 that’s valid for 15 days to 5GB that goes for $50 that’s valid for 30 days.

7) Tello

Tello is among the Mobile Virtual Networks Operators (MVNOs) and is well known to provide discounted services on the major networks. Tello tablet plans are superb and save you the money. For $15 per month, you get 4GB for your iPad, and you can buy as little as 500MB of data, and you can add more any time.

8) Dodo

For only $20 per month, Dodo provides you with 25GB of monthly data on the Optus Network. It is an ideal plan that saves you a few bucks as compared to others, and you get ample data that can sustain you the whole month.

9) Telstra

In terms of pricing, it might be inconvenient if you are on a tight budget but in terms of data speed, Telstra gets the credit. For $75 per month, you get 200GB of data with no contract terms, and if you need 4G or 5G modems you can add an extra $4 per month so that you can enjoy fast internet speeds. You won’t be charged any extra if you surpass your data limit but once you surpass it, you will be capped at 1.5Mbps and slower during peak hours.

10) Optus

If you are looking for a short solution then Optus is the ideal option and the cheapest data plan for your tablet. For only $30, you get the Data SIM starter kit, and for every recharge of $30, Optus will give you 50GB of data and note that the data is made up of 35GB of bonus data and 15GB of regular data. After the first three recharges, you will revert to getting 15GB per recharge of which still is a good deal if you need more data.

How to save up on your tablet data plan?

The mobile carrier that you are subscribed to for your mobile services, you can check on their shared data plans as some of the carriers offer juicy offers that can save you some bucks. As you have seen the plans above are tablet plans only, and you can compare and contrast.

For instance, AT&T mobile share plan where one can get from 300MB to 50GB of data that you can split across your devices per month and add your tablet that will cost you $10 per month. So long as you don’t exceed the limit you will have internet access.

You can check out our article on the top five stand-alone mobile hotspot devices that you can use instead of your smartphone.

Wrap up

As much as we want an iPad to do various tasks, remember an iPad without an internet connection is like a car without fuel, it is useless. As you have seen above on the top 10 best-prepaid data for an iPad, their prices vary, and you need to check on the services that are ideal for you.

From the plan, you can distinguish the cheapest data plan for your tablet, and you stay connected to the internet at all times. Still in doubt on the choice of your carrier or whether you need the data plan for your iPad? Feel free to tell us in the comment section below, and remember to stay safe at all times.

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