What Are The Best Boost Mobile Upgrade Deals in 2022

Boost Mobile is a Telecommunication company that offers wireless mobile services. Two self-standing companies operating from Australia and the United States use the brand. When you go to Australia, Boost Tel PTY operates the company  Limited using Telstra’s mobile network. Dish Wireless LLC, a Dish Network subsidiary, runs Boost Mobile in the US. This article will look at the available Boost Mobile upgrade deals you can opt for as a subscriber.

Boost Mobile started its operations in 2000 in Australia under the leadership of Peter Adderton. Later, it spread its wings to the US. To provide its services to its subscribers, Boost Mobile relies on T-Mobile’s network. T-Mobile network (formerly Sprint) is one of the most robust networks in the US as it covers more than 90% of the country. According to a survey in 2020, the company has over 102 million subscribers countrywide.

Services that you can get at Boost Mobile include data bundles, texts, and voice calls. Currently, the company is using 5G network technology that ensures faster connectivity, clear voice calls, and increased download and upload speeds. In addition, 5G is 20 times faster compared to 4G networks. The 5G technology is one of the 21st-century technological advancements that will significantly change the world.

What are the Boost Mobile upgrade deals?

boost mobile upgrade deals

Boost Mobile has various deals that you can benefit from as we speak, especially if you want to upgrade your phone to more advanced ones to enjoy better services. Most people are rushing to upgrade to 5G-enabled devices.

However, some are still upgrading to 4G devices. It all depends on personal preferences. Some of the deals you can get at Boost Mobile include;

1) Free LG K51 – Valid through 7/8/21

You can get LG K51 for free when you switch and activate it to a suitable plan. You can get the phone from boost mobile or any of the national retailers. You will not undergo credit checks when getting this device, which means that anybody can qualify for the deal.

2) iPhone SE $49.99 – Valid through 7/5/21

You can get the iPhone at such a low price when you switch and save a lot of money. The deal is just limited to one device per line for new customers only. It is one of the best Boost Mobile deals for new customers that you can have today. You can get the deal at any national retailer, and you will not undergo credit checks whatsoever.

3) Free Samsung Galaxy A12 – Valid through 7/8/21

New customers require eligible ports and activation on qualified plans. The offer excludes ports from Sprint-related carriers. You can get the device from eligible national retailers or at boost mobile.

4) $40/mo w/Free Phone – Valid through 7/8/21

New customers are welcome to get this phone, whereby you can port from Sprint-related networks to Boost Mobile. You will also get unlimited plans upon switching. However, if you spend 35GB of data during a billing cycle, Boost Mobile will slow your data speeds.

5) BYOP $40/mo – Offer valid 4/16/21-7/8/21

The deal is available to new or port-in customers activating the expanded data network (XP) and unlimited plans for $50 or even  $60. The plan is also suitable for single line & primary line on a family plan. In addition, a $10 credit will apply towards the Boost service for six months soon after the first month.

Is the Boost Mobile network reliable?

You can be sure that the Boost Mobile network is very reliable since it uses T-Mobile’s network. We all know that the T-Mobile network covers almost the whole country, and people from different states can enjoy the network’s services.

It means that wherever the T-Mobile network appears, then Boost Mobile can connect well. Recently, T-Mobile incorporated 5G network speeds whereby communication is swift. Similarly, Boost Mobile is using 5G.

What plans does Boost Mobile offer?

Boost Mobile offers a variety of plans that you can consider for your communication needs. These plans include data, texts, and voice call minutes. The following are some of the plans you can have at Boost Mobile.

i) $50 – 35G 4G LTEPer month

The plan gives you unlimited talk & text + 35GB LTE data. You can add a line at $30/month. The program also includes 12GB of mobile hotspot data, making it one of the best Boost Mobile hotspot plans. You can save $20/month when you add a line.

ii) $60 – 35GB 4G LTE Per month

The plan gives you unlimited talk & text + 35GB LTE data. With the program, you will be able to stream HD videos for your entertainment. Interestingly, you can add a line for only $40. You will also enjoy 30GB of hotspot data. When your monthly data allotment is exhausted, you will experience reduced data speeds until the next month.

iii) $35 – 10GB 4G/5G Per month

Get this plan and enjoy unlimited talk and text throughout the month. Also, you will enjoy the mobile hotspot.

iv) $25 – 5GB 4G/5G Per month

The plan is only for the new customers only. If you are new and would like to have a mobile hotspot plan, this plan will suit you. The above plan, $35 – 10GB 4G/5G Per month, also has a hotspot. The plan also has unlimited text, talk, and data.

v) $15 – 2GB 4G/5G  Per month

The plan allows you to have unlimited talk and texting. As a new customer, you can bring your phone and enjoy the service. Furthermore, you will be able to get a mobile hotspot to share data with other devices.

vi) $10 – 1GB 4G/5G Per month

Get the plan and enjoy unlimited talk and text services. In addition, the program gives you a 1GB mobile hotspot. Also, the plan is only for new customers. Other plans require you to bring your own phone. They include the following.

vii) $40/month

When you bring your own phone, you can enjoy the products such as talking and texting. In addition, you can also get 35GB of LTE data. The offer is valid if you join within the 1st month of service for six months. After that, you will pay just $50/mo.

viii) 3 LINES For $30

You can benefit from the plan after paying your first $100. You will get unlimited talk and texting per month. You can check the Boost mobile plan deals.

You can also add data packs to your plan. Some of the data add-on packs include; $5/month to get 1GB LTE data and $10/ month to get 2GB LTE data. You can also buy the packs as a one-time purchase.

Which phones are compatible with Boost Mobile?

Boost Mobile phones should support CDMA since Boost Mobile only supports CDMA networks. Modern phones can support diverse network technologies, and there may be no need to check which networks the phone supports. Some of the phones that can work well with Boost Mobile include the following.

  • LG Stylo 6
  • Apple iPhone 12 series
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
  • Apple iPhone SE
  • Samsung Galaxy A11
  • Moto G Power
  • Samsung Galaxy 10E
  • Wiko Ride 3
  • Samsung Galaxy A51

Does Boost Mobile offer free phones?

You cannot get a free government phone from Boost Mobile. However, you can benefit from low-cost plans that enable you to communicate effectively. You only need to bring a compatible phone to the company, and you are good to go.

You can also buy a compatible phone at Boost Mobile stores. In addition, Boost Mobile partnered with the California CARE Pilot Program which sees eligible customers get a monthly $15 discount that lowers the cost of phone bills.

What is the Lifeline Program?

Lifeline Program is the federal government’s initiative that ensures that poor Americans can get phones and affordable phone plans. You can qualify for the program if you live under the poverty line, whereby you live under 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Furthermore, you can qualify for the program if you participate in specific assistance programs, such as the Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Supplemental Security, and the Federal Public Housing Assistance.

Only one member of your household can benefit from the program. Therefore, you should make sure that none of your family members benefits from the Lifeline program, or else you will be rejected. When you advance financially in life, you should opt-out of the program and leave those in need to apply.

Is the Boost Mobile CARE Pilot Program Discount ending?

The CARE Pilot Program Discount is Ending on June 30, 2021. The California Public Utilities Commission Lifeline Program had partnered with Boost Mobile to offer a limited-time pilot program. As a result, beneficiaries got a $15 monthly discount on the current Boost Mobile rates.

However, even though the program is coming to an end, you can stay at Boost Mobile and continue enjoying the regular rate or just opt out altogether. You can also check if you can benefit from other service providers for the California Lifeline program.

Bottom line

Boost Mobile is a telecommunication company in the US that supports CDMA network technologies. It also operates in Australia. There are some fantastic deals you can have from the company for accessible communication.

Moreover, boost Mobile has some of the cheapest plans you can have today. Interestingly, California Lifeline beneficiaries can get discounted plans from other participating carriers to stay connected just like others.