Boost Mobile operates as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in the United States under T-Mobile. However, the company offers its customers prepaid plans without annual contracts. Besides, Boost Mobile plans feature taxes and fees, mobile hotspots, unlimited data, talk and text, unlimited music streaming, and 99% nationwide coverage with voice roaming. You can enjoy Boost Mobile upgrade deals and select the device you want anytime as you’re on a prepaid contract.

    Most importantly, Boost Mobile customers having the same device activated on their account for 120 days may get up to $100 credit towards a new device. Notably, fees may apply for upgrading your cell phone. On the other hand, you can take advantage of discounts on data plans for new customers and cell phones and plans for existing customers. You can get Boost upgrade deals online or in-store offers on the most popular devices.

    Moreover, when switching to Boost Mobile through the company’s BYOP (bring your own phone) program, you can get up to four free phones on family plans. Besides, if you’re satisfied with your current cell phone, you can bring it to Boost Mobile and only pay for your service. In this case, you’ll receive a SIM card to insert into your current device and enjoy low-price plans without additional costs.

    Boost Mobile Current Upgrade Deals

    1) Get $400 off the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus and Ultra

    The base model Galaxy S22 goes for $499.99, reducing ($300 off). However, the S22 Plus is on offer for just $599.99 ($400 off), and the Galaxy S22 Ultra features retail of $799.99 ($400 off). Interestingly, these deals don’t require any service contract. If you want to enroll in any affordable prepaid plans, you can bring your phone and old number to the carrier.

    2) Save $300 on the Samsung Galaxy S21

    Samsung Galaxy S21 is one of the best phone deals from Boost Mobile, retailing for $800. Currently, the phone is on offer for only $499.99 ($300 off).

    3) Free Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

    Boost Mobile often offers free phones when you switch to in-store service. The Samsung Galaxy A32 5G typically retails for $279.99, and you can obtain it for free when you switch.

    Below there’s a whole range of discounts on Boost Mobile phone upgrade deals to check out:

    • Motorola Moto G Power for $99.99 ($70 off)
    • Motorola Moto G Pure for $59.99 ($70 off)
    • Motorola G Stylus for $129.99 ($120 off)
    • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 for $1,399.99 ($400 off)
    • Samsung Galaxy A53 for $199.99 ($250 off)
    • Samsung Galaxy A13 for $79.99 ($170 off)
    • Samsung Galaxy S21 FE for $399.99 ($300 off)
    • Samsung Galaxy A71 for $249.99 ($180 off)
    • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 for $599.99 ($400 off)
    • Samsung Galaxy A03s for $59.99 ($60 off)
    • Samsung Galaxy A02s for $49.99 ($60 off)
    • TCL 20 XE for $49.99 ($70 off)
    • Celero 5G for $79.99 ($200 off)

    Perhaps, if none of the above phones is what you’re looking for, Boost Mobile got you covered with even more deals on their upgrade deals website. Besides, the following are the best upgrade deals on iPhones deals you can take advantage of.

    • Apple iPhone 12 for $629.99 ($100 off)
    • Apple iPhone 11 for $349.99 ($150 off)
    • Apple iPhone SE (3rd Gen) for $379.99 ($50 off)
    • Apple iPhone XS for $799.99 ($100 off)
    • Apple iPhone SE (2nd Gen) for $199.99 ($200 off)

    BoostUp Phone Upgrade Program

    Financing on cell phones is available on eligible cell phones exclusively for loyal Boost Mobile customers. To qualify, you must cover the down payment and applicable taxes and pay off the balance in 18 easy monthly installments. Any Boost customer with a monthly plan of $35 or above who’s last 12 consecutive monthly payments have been timely paid and not subscribed in the Premier Grace Period program qualifies for BoostUP.

    Moreover, if you are eligible, you can buy a BoostUP-eligible upgrade cell phone by signing into My Account. Then, in the My Device section, you will check ‘You are eligible for BoostUP Installment Billing’. Then, click on the Start Shopping link or proceed to any participating Boost retailer.

    Eligibility For BoostUp Phone Upgrade Program

    1st Step: Check Eligibility

    Sign in to your Boost account to check if you are eligible for BoostUP.

    2nd Step: Upgrade to an eligible cell phone

    Tap on the Start Shopping link and select any phone eligible for BoostUP.

    3rd Step: Checkout

    Finish the Installment Billing Agreement, and make a down payment and taxes.

    4th Step: Pay it down

    Pay for the cell phone in 18 simple monthly payments, beginning on your next bill.

    Activation Of Your Boost Mobile Deals

    After getting your Boost SIM, you need to activate your device on Boost’s network. Therefore, proceed to the carrier’s “Activation” page and:

    • Choose “New Customer” from the dropdown menu at the top of the page.
    • Select “Use My Own Device with Boost Mobile SIM.”
    • Choose whether you want to receive a new number or port your old number. If you want to port in your phone number, you’ll require your old account information, including your account number, PIN, and personal ID information.
    • Add any additional lines if you want to purchase or transfer a family plan.
    • Follow the remaining on-screen instructions, including selecting your plan and any add-ons.

    Most importantly, you’ll require a Boost Mobile SIM card before you can access their network. After completing the steps above, Boost will forward you an activation number, which you can use to track your activation status. You can also confirm by re-entering your ESN/IMEI in the status portal.

    Wrap Up

    Boost Mobile is a no-contract carrier that provides excellent discounts for new and existing customers. The deals represent discounts on cell phone plans and phones on the Boost Mobile upgrade page. Besides, you can still obtain a discount on a new cell phone with a new Boost Mobile upgrade or activation.

    However, the actual Boost Mobile upgrade deals differ year to year. Thus, you can receive a new device at a significant discount when you sign up for a Boost Mobile account.