What is The Best MetroPCS New Phone Deals 2021

MetroPCS is commonly known as Metro by T-Mobile. It is an American telecommunication company that offers various services such as voice calls, internet connectivity, and messaging. The company also sells phones, and as we speak, there are different MetroPCS new phone deals that we shall see later. The network is one of the strongest ones in the US, with millions of active subscribers.

It is essential to know that MetroPCS uses T-Mobile’s GSM network since it does not have its network machinery. That is probably why the company has the name Metro by T-Mobile. T-Mobile’s network is powerful across the country, and already, the company is using 5G technology. MetroPCS is also on T-Mobile’s 5G network, and you can enjoy high internet connectivity if you have a 5G enabled device.

The good thing with MetroPCS is that you can customize your plans to fit your needs by incorporating features like World Calling, Ringback, and Ringtone. The company also allows you to subscribe to a mobile protection scheme for as low as $5 per month so that if your device is lost, stolen, or damaged. You can get a new device within the next business day.

What is a MetroPCS deal?

MetroPCS New Phone Deals

MetroPCS deals refer to offers and discounts of various products and services that MetroPCS give to new and existing customers. MetroPCS phone deals for existing customers can be reduced plan costs and new phones and tablets with discounts. The deals help to cushion the existing subscribers as well as attract more to the network.

Can I use a T-Mobile phone with MetroPCS?

If the phone is locked to the carrier (T-Mobile), you will have to unlock the phone first before using MetroPCS. If you have existing debts with T-Mobile, you will have to clear them before T-Mobile can unlock the phone.

MetroPCS uses GSM technology the same as T-Mobile, and thus a phone from T-Mobile will work well with MetroPCS and Vice Versa.

Is the MetroPCS network reliable?

MetroPCS uses T-Mobile’s network, which is very strong and covers the whole country. Thus, you can be sure that if you subscribe to the network, you will enjoy fast data connectivity and clear and consistent calls, plus quicker message delivery.

As I had mentioned earlier, MetroPCS is on a 5G network which is 20 times faster than the 4G network. It means that downloads for HD videos are faster than when using 4G. Even though there are fears that the 5G network radiations are harmful to human health, there is no scientific proof to the claim.

Does MetroPCS support phone upgrades?

MetroPCS, like any other telecommunication company, allows you to upgrade your phone to enjoy better services. If you are using a 3G smartphone, you can upgrade to a 4G or 5G phone for faster connectivity. During a phone upgrade, you can come with your phone or buy it at MetroPCS.

When doing a MetroPCS phone upgrade, you must consider various factors such as the cost of the new phone, services to get, and personal preferences such as camera resolution, battery capacity, and screen size, among other factors.

The 9 Best MetroPCS new phone deals 2021

If you are looking for a phone to buy, you can opt for many exciting phone deals at MetroPCS. They include the following.

1) Samsung Galaxy A01

Samsung Galaxy A01

The phone usually costs $159.99. However, you can get it at $0.00 when you switch. Moreover, you can get four (4) free Samsung Galaxy A01 phones with zero fees to switch. The phone has impressive features that for sure anyone would like starting with the long-lasting 3000 mAh battery. The charge can last for the whole day.

If you love photography, this phone will be of great use since it has dual primary cameras with 13MP+2MP (depth) and a selfie camera of 5MP for clear selfies. You will also enjoy the large 5.7″ Infinity V-Display.

Use the 16GB internal memory (ROM) for the storage of files. However, the phone has up to up to 9.5GB of available user memory. You can expand the memory with a memory card. You can buy the phone from the nearest MetroPCS store.

2) LG K51

LG K51 Unlocked Smartphone

At MetroPCS, LG K51 retails at $189. 99, but you can get it at $0.00 when you switch. The phone has an elegant design that anybody will find impressive. It has a large display of 6.5″ HD+ with a FullVision Display (720 x 1560) for clear display.

Moreover, the phone has triple rear cameras with 13MP PDAF +5MP Wide+2MP Depth. The selfie camera is 13MP. You will be able to capture as clear pictures as possible.

Also, the phone comes with a large capacity battery of 4000mAh that will for sure take you all day long without switching off. Additionally, the phone’s RAM is 3GB which ensures smooth operation of the phone.

It is a good option for MetroPCS phone replacement for better performance. Save as many items as possible in the 32 GB internal memory.  You can as well get two free LG phones and two free tablets with zero fees to switch.

3) Samsung Galaxy A11

Samsung Galaxy A11

Instead of $189.99, you can get the Samsung Galaxy A12 for free when you switch. Being one of the best active deals at MetroPCS, the phone has many exciting features that you can find helpful. The 6.4″ Infinity-O Display is all that you need for movie watching as well as playing games.

Furthermore, the phone has a large RAM of 2GB that ensures that the phone operates smoothly. It runs on Android 10, one of the latest operating systems that provide smooth performance.

If you love photography, you will enjoy high-quality photographs for your important events. You will also be able to capture high-resolution videos for your YouTube or TikTok accounts. Also, the large storage memory of 32 GB will help you save as many items as possible.

4) OnePlus Nord N100

OnePlus Nord N100

OnePlus Nord N100 is an excellent phone that you should consider if you want a phone with a long-lasting memory. The phone has a big battery of 5000mAh that can even go for two days when on active usage. The phone also has 18W Fast Charging capability, which ensures that it charges fast.

Furthermore, the 6.52″ HD+ LCD Display is suitable for watching movies and pictures. When reading documents or chatting online, be sure that you cannot struggle to stare at the screen. You will also like the 64GB built-in storage memory (expandable up to 256GB). In it, you can save videos, photos, documents, music files, and applications.

5) iPhone SE

Apple iPhone SE

You will only require $49.99 only to buy the smartphone when you switch. The average retail price is $399. 99. You can see the amount of money you will have saved. Moreover, the phone is among the most powerful iPhones you can get on the market.

It features an A13 Bionic chip with a third-generation Neural Engine and operates on iOS 13 with Dark Mode, new tools for photo editing and video, and new privacy features.

Additionally, the phone has a 4.7-inch Retina HD display. It has a 12MP Wide camera, Portrait mode, Portrait Lighting, next-generation Smart HDR, Depth Control, and 4K video capability. It is also water and dust resistant (1 meter for up to 30 minutes). The front camera is 7MP. You can use the touch ID for secure authentication and Apple Pay.

6) Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

The retail price for Samsung Galaxy A32 5G is $289. 99. However, you can get it at $29.99 when you switch. The phone has an elegant design that will make you appear classy when you are with your friends out there.

Additionally, the device is 5G capable, and you will be able to enjoy faster connectivity. The cameras are fantastic since the phone has a 48MP quad-camera system. Take the most detailed photos at your special place and save them for future reference.

Furthermore, the phone comes with a battery capacity of 5000mAh with a fast-charging mechanism. The battery can even take two days when appropriately utilized. Also, the phone has an expansive 6.5″ HD+ TFT display that you can use to watch movies and photos. Save your pictures in the 64GB memory, which is expandable up to 1TB.

7) OnePlus Nord N10 5G

OnePlus Nord N10 5G

If you are planning to switch to 5G, then why not have the OnePlus Nord N10? The phone is 5G enabled, and you will enjoy the fantastic connection speeds of 5G. Again, the device comes with a 4300mAh battery which has a Warp Charge 30T.

Moreover, the phone has a 6.49″ FHD+ LCD with a 90 Hz Smooth Display. A large screen is all that you need if you love watching movies on your phone.

Additionally, the phone has a high-quality quad-camera system for photos and videos. Save as many files as you would like in the 128GB storage space (expandable up to 512GB). The 1GB RAM will ensure that you get the smoothest operations possible. The phone usually retails at $299.99, but you can get it at $49.99 when you switch.

8) Motorola one 5G ace

Motorola one 5G ace

Motorola one 5G ace is one of the best smartphones you can have today since it is 5G enabled. Connections will be very fast as lighting when surfing the net or making calls.

Additionally, the device has a large screen display that makes it easy to watch videos, photos, and games. It has a 6.7″ Full HD+ Max Vision display. You can also be sure that the 5000 mAh battery will last for a long time when fully charged.

Moreover, the smartphone has a 48MP triple camera system with AI. Capture the best moments for future reference with the fantastic device. The phone sells at $279.99. Interestingly, you can get the phone at $29.99 when you switch. You will have saved a whopping $259.

9) iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro is a fantastic smartphone in terms of performance and elegance. The phone has a large 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display that is very useful if you love watching movies and photographs.

It has a Ceramic Shield, which is tougher than any smartphone glass. It means that the phone is durable. The device is 5G enabled, which ensures faster connectivity.

Furthermore, the phone is very powerful as it has an A14 Bionic chip, the fastest chip ever for smartphones. Also, the camera has high-resolution cameras that will aid in photo taking. It usually retails at $999.99. However, you can buy the phone at $799.99 when you switch.

Can I buy a MetroPCS phone online?

You can buy phones and tablets online at MetroPCS. You only need to create an online account at the MetroPCS websites, and you are good to go. With an online account, you can enroll for autopay for various subscriptions. Once you check out, the company will ship your phone to your destination within 5–7 business days after processing the order.

You can easily track your order at the MetroPCS order tracking page so that you can follow closely until your package arrives at your place. Moreover, MetroPCS will always send emails when;

  • The order is received.
  • The order is shipped, and
  • When the package delivered

Even without tracking, you will get updates about your order. Once you receive your device, you can check and test whether it is the same phone or tablet that you ordered. You should also check whether it is working correctly. If you are displeased by the order, you can return it for exchange or refund. You must return the order using the prepaid return shipping label that came with the package.

Above all, online purchase saves time. However, most of the deals from MetroPCS require you to visit the nearest store for purchase. You can locate the nearest MetroPCS store near you.

Bottom line

MetroPCS has a lot of amazing deals that you can consider to save as much money as possible. The arrangements are available when you switch, and you can get a device at no cost. You can buy items from MetroPCS online or at a physical store. Some of the current deals at MetroPCS include iPhone 12 Pro for $799.99, Samsung Galaxy A32 5G for $29.99, and LG K51 for $00.00. It

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