Simple Mobile is one of the mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) that use the Tracfone network, currently acquired by Verizon, to offer data, talk, and text service. Simple Mobile is a prepaid carrier, paying upfront for your service and plan features. With other wireless carriers, their monthly bills fluctuate, but Simple Mobile’s 30-day plans remain constant. For this reason, you can free yourself from expensive contracts and unstable plan pricing from other carriers through Simple Mobile. Bring your own phone. 

    New customers can switch by choosing Simple Mobile, bring their own phone, and enjoy full speed on the carrier’s robust 4G LTE nationwide network. However, if you’re looking for a high-tech phone at an affordable price, you can find one from a list of Simple Mobile compatible phones. To start the process of BYOP, you’ll have to tell about the mobile device you’re bringing and if you’re keeping your number. 

    You can save more money through the Simple Mobile BYOP program since you’ll not incur the cost of buying another phone. Besides, you can choose your desired plan that suits your budget, and with no contract tying you down, you can upgrade your service or cancel anytime. However, you must ensure your BYOP is unlocked and compatible with Simple Mobile network services. Then, after checking your device’s compatibility, you can get a SIM card, choose a plan and activate your device.

    How To Qualify For Simple Mobile Bring Your  Own Phone Program

    Simple Mobile provides numerous ways for customers to connect to affordable wireless services. First, purchase a compatible mobile device or bring your own phone (BYOP). In other words, BYOP for Simple Mobile means you can enjoy the carrier’s service on your existing phone, provided it is unlocked and compatible with the Simple Mobile BYOP program. You can qualify for BYOP  by bringing an unlocked compatible phone to Simple Mobile and experiencing nationwide coverage on a fast-lightning network. 

    How To Apply For Simple Mobile BYOP Program

    Start the BYOP application by choosing which carrier your device is compatible with. Then, choose a service plan or add a new line to an existing plan. All at a price you’ll love. Afterward, activate you’re bring your own device by purchasing a Sim Tool Kit at Simple Wireless.

    Simple Mobile Bring Your Own Phone Activation Process

    After receiving your SIM card, you can activate your BYOP at the Simple Mobile website However, ensure you have your SIM card number, service plan PIN, and the cell phone you want to activate. Then,  follow the step-by-step directions included in the SIM Kit you got.

    To complete your Simple Mobile, bring your own phone activation; you will need to:

    1. Submit your device’s SIM card number.
    2. Submit the ZIP Code of the area you want to activate your device.
    3. Submit your service plan PIN or buy one using a bank account,  a credit or a debit card.
    4. Register a Simple Mobile account. If you have already enrolled up, you will log in.
    5. Lastly, activate your device.

    Most importantly, you can keep your existing number with your Simple Mobile Bring Your Own Phone with this SIM Kit by picking this option during Activation. In this case, you’ll need your account details from your current wireless provider. When you’re keeping a phone number to Simple Mobile, only terminate your service with your existing carrier once fully activated your new line.

    Simple Mobile Bring Your Own Phone Compatibility Check

    With Simple Mobile Bring Your Own Phone program, you can obtain service using your current phone, provided it’s compatible. Thus, you must know how to check compatibility with Simple Mobile from your phone. Some compatible phones with this carrier include GSM Unlocked, Verizon Compatible, AT&T-compatible, and T-Mobile-compatible. To check Simple Mobile phone compatibility, text KYOP to 611611 and await confirmation.

    List Of Mobile That Simple Mobile Offers For Qualifier

    For Simple Mobile, you’ll have to bring a compatible phone. Alternatively, you can choose to buy any of the following lists of cheap, no-contract compatible phones if you qualify for Simple Mobile service:

    • Samsung Galaxy A13 5G
    • Samsung Galaxy A23 5G
    • iPhone SE 3rd Gen
    • TCL 30 T
    • TCL 30 Z
    • Nokia C100
    • Samsung Galaxy A03s
    • Samsung Galaxy A53 5G
    • Moto G Power
    • iPhone 11-64GB
    • Moto G Pure
    • Nokia G300 5G

    How To Get Simple Mobile BYOP Sim Cards

    If you have a Simple Mobile BYOP SIM Kit, you can convert your unlocked mobile phone into a prepaid phone. The kit is easy to use and compatible with GSM unlocked Phones or T-Mobile phones featuring micro, Nano, or standard sim cards. However, a Simple Mobile SIM kit needs a compatible phone, an activation kit, and a service plan. Then, you can activate your cell phone by following the instructions in the package.

     Moreover, you can get a BYOP SIM activation from Simple Mobile for only $0.99. The SIM kit packs 3 pre-cut sizes in one. You need to detach the correct size for your cell phone and activate your service. Simple Mobile requires a compatible or unlocked GSM cell phone, SIM kit, and a 30-day plan. The Sim card is compatible with most unlocked smartphones, including HTC, LG, Samsung Galaxy Series, and all Apple iPhones.

    Bottom Line

    If your phone is compatible with the Simple Mobile network, you can bring it over from another wireless carrier. To qualify for Simple Mobile, bring your own phone; you’ll require a compatible or unlocked phone. You can check on your phone’s compatibility by texting  KYOP to 611611. Again, you can opt to bring your phone number along with your phone to Simple Wireless. Choosing Simple Mobile is one way of saving money and avoiding costly contracts.